William Sparkman, Anna Gardner & Mary Ward

William Sparkman ca 1715 – 1784 his parents
& ca 1733 Anna Gardner ca 1717 – 1775/80 her parents
& Mary Ward ca 1766 – 1823 her parents
of Bertie County, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

This William Sparkman was the son of John Sparkman who wrote his will 19 April 1728 which was proved at October Ct 1728 in Chowan Co, NC.

Children of William Sparkman & Anna Gardner d. 1775/1780:
1. Rachel Sparkman ca 1734 –
married ca 1749 Benjamin Stone
a. John Stone ca 1750 –
b. Benjamin Stone ca 1752 –

c. William Stone ca 1757 – 1795
married Sarah Perry
dau of Abraham Perry
d. Solomon Stone ca 1758 – bef June 1803
married ca 1785 Priscilla Perry
dau of Abraham Perry
i. Solomon Stone
ii. Andrew Stone
iii. Ann Stone
iv. George Stone
e. Sparkman Stone ca 1769-
[deed of gift from father 28 Aug 1789]
married 31 Oct 1797 Chowan Co. Frances Price

f. Jesse Stone
[left horse in codicil to father’s will]
g. Sarah Stone bef 1785
h. Rachel Stone

[left home place by her father in his will]
2. Edward Sparkman ca 1736 – 1790
appears on Tax list last time in 1788 as white pole
a. George Thomas Sparkman June 1764 – 16 April 1816 White Co, TN
appears on Bertie Co tax list 1787
married in Bertie Co 1 Oct 1786 Ruth Holley
[Edward Turner, bm]
married in Bertie Co 22 Feb 1791 Martha [Patsy] Bryant
[George Hews, bm]
this is the line of Sue Eagle Sparkman’s husband she has collected much info on the Sparkmans
I am indebted to her work. and also David Sparkman and Ken Sparkman and others

b. Elizabeth Sparkman ca 1767 –
married in Bertie Co 30 July 1785 Richard Byrd 1752 – 1818 Johnson Co NC
[George Sparkman, bm]

c. James M Sparkman ca 1773 – ca 12 July 1845 Grainger Co TN
first appears of Bertie Tax list 1794
married in Bertie Co 30 Nov 1790 Frances Hughs ca 1776 – aft July 1845 TN
[Hardy Todd, bm]

d. Sarah Sparkman ca 1773 –
married 20 July 1793 Henry Hardy Todd ca 1773 –
[George Sparkman, bm]
i. Aquilla Todd 1797 Bertie Co, NC – Dec 1876 Crockett Co, TN
married Elizabeth ?
1. Mariah Todd 1819/24 NC –
married in Madison Co, TN Dec 1840 William Dawes –
family from Bertie Co, NC
ancestors of Christi
2. James Monroe Todd 1819/30 NC –
3. Frusy A. Todd 1819/30 NC –
4. Caroline Todd 1819/30 NC –
5. William Todd 1830/35 TN –
6. Soloman Todd 1830/35 TN –
e. William R Sparkman ca 1774 Dobbs Co NC – 1845
first appears on Bertie Co Tax list in 1796 1 white pole and 60 ac land
married in Bertie Co 11 March 1795 Elizabeth Hudson ca 1775 – aft 1815
[William Shaw, Bm]
married 2nd Grainger Co TN 13 May 1834 Martha F Findley ca 1780 –

f. Solomon Sparkman ca 1777 –
first appears of Bertie Tax list 1798
married 22 December 1797 Sarah Dundelow ca 1777 –
[James Sparkman, bm]
g. Thomas Sparkman ca 1781 – bef 1833
first appears on Bertie Tax list as white pole 1803 – 200 ac land listed to him since 1788
h. Edward Sparkman June 1784 – bef Aug 1833 Bertie Co no issue
first appears on Bertie Tax list 1806 as a white pole

NCGSJ feb 90 Bertie co – p 38 8 Nov 1802 Edward Sparkman [this would have to be Edward Sparkman, Jr., as Edw. Sr. died ca. 1790], Eighteen years of age next June. bound to William Sparkman, cooper. Signer: Timothy Hunter.
married Winneford Tayloe ca 1780 – aft Aug 1833
Edward S. in his will dated 21 June 1828 – left property to his wife Winneyford and a second bequest to Jessy Glasgow, son of Jessy Glasgow – aged about 19 yrs if living – if not living this property and the residue of his estate to be sold and equally divided amongst my brothers and sisters.
3. Elizabeth Sparkman ca/bef 1753 – [inv 10 Aug 1795]
married 19 Feb 1767 Hugh Hyman [inv. 3 May 1792]
[Jesse Sparkman, John Reed, bm]

a. William Hyman bef 1785 [inv. 3 May 1792]
b. Sarah Hyman ca/bef 1773 –
married 19 Apr 1787 Miles Blanchard [inv. 15 Feb 1798]
[Amos Rayner, Wm Rawls, bm]

i. Penina [Penelope] Blanchard
married bef Jan 1812 Joseph Pugh
ii. William Blanchard ca 1796-
married by 2 Jan 1800 Capt John McGlouhan died Dec 1804
married 3rd Gervas Clifton of Windsor died by May 1812
c. Elizabeth Hyman bef 1785
married 24 Apr 1797 Thomas Speller
[William Lutons, William Smithwick, bm]
i. Sarah Eliza Speller 1816 NC -1885 AL
married 11 Jan 1832 AL Noah Hinton Thompson
1806 Bertie Co, NC – aft 1885 AL
d. Hugh Hyman bef. 1785 [inv. 4 Nov 1793]
4. Jesse Sparkman 1743 – bef 14 Aug 1781
married Rebecka [?Reed] she died bef Dec 1797.
Deed Book P 11 Apr 1789 – Rebecka Sparkman to her children – William Reed Sparkman, Sarah Ward, Winnefred Fleetwood, and Elizabeth Newborn. Negro man Andrew.

a. Sarah Sparkman est 1764 –
married bet. Nov 1781 and Oct 1785 Michael Ward
Deed Book R 9 Dec 1797 – Wm Rd. Sparkman, Michael Ward, & Edmond Fleetwood to Thoms. Newborne. Wit: Wm. Leary & David Curry. Negro man Andrew.
b. Winifred Sparkman est 1767- ca bef 1840
married 5 Dec 1785 Edmond Fleetwood – ca bef Feb 1819
[Hardy Fleetwood, bm] Bertie Co
c. William Reed Sparkman est 1770 –
NCGSJ feb 90 Bertie co p3. 9 Feb 1801 John Turner, Orphan, Age fifteen years last Augt. bound to William Reed Sparkman, Cooper. Signers: William Gray, Wm. R. Sparkman.
married bef. 1795 Bertie Co Pheraby Ward ca 1768 dau of Thomas
d. Elizabeth Sparkman est 1772 – aft 1803 GA.
married 7 Oct 1788 Thomas Newborne
[Joseph Mizell, bm] Bertie Co

Capt William Sparkman & Mary Ward had:
1. William Sparkman 13 June 1783 Bertie Co. NC -24 Feb 1843 Lowndes County, MS
buried Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Lowndes Co MS [Find a Grave]
[ his grandfather, Thomas Ward was guardian of William Sparkman’s estate until his death, at that time Nov 1796 his uncle Joshua Ward was appointed his guardian and in Nov 1800 his father-in-law William Leary became his guardian. ] [Rep. Bertie Co in 1811, 1812 1814 in the house and as Senator 1815 & 1816]
married 21 Nov 1800 Sarah Leary – died 7 Sept 1818 Bertie Co RR 25 Sept 1818
[Wm. R. Sparkman, Bm-Bertie Co] [dau of William died 1822]
married 6 Jan 1820 Sarah Brownrigg 8 Aug 1798 Chowan Co – 8 July 1889
[“The Raleigh Minerva” 21 January 1820] [died age 91 without issue, Gammon]
buried Cave Spring Cem, Cave Spring, GA

Tax lists of Bertie Co as read by David Sparkman
1755 – no Sparkmans listed
1756 – Wm Sparkman
1757 – William Sparkman 1 white male
James Sparkman 1 white male
William Sparkman & his son Edw’d & Negros Sesor, Beck, & Hanna 5 taxables.
1758 – William Sparkman 4 taxables
James Sparkman
1759 – William Sparkman & Jesse, son Negro Men , 2 Negro Women, 6 taxables
Edward Sparkman 1 white male
James Sparkman listed
1761 – William Sparkman 1 taxable
Jesse Sparkman 1 Taxable
Edward Sparkman 1 Taxable
1762 – Edward Sparkman listed
1763 – Edward Sparkman 1 white male, 1 white servant, 1 Negro woman
Capt. William Sparkman 1 white man, 1 Negro man 3 Negro women
Jesse Sparkman 1 white man, 1 Negro woman
1764 – William Sparkman, blacks Joe, Anna, Beck, & Prisellah, 5 taxables

Will of William [x] Sparkman D-22 6 Oct 1782 proved May Ct 1785 Bertie Co [Gammon abstract]
“..being weak in body…”
– Wife Mary Sparkman – my manor plantation and 200 ac adjoining, also Negroes Jim, Harry, Bob, Lid and Venus, also mares, hogs, etc., for he lifetime and at her death to my youngest son William Sparkman.
– Eldest son Edward Sparkman – cattle, and lend him Negroes Sarah and Ester, and at his death, Sarah is to belong to my grandson Thomas Sparkman and Ester to my grandson Edward Sparkman.
– Youngest son William — all my lands and Negroes Joe, Tiller, Penny, Lucy, Zilpah, Rose, Dinar, and Jenny, my brandy still, my stock at Thomas Morrass, but to be kept on the plantation until he in eighteen.
– Eldest daughter Rachel Stone – five shillings, and lend her Negro Long Cate for her lifetime with reversion to my granddaughter Sarah Stone at her death.
– Daughter Elizabeth Hyman – Negro Jude, cows, and calves.
– Daughter in law Rebekah Sparkman [relicit of Jesse Sparkman] – five shillings
– Grandson William Sparkman [son of Jesse Sparkman] – Negro Frank.
– Granddaughter Sarah Ward – Negro Cate for her lifetime, and at her death to be divided among her heirs.
– Granddaughter Winnefred Sparkman [daughter of Jesse Sparkman] – Negro Joan.
– Granddaughter Elizabeth Sparkman [daughter of Jesse Sparkman] – Negro Sarah.
– Grandson William Hyman – plantation I bought of Thomas Mewbon containing 126 ac, also Negroes Ben and Hannar.
– Granddaughter Sarah Hyman – Negro Feraba
– Grandson Hugh Hyman – Negro Joe.
– Granddaughter Elisabeth Hyman – Negro Peter.
– Grandson Thomas Sparkman – the plantation on which his father lives containing 200 ac, to be divided by a line adj. Job Hunter’s line, not coming near the islands.
EX: friends Thomas Ward, Esq. , Hugh Hyman, James Wilson
WIT: Thos. Ward, Hardy Hunter, William Bird, Richard [x] Bird, Herbert Pritchard.

NCGSJ feb 90 Bertie co
p3. 9 Feb 1801 John Turner, Orphan, Age fifteen years last Augt. bound to William Reed Sparkman, Cooper. Signers: William Gray, Wm. R. Sparkman.
p 38 8 Nov 1802 Edward Sparkman [this would have to be Edward Sparkman, Jr., as Edw. Sr. died ca. 1790], Eighteen years of age next June. bound to William Sparkman, cooper. Signer: Timothy Hunter.

State Census 1784 – 1787 Bertie County
Edward Sparkman 1m 21/60, 5 m – 21 or 60+ , 3 f, total of 9

1790 US Census Bertie Co
Edward Sparkman 1 m 16+ 3 m -16 3 females
George Sparkman 1 m 1 2 1 slave
James Sparkman 1 0 0
R William Sparkman 1 0 1 5
Red William Sparkman 1 1 2 2
William Sparkman 1 1 3

Martain Gardner – ca 1759
& wife Annah
of Bertie County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Will of Martain [M] Gardner 6 Oct 1755 proved Jan Ct 1760 Bertie Co . [abstact by Gammon]
gentleman “..being very sick and weak of body…”
Wife Annah – Negro Jim, bed.
Son James Gardner – Negroes Pompe, Ben, bed and my plantation and land where I now live.
Son John Gardner – 440 ac adj. my land on Deep Run and Cashy.
Daughters Ann, Annah and Jane – cows and calves.
Daughter Ann – Negro Peg.
Daughter Annah – Negro Ward.
Daughter Jane – Negro Beck.
Son William Gardner – heifer.
Daughter Catorn – mare.
Daughter Elisebeth – cow and calf and that is to be their shares.
Son Martin Gardner – heifer.
Rest of estate I loan to my wife during her lifetime and at her death to be divided among my three sons and three daughters Martain, John, James, Ann, Annah and Jane.
EX: youngest son James, friend Needham Bryan, my wife
WIT: Benjamin [B] Carter, Joseph Holland.

Will of Ann [x] Standly B-38 17 Jun 1775 proved Aug Ct 1775 Bertie Co [abstract by Gammon]
Sister Elizabeth Jarnagen – ten pounds.
My Negroes Peg, Mingo, and Nance and my household goods are to be equally divided between Martin Gardner, John Gardner, and James Gardner, my brothers and sisters Anne Sparkman and Jane Pervis. Any person who disputes the bequests in this will shall forfeit his share and be cut off with one shilling, and their part shall be divided among my other brothers and sisters by Joseph Holland and John Gardner.
EX: Joseph Holland, John Gardner
WIT: Benjamin Carter, James Gardner, Samuel Gardner

Deed Book M – 35 David Standly, Edmand Standly, Martha Standly, Thomas Rhodes, Jemima [x] Kittrell, George Spivey, Jonathan Baker, & Mary Stallings all of [Bertie] Co. 30 Mar 1773. Quit their claim to the negroes Peg, Pane, Mingo & certain personal property & livestock; also quit their claim for land sold by their father Jonathan Standly dec’d for 33 pounds 6 sh 8 p proclamation, which was Ann Gardner’s portion at the time of her marriage with our sd father. Acquit sd items to Ann Standly widow of sd Jonathan Standly. Wit: Zed Stone, Cader Cherry, William Cherry. May Ct 1774. John Johnston CJC

Will of Jonathan Standley 5 Mar 1773 proved Apr Ct 1773 [abstract by Gammon]
“..being very sick and weak..”
Son David Standley – land I bought of Moses Hare on Roquis, Negro Sue, bed cows, calves which he has already received.
Son Edmond Standley – land I bought of Dillard Harris and my land in Piney Woods that I had of John Barnes Jr also bed, cows, calves and Negro Sam.
Daughter Elisabeth Roades – mulatto Cate, bed cows, and calves.
Daughter Jemima Kittrell – Negro Nance and an equal part of my estate for her lifetime and at her death the said Negro will go to her son Joshua Spivey.
Daughter Esther Spivey – Negro Dina and her three children which she now has.
Daughter Susanna Baker – Negro Jenney, bed, etc.
Daughter Mary Stallings – Negro Jada [Juda?] bed, etc which she has already received.
Daughter Martha Standley – my manner plantation where I now live and 50 ac of land that I bought of John Crickett, also Negro Sarah, bed, etc.
Goddaughter Sarah Thomas, junr. – the child my Negro Rose now goes with, but if Sarah should die without issue the Negro will go to my children.
Wife Ann Standley – lend 200 ac at Lumber Bridge, Negroes Mingo, Peg and Nance, cows, walnut chairs, smoaking chair, etc. Profits of the orchard are to be divided between my daughter Martha and my wife.
David Standley is to give Edmond Standley 50 ac of his island land on Roquis, otherwise Edmond is to have forty pounds out of David’s equal part.
EX: son David, son-in-law Thomas Roades
WIT: Cader Cherry, Sollomon Cherry, Martha Cherry

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