Jesse Holloman & Sarah Elizabeth Bridger

great – grandparents of R A Holloman III

Jesse Holloman 1848 – 1898 | his parents
& 1867 Sarah Elizabeth Bridger 1842 – 1907 | her parents
of Hertford County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Jesse Holloman and Sarah Elizabeth\Bettie Bridger were married 3 Sept. 1867.

Jesse Holloman was born in Hertford County, NC 23 Dec 1848 the son of Abner J Holloman and Susan Catherine Askew.
Jesse was a farmer.
He was murdered in Hertford County on the 2 April 1898.

Sarah Elizabeth Bridger [Bettie] was born 29 June 1842 the daughter of John P Bridger and wife Julia.
She died in Hertford County, NC on 23 March 1907.

*Children of Jesse Holloman and Elizabeth Bridger:
1. Minnie Maitland Holloman 21 June 1868 – 23 May 1951
married 26 Feb 1895 William Thomas Horton 30 Sep 1868 – 13 Aug 1906
a. Eloise Horton 1896 – Powellsville, NC
married Dewey T. Harmon
i. Dewey T Harmon Jr.
married Iva Dean Peele
ii. Henry Vann Harmon
married Margaret Bazemore
b. Jessie Horton 1898 – Colerain, NC
married Levi Williford
i. Elizabeth Williford Portsmouth, VA
married J. Hamilton Rowland
c. Bessie Horton 1900 –
married Joe Blount Willoughby
i. J H Willoughby
married Betty Stockton of Denver
ii. William Willoughby
d. Willie Mae Horton 1904 – Ahoskie, NC
married Oscar Willoughby
i. Willanette Willoughby
ii. Sarah Maitland Willoughby
married 31 Mar 1910 John Willie Overton 7 Aug 1884 – 5 Jun 1947
2. Mollie F Holloman 6 Apr 1870 – 22 Oct 1901
married James Parker
a. James Otis Parker 31 Aug 1901 – 1984
married Hazel Katherine Sessoms 1908 – 1997
i. Mollie Holloman Parker (Kiess) 8 July 1927 – 1997
ii. Ruth Elder Parker (Baker) 16 July 1929 – 2001
iii. James Otis Parker Jr
iv. Beulah Rayner Parker
v. Franklin Delano Parker
vi. Annie Laurie Parker
vii. Phyllis Lee Parker
viii. Michael Allen Parker
ix. H K Parker
*3. Robert Abner [Rob] Holloman 21 Apr 1874 -24 Feb 1951
Ahoskie, NC Indian Springs Dairy Farm
Rob died from burns suffered while burning brush alone on his farm
married Pauline Vann 21 Sep 1882 – 22 Dec 1970
a. Jessie Vann Holloman 21 Feb 1902 – near Ahoskie
married Bessie Cowan
i. Jessica Rosalind Holloman 1927 –
ii. Richard Vann Holloman 1932 –
iii. David Ridley Holloman 1941 –
iv. Mary Margaret Holloman 1943 –
v. Joseph John Holloman 1945 –
b. Harry Holloman 9 Dec 1904 Ahoskie – 1 May 1976 FL
married Una Belle Bowen 5 Dec 1907 – 14 Dec 1987 Ahoskie
c. Robert Abner [Red] Holloman 1 Sep 1908 – 19 Dec 1987
married Anna Higgs Griffith 19 Sep 1907 – 4 May 1990 Pasq. Co
i. Robert A Holloman III
married Lydia Jane Moore
ii. Virginia Taylor Holloman
married Francis Meekins
4. Bessie S Holloman 29 Jun 1877 – 26 Dec 1900 dsp
5. Jesse Pleasant Holloman 29 Jun 1877 –
married 1st Bettie Mitchell
a. Sidney Lanier Holloman Pittsburg PA
married Evelyn Henderson
b. Carl Holloman 26 Oct 1911 – 26 Nov 1950
severely wounded in WWII
c. Hilda Holloman 1916 –

married 2nd Donna Pennington
a. Jesse Pleasant Holloman Jr.
b. Elizabeth Ann Holloman
married David Bertha
6. John Otis Holloman Feb 1880 –
married 1st Earline Falis
a. John Otis Holloman Jr killed in auto accident
b. James Everett Holloman
married Helen Hornberger
c. Eloise Holloman Tuscaloosa, AL
married C W Foster

married 2nd Ola Mae Pennington
a. Margaret Holloman Tuscaloosa, AL
living 2010 in Tallahassee, FL
married Charlie Squires
b. Minnie Holloman
married 3rd Grace Phillips
a. Johnnye Faye Holloman Eysvogel
living 2010 Northport, AL

note from Johnnye Faye I had always heard my grandfather was killed by someone over the issue of my grandfather’s pig went into someone’s garden and the man shot my grandfather’s pig and then shot my grandfather when he went to look for his pig. All of Daddy’s children have died except Margaret, whose mother was Ola Mae. She lives in Tallahassee, FL.

From Union…A sad and terrible affair occurred here last Saturday 2nd inst. about twilight. Mr. Jesse Holloman had some business with a negro named Jake More, a few words passed between them, and the negro being armed drew his revolver and fired three shots, the third ball entering Mr. Holloman’s heart, killing him instantly. Mr. Hollomon was taken home to his weeping wife and children and was buried Sunday P. M. in the presence of a large assembly of sympathizing friends in the old family burying ground. His slayer made his escape. ALERT.

“The Patron and Gleaner”, Andrew J. Conner, ed., Rich Square, [Northampton County], N.C.
Thursday, April 7, 1898 [Vol. 7, No. 14]|NEWS FROM THE COUNTY….FROM DREW….Your correspondent has just returned from near Union Hertford Co, where he witnessed the burial of Mr. Jesse Holloman, who came to his death by being shot by a Negro and without any reasonable cause, taking the evidence of three colored men who were present and witnessed the whole trouble. There will not be a stone left unturned in the capture of the Negro. A very large crowd attended the burial many colored as well as white people, all of whom were apparently very much grieved. Nothing more sad and painful than the scene of the grief-stricken family, and in this we extend our purest sympathy.10-19-4. …
“Windsor Ledger”, Stephen W. Kenney, ed., Windsor, Bertie County, N.C. Thursday, April 7, 1898 [Vol. 16, No. 18
[excerpt from “From Time into Eternity” CD-ROM by David Powell, Winton NC: Liberty Shield Press¬©2004]

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