Lewis Williams & Mary


Lewis Williams ca 1645 – 1716/17 | his parents
& Mary —- ca 1670 – ca 1725 | her parents
of Bertie County, North Carolina
in the part now known as Hertford County

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Lewis Williams was in Nansemond Co, VA in 1667 when he signed the “Grievances” in support of Bacon’s Rebellion.
He is claimed as a headright by at least three different individuals in 1679 and 1680.
He patented land on the Southern Branch of the Nansemond River in 1682 when one of his headrights was Rowland Williams.
He was granted land in North Carolina in Chowan Prec. in 1697.
Lewis Williams was a member of the Vestry of Southwestern Parish of Chowan Prec.
Lewis Williams and his wife Mary — sold land West of the Chowan in what is now Hertford County by 1703.
Lewis Williams received several grants from the Province of North Carolina between 1697 and 1714; he also sold many of the tracts.
On April 30, 1707 the Virginia Council sends letter of protest about Lewis Williams presence west of the Chowan near Meherrin creek and then –
-In June, 1707 it is reported to Council that Lewis Williams was engaged in a dispute with the Meherrin Indians that the latter have attacked him in his house, and that “his life is doubted and his family in danger”.
Later …Lewis Williams is said to have driven the Indians away.
Colonial Papers of North Carolina.
April 6 1708 Lewis Williams to son-in-law and daughter, James and Elizabeth Rutland 100 acres Chowan Precinct
Mar 18 1717 Mary Williams, relict of Lewis Williams to James Rutland. Chowan Precinct.

Dr. Ben Holtzclaw compiled information found in Bodie’s Historical Southern Families.

there is a map made possibly by Edward Mosely showing Lewis Williams’ tract on the Chowan River in the general vicinity of present-day Tunis. It is in Chapel Hill either in the Southern Historical Collection or the North Carolina Collection. I remember that a photo of it appeared with an article in The Herald by Tom Parramore when I was a child. I think the article was on the general history of the Rayner Farm (Kenneth Rayner). It was later bought up and the site of the Farmers-Chemical complex, now defunct. E-mail from James E Moore 4 Aug 98

Children of Lewis Williams ca 1645- 1716/17 and wife Mary:
1. Anthony Williams c1675-1718
married Martha Bush dau. of William and Martha
a. Lewis Williams c1698 prob died single person
b. Anthony Williams c 1700-1752 Duplin Co, NC
married Mary Willis?
c. John Williams bef 1716/17 rem. to Duplin Co
d. Sarah Williams
e. William Williams rem. to Duplin Co.
f. Mary Williams
g. Eleanor Williams
?h. Elizabeth Williams
2. girl
married John Jones who died 1734
a. John Jones bef 1716/17
b. Lewis Jones bef 1716/17
c. Samuel Jones
3. Martha Williams
married Charles Sowell died 1739
a. Charles Sowell bef 1716/17
b. Lewis Sowell
c. Thomas Sowell
d. Richard Sowell
e. Elizabeth Sowell
f. Hannah Sowell
g. Mary Sowell
h. Sarah Sowell
4. girl
married John Patchett who died 1711 or bef
a. John Patchett ca 1710 –
5. Elizabeth Williams
married prior 1708 James Rutland
a. Mary Rutland
married ca 1725 Thomas Barfield
6. Priscilla Williams
married Col. Peter West died 1751
a. Sarah West
b. Elizabeth West
married Alexander Cotten 1711 – Dec. 1764
c. Peter West father of William West
? 7. William Williams who died before 1716
married Susannah ?
a. John Williams bef 1716 –
? 8. Rowland Williams [headright in 1682 of Lewis Williams]

Lewis Williams granted 100 acres in Nansemond Co adjoining Richard Pierce April 24 1682. claimed the transportaion of Rowland Williams …Patent Book 7 p 170

Lewis Williams deeded land on Craney Creek in the Upper Parish of Nansemond to Aaron Blanchard who deeded it to John Parker in 1707. Henings “Statutes” 4 p 528

Lewis Williams 650 acres Chowan Co rent roll 1700.

Will of Lewis Williams of Chowan Precinct, dated Oct 1, 1716 and proved April 16, 1717:
son Anthony Williams and Martha his wife land etc. then to grandson Lewis Williams;
grandson John Jones 100 acres;
grandson Lewis Jones 100 acres;
grandson Charles Sowell 100 acres;
grandson John Patchett 100 acres;
John William son of William Williams, decd 5 pounds;
daughter Priscilla West land after decease of wife Mary;
wife Mary;
grandson John Williams;
grandson Lewis Williams my cane and silver shirt buckle;
wife Mary and son Anthony, exrs.
NC Dept of Hist and Archives NC Wills 1663-1789 Vol 34 p 68

Peter West and Priscilla his wife to Mary Williams 300 acres, Oct 26 1722. Chowan Precinct

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  1. Pretty sure I fall under this family, I’m traced all the way down to Isaac Calvin Williams, and Sidney Alexander Williams of late 19th-early 20th century out of Gaston/Burke Counties, North Carolina. Still trying to piece together everything, I do love me some history.

  2. Here is my line, it may be helpful to someone. Chris Williams(1974-)>>William Jr Williams(1947-)>>William Robert Williams(1908-1992)>>Arnold Williams(1881-1920)>>Joseph Monroe Williams(1845-1924)>>Joseph T Williams(1815-1882)>>Isaac Williams(1780-1865)>>Arthur Williams(1750-1795)>>Arthur Williams(1706-1775)>>John Williams*possibly Lieutenant John*(1679-1745)>>Lewis or Louis Williams(1640-1719)>>John Williams *arrived in Isle of Wight, Virginia Colony approx. 1638*(1612-1687)>>John Williams *arrived with son approx 1638, Isle of Wight, VA*(1582-1650)>>James Williams *born and died in England*(1562-1620)>>> My line traveled from Virginia to North Carolina, Tennesee, Illinois, and I’m in Arkansas. I have a mountain of records, documentation, and in rare cases, pictures of paintings. I’ve traced back to about 300 AD, would take too long to list here. My branch of the last name Williams has Welsh origins. Was originally spelled Gwylym. The name changed to Williams around the year 1450. A man by the name of Gwylym Ap Jevan(William, son of Evan)became Sir William Williams, Bailiff to King Henry VIII. He then gave the Williams name retroactively and posthumously to his father Jevan Ap Howell, and grandfather. He was probably a highborn Welsh, his grandfather’s name was Howell AP Madog Lord Ribour. In some records, Howell Ap Madog has the Williams last name, in some he doesn’t, but in the records that have it, it is always placed after the title… Howell Ap Madog Lord Ribour Williams, which makes me think it was added to the records after his death. The further back you go, the more Welsh and unpronounceable the names become.

  3. Sally,

    I don’t know if you are still doing research but I came across some work you did on the Williams line and just had a few questions. My father was Hiram Williams and his mother and father were Bessie Clark and Chester Williams. I have a birth certificate that certifies that. Chester was the son of Archibald Warren Williams and died when my father was about 13. My father knew his aunts and uncles and spoke of them so all the names are correct. You mention that your father was Hiram Williams. I don’t believe this is your line. Hiram married my mother Angelina Gei in Italy right after WWII. Would you be so kind as to clarify for me. Thanks so much. Mary

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