Francis Rountree & Ann or Susan Amos/Ames

emigrant Francis Rountree

Francis Rowntree/Rountree est 1670 – 1733 | his parents
& Ann or Susan Amos/Ames
of North Yorkshire, England
& Nansemond Co Virginia & Chowan Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Francis Rowntree (will 1734) and [Susan Amos/Ames] had:
Jesse Rountree who settled in Pitt County was my ancestor. Our shared ancestors are Francis Rowntree and Sarah Coleman – your 7-great grandparents and my 9-great grandparents. Their son Francis Rowntree and Susan Amos/Ames are my 8-great grandparents. Their son Jesse Rowntree I and Mary Barnes are my 7-great grandparents. Their son Jesse Rowntree II and Rachel Spivey are my 6-great grandparents.Their son Jesse Rountree III and Winifred “Winnie” Jenkins are my 5-great grandparents. Their son William Rountree and Sallie Forbes are my 4-great grandparents. Their daughter Mary “Polly” Rountree and Caleb Cannon II are my 3-great grandparents.Trish Worthington Cobb
1. Francis Rowntree will 1748 Johnston Co
my plantation after decease of widow
married Mary Coleman
a. Kader Rountree
b. Francis Rountree
c. William Rountree
d. Moses Rountree d 1814 Edgecombe Co
married Mary Thomas
2. William Rowntree
the plantation where he did live, joining Drinking Spring Rock.
3. Jesse Rowntree (under 21 in 1730) will 1777 Craven Co
1/3 – rest of my land. 3 cows at age 21.
married Mary Barnes
a. Jesse Rountree II
married Rachel Spivey
i. Jesse Rountree III 27 June 1765-12 April 1831
married Winifred Jenkins 1765 – 1840
b. John Rountree
c. William Rountree
d. Mary Rountree
e. Elizabeth Rountree
4. Moses Rountree 1678 – (will 1755 Perquimans)
1/3 – rest of my land.
married Sarah
Sary married 2nd Leilly
a. Moses Rountree
b. Sarah Rountree ca 1712 –
married est 1728 John Hollowell 21 Jan 1695 –
c. Leda [Lydia] Rountree
d. Hannah Rountree will Jan Ct 1759 Perquimans
e. Ann Rountree
5. John Rowntree
245 acres in the upper parish.
6. Rebecca Rowntree – A cow & calf
7. Susanna Rowntree – A cow & calf
8. Elisabeth Rowntree – A cow & calf
9. Christian Rowntree – A cow & calf
10. Jethro Rowntree
1/3 – rest of my land.
11. Janes Rowntree – A cow & calf
12. Sarah Rowntree ca 1717 – 1761
– A cow & calf
married 1735 Thomas Walton Jr 1713 – 1759

Will of Francis Rountree Sept 30 1730 – proved 27 Jun 1734
– Wife – my plantation, & after her decease to my son Francis.
– Son William – the plantation where he did live, joining Drinking Spring Rock. – – Sons: Jesse, Moses, and Jethro -rest of my land.
– Son John – 245 acres in the upper parish.
– Son Jesse – 3 cows at age 21.
– A cow & calf each to my girls: Janes, Rebecca, Susanna, Sarah, Elisabeth, and Christian.
– Executrix: wife.
Wit: Thomas Tasler, Thomas Hobbs, Isaac Dickinson,


ca 1682 date of immigration of Charles, Robert, and Francis Rowntree.

4 Nov 1685, Charles Rowntree 350 acs. in the Up Par of Nanzamund, .
Beg at Michael Brinckly by the Scypresse Sw.
Trans. of 7 pers: Willm. Hunter, Nicho. Hunter, Joane Hunter, Rebecka Hunter, Charles Rountree, Robert Rountree, John Sayer. Patent Book 7, p 487


1686 30 Oct Robert and Francis Roundtree were granted 490 acres in Nansemond Co formerely granted to James Peters 10 Nov 1678. Pat book 7 page 527. Thomas Roundtree and Elizabeth Roundtree names appear on doc..


1694 April Ct at the house of Henderson Walker, Chowan pcinct, Albemarle Co, NC. Rich Bartlett proved two rights viz: Elizabeth Roundtree & Mary Bartlett

1698 26 April Robert and Francis Rountree were granted 400 acres in Nansemond Co formerely granted to James Peters 10 Nov 1678. Pat book 9 page 142.

1700 Reg 30 Oct: Nicholas Stallings of Nangzamond to Robert Roundtree of the same place land of Bennett Creek. (Robert Rountree witness to a conveyance same date.)

In 1702 March 28 Petition to the President and Council (Executive Council of NC) a petition signed by Francis Rowntre & Robert Rowntre along with Benjamin Blanshard, John Campbell, Thomas Spivey, Robert Laciter, George Laciter, & Nicholes Stallings dealing with their patents and the Chowan Indians.

In 1704 Nansemond Co, Va Quit Rent Rolls:
Rob’t Roundtree 245 acres;
John Roundtree 475 acres;
Thomas Roundtree 350 acres.

1713 27 March Patent: Michael Brinkley 175 acres in Chowan precinct joining Thomas Roundtree, a branch, and Francis Roundtree.

1714 4 Sept Patent: Fra. Roundtree 312 acres in Chowan precinct on Katherine Creek, joining ye Swamp side, Thomas Spivey, ye Woods, and a Branch.

1714 4 Sept. Patent: Robert Lassiter 286 acres in Chowan precinct in Maherrin neck joining Rt Roundtree & Nicholas Williams

1715 19 Nov Patent: Ephriam Blanchard 150 acres in Meherrin Neck in Chowan precinct joining Robert Roundtree and the Waltry Swamp.

1716 29 March Thomas Roundtree 320 acres on the S side of Roterin Creek in Chowan Precinct, joining the Creek Swamp, the branch and the main swamp.

1716 Tax List old Albemale County, NC
Roundtree, fra. 312 acres no polls -: 7: 6
Roundtree, Tho 320 acres 1 poll 1¬£ 3: –

1716 12 April Nicholas Stallings of ye upper parish of Nansemond in Va and Ann his wife to Joseph Wright of the Lower Parish of the afrsd. Co., Boatwright. for 7000 pounds of good Tobacco 50 acres more or less at the head of Bennett’s Creek. the sd 50 acres lying between William Rountree and John Hinton.
Wit: John Reddick, Joseph Stallings, Edward Shet, Henry Hill, Nicholas Hunter. Reg. 8 May 1716

1717 15 July Thomas Spivey Sr of Chowan Prect. and Mary his wife to James Griffin of the same Prect. 8£ sterling Money of Great Britian. 200 acres more or less on the north side of Catharine Creek Swamp in Meherrin Neck, joining Thomas Brooks, the Main Road, a branch, the land whereon the sd. Spivey now lives, Fras. Roundtree and Crooked branch part of a patent for 429 acres dated 16 Aug 1716. Wit: William Hill, Abner Spivey, Thomas Rountree, reg. 19 Aug 1717

1717 16 July at a Chowan Precinct Court: Petition of Francis and Thomas Rountree praying Liberty to build a Water Mill on Katharine Creek Swamp. Ordered that it be granted provided sd Mill is not Prejudicial to the order before Granted to Thomas Bray, Esquire.
Thomas Roundtree proved rights for the importation of James Griffin, Sr, James Griffin, Jr,. Sarah Griffin sr,. Sarah Griffin Jr, John, Joseph, Susanah and Moses Griffin.
Petition of Francis Roundtree, Thomas Roundtree, and John Outlaw for 5 sh 10 pence each for their attendance at Court as Evidences.

1719 22 July Ordered that Thomas Roundtree be Overseer of the Highway in the room of Abraham Spivey.

1719, 29 Aug Thomas Rountree appointed Justice of the Peace by Charles Eden, gov. Also 1 Oct 1720.

1719 25 Nov. – Inventory of William Roountree.
Appraised by Ephr. Blanchard, Jno. Hinton, James Hinton, Edwd. Wesern.

1719/20 1 March Patent: Fra Rountree 430 acres in Chowan precinct joining Cath. Creek Thomas Spivy, Crooked Branch, and a dividing branch to the mouth thereof.

1720 5 April Thomas Roundtree 250 acres on the SW side of Perquimons River, joining the river pocoson . Wit: Cha Eden, Thos Pollock, Wm Reed, Richd Sanderson, Fra Foster. Bk 3 p16

1720 10 Aug Thomas Roundtree 250 acres on the SW side of Perquimons River, joining the river pocoson . Wit: C. Eden, Rich Sanderson, Wm Reed, Fra Foster, Thos Pollock. Bk 3 p41

1720 6 Dec Patent: Robert Roundtree Junr 304 acres in Chowan precinct, joining ye Watry Swamp & Bennetts Creek swamp

1721 30 March Patent: Robert Lassiter 530 acres in Chowan precinct on ye S side of Bennet’s Creek, joining Mary Rountree, ye Indians line, his own corner & the sd Creek

1721 Tax List old Albemale County, NC
Tho. Roundtree 740 acres
Fran, Roundtree 480 acres

1721 John Worley’s Vermin Claim Acct:
Tho. Roundtree for a panther 10sh
Tho. Roundtree 1 wild cat 2 sh 6d

1726/27 25 Jan Witnesses to deed: Thomas Rountree, Charles Rountree, & Edward Wood sen.

1730 Jacob Peary rec. a grant of 200 acres in Perquimons that had a corner with Thomas Roundtree.


1739 Nov Ct Francis Rountree listed as neighbor to Robert Butler, John Ballard on SS Merattuck River.

1741 25 September Patent: Moses Roundtree 640 acres in Bertie County on the Branches of Guy Hall and Bacon (?) Hill, joining a Savannah and both sides of Bacon Hill

1742 Oct Ct John Collins to Jethro Rountree 100£ for 400 acres on NWS Guy Hall Swamp. wit. Robert West, Henry Delon.

1743 9 Aug deeds of Sale Bertie Co: Dated Aug & Sept
From Moses Rountree to
1. Jesse Rountree 160 acres;
wit– Thomas Roundtree, sen, Thomas Roundtree, Moses Hill;
2. Francis Rountree 320 acres;
wit–Thomas Roundtree, Moses Hill, Jesse Roundtree;
3. Moses Hill 160 acres;
wit Jesse Roundtree, Francis Roundtree

1743 23 Nov Prossession of land in Nansemond.
John Rountree and Abra: Lassiter are the prossessioners #23.

1747 31 Aug Prossession of land in Nansemond.
James Spivey and Robert Rountree are the prossessioners #23.

1747/8 2 Feb Bounds between John Lacitor Sen and Robert Roundtree
John Lacitor Sen and John Roundtree
John Roundtree and Robert Roundtree John Roundtree present
John Waterridge and John Roundtree
John Waterridge and Robert Roundtree John Waterridge and John Roundtree present
Abraham Laciter son of Rob’t and Robert Roundtree Abraham Laciter present

1751 Aug Ct Frances Rountree (Rountry) to Isaac Hill 10£ Va. for 320 acres 1/2 of patent granted to Moses Rountree for 640 acres on Branch of Joyes (Goyes) Hall and Bacon Hill. Wit Joseph Wimberly, Elizabeth Coward.

1752 Feb Ct: Jethro Roundtree to Michael Collins 35 £ for 400 acres SS Guys Hall Swamp. Wit John Springe, Demsey Collins.

1755 Oct Ct: March 7, 1755. Jesse Rountree to Henry Valentine, Planter. 5£ for 160 acres adj Moses Hill. wit: Moses Hill, Francis Rountree, James Reid.

Will of Moses Rountree 21 July 1755 – Oct Ct 1755 Perquimans Co NC:
– wife Sary;
– son Moses;
– Daughters: Sarah Hollowell, Hanah, Ledy, Ann;
Executor– Nicholas Stallings;
Witnesses: Joshua White, Abram Hill;
Clerk of Ct. Miles Harvey.

1755 Nov 20th Prossession of land in Nansemond. John Rowntree and William Rowntree are the prossessioners #24.

1756 10 Jan Chowan Co Lands Processed the Bounds: Between Joal Spivey & Moses Rountree; Between Guy Hill & Moses Rountree; Between Edward Trotman & Moses Rountree

Will of Hannah Rountree 12 Sept 1758 – Jan Ct 1759 Perquimans Co NC
– Sisters: Sarah Hollowell, Lidy, & Ann;
– Brother: Moses;
– Mother: Sarah Lelly;
Executor: Nicholas Stallings;
Witnesses: Joel Hollowell, Elias Stallings, Abner Hollowell;
Clerk of Ct: Miles Harvey.

1760 10 March Nansemond Bounds Processed by George Spivey and John Wartridge from the pocowson up the Dessart to the Cyprus Swamp Up the Ciprus to the Barbecue and to Newbie Road and down to Couplands branch : Widow Harrel and William Roundtree; Wm Roundtree and Abraham Lassater; Robt Lassater and Robt Roundtree; Robt Roundtree and John Roundtree; Rountree and John Wartridge; Abraham Lassater and John Roundtree

1763 25 Oct Nansemond Bounds # 24 Processed by William Roundtree and Danl Lassiter

1768 14 March Nansemond Bounds # 24 Processed by Robert Roundtree and John Wateridge William Rountree’s land & he present John Rountree’s land & he present Robert Rountree’s land & he present

1771 Nansemond Parish Vestry paid Elizabeth Rountree 4£

1772 Nansemond Bounds # 24 Processed by William Rowntree and Daniel Lassiter William Rowntree’s lands John Rountrees lands Robt Rountrees Lands

1776 Nansemond Bounds # 24 Processed by Zaccheus Lassetor and Moses Booth William Roundtree and Thos Newby Aramas Duke and Newby Roundtree William Roundtree and David Gwin William Roundtree and John Harrell John Roundtree and Daniel Lassetor John Roundtree and widow Roundtree Abram Lassetor Senr and widow Roundtree, Robt Roundtree present William Roundtree and Jacob Price

1779 30 Dec Nansemond Bounds # 24 Processed by William Roundtree and Thos Duke

1784 April 14 Nansemond Bounds # 24 Processed by William Roundtree and Thos Duke

1784 Nansemond Co Capt Sumner’s, Holland’s & Darden’s Companies – list of Elisha Darden William Rountree (8 white souls, 2 dwellings, 2 other buildings) List of John Cole: John Rountree (10 white souls, 1 dwelling, 1 other building)

1783 (did not find them)


Robert Rowntree and Mary had: 245 acres 1704 Nansemond Co
1. Thomas Rountree
2. Robert Rountree ca 1699-ca 1774
3. Francis Rountree
4. Mary Rountree
5. William Rountree

John Rowntree and wife had: 475 acres 1704 Nansemond Co.

William Rowntree had 100 acres 1704 New Kent, VA
was it he who died 1719 in NC?
1. William Roundtree [ca 1699] -1766 Goochland Co, VA
married 1721 Dorcus Dudley ca 1704 Kent Co, Va-bef 1765 Goochland Co

1099 – (247) Inv. of William Rountree 25 Nov 1719
Appraised by Ephr. Blanchard, Jno. Hinton, James Hinton, Edwd. Wesern.

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