Captain William Perry, Richard Pace, George Menefie & Mary

Perry of Virginia

Captain William Perry 1592 – 1637 | his parents
& Isabellea ? ca 1589 –
| her parents
& Richard Pace d. 1622/23
& ca 1638 George Menefie died 1645/6
& bef 1644 Mary
of Westover Plantation, Charles City Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

photo by Zane Perry

Tomb of William Perry bore this epitaph:
“Here lyeth the body of Captaine
William Perry who lived neire
Westover in the Collony
Who departed this life the 6th day of
August, Anno Domini 1637”

1611 – Captain William Perry came over in the “Starr”
married Isabellea, widow of Richard Pace and came to live at “Pace’s Paines”
Oct 1629 and March 1630 – represented Pace’s Paines in the House of Burgesses;
Feb 1631/32 he was Burgess for the territory “from Captain Perry’s to Hog Island
1632-34 he was a member of the Council
later moved to Charles City, where he died in 1637
buried at old Westover Church. His tomb is still there.

photo by Zane Perry

Agnes Kempton, of St. George’s, Southwark, widow, deposes 6 Nov., 1629, that the 46 hogsheads of tobacco laden at Virginia in the Anne of London, Peter Andrewes master, and consigned unto the examinate by William Perrye, overseer of the last will of her son John Rilye, deceased, did belong to and were laden [p.167] for the account of her son and his partners, and that this examinate has no interest therein but as executrix of her son’s will.
Isabell, wife of William Perry, merchant of Virginia, aged 40, deposes 26 August, 1629, that about Christmas last one John Rily of London, merchant, died in the house of examinate’s husband in Virginia. Amongst his effects was found a writing of copartnership, dated 25 July, 1627, and signed by William Crowther. Charles Whichcot and John Rily.
from English Origins of American Colonists/

Child of William and Isabella Perry:
1. Henry Perry

[p.37] I GEORGE MENEFIE of Buckland in Virginia, Esq., being sicke and weake in body. To be interred at the discrecon of my wife in the parish church of Westover. My will is that whatever debts cann be iustly proved by any person within this country of Virginia shalbe first satisfied.
My will is that all Tobacco etc. in England be referred to my bookes.
The Shippe Desire nowe lyeinge before Buckland shall with all possible expedition be dispatched for England, part loaded with what Tobacco is ready hereabout, and shall receive the remainder of her ladinge belowe, vizt., twoe hundred hoggsheads on the partable accompt, one hundred on mine owne particular accompt, and the rest by direcon of a noate to be founde in a small Booke of Tobacco shipt and to be shippt abroad.
The one hundred hoggsheads shipt on my accorapt shall be consigned to Captaine Peter Andrews, as alsoe my part of the shipp Desire and cargoe, with my sixteenth part of the William and George.
To my daughter Elizabeth Menefie all the severall parcells of land belonging to me at Westover, James Citty and Yorke River.
To my brother John Bishopp all that some of money for which he standeth engaged to me and one third part of the Cropp of Tobacco made the last sumer on my plantation at Buckland.
All my stocke of sheepe that I have at Buckland to be a joint stoacke between my daughter Elizabeth and my son in law Henry Perry.
Mr Jo: James £20 and one thousand pounds of Tobacco to preach a sermon att my funerall.
Mr Jo: Converse, chirurgion, for his paines in my sickness, twoe thousand pounds of Tobacco.
Brother Roger Booker £50, requesting him to be assisting vnto Humfrey Lister in the collecting of my debts.
Jo: White, merchant, £50 provided he continue one yeare longer in Virginia and receive in my debts as formerly.
What present ready Tobacco can be received more than shall freight the Desire, shalbe laden uppon the Flower of London, provided it may goe for £4 a tunn.
The goods consigned to me in the William and George shalbe returned in kinde. Executrix and guardian to my daughter, my wife Mary Menefie.
Residuary legatees as to my goods, parts of shipps, servants, negroes, etc. my wife and my daughter Elizabeth Menefie.
The Tobacco due from me to Captaine Tho: Varvell shalbe satisfied by Mr Walter Aston out of that part of the levies to me assigned.
Satisfaction shalbe made to Mr Humfrey Adlington for his care and paines in my business concerning Chamberline by Captaine Peter Andrews, whom I request to be one overseer of this my will and my friend Richard Bennett, Esq., the other, and that the latter take care that all tobacco that is upon accompt of the Richard and Judith be sent home this yeare, and that he take the said vessell to his owne accompt though with some losse to my estate.
Dated 31 Dec., 1645.
Witnesses: Howell Prise, Humfrey Lister.
Proved 25 Feb., 1646-7, by Mary Menerie the relict and executrix. (P.C.C. Fines, 31.) –
from English Origins of American Colonists/

Note from Zane – 26 Aug 2000 – I visited Captain William Perry’s gravesite at Westover Plantation, Charles City County, VA.
The Plantation’s self guided tour pamphlet states that Captain William Perry’s monument is the 3rd oldest in America, the oldest in Virginia.
I learned that information at the Charles City County Historical Research Center in Charles Center indicates that the Perrys living along Herring Creek [where Captain William Perry’s family owned Buckland Plantation] lived adjacent to the Cole family.
William Cole left Herring Creek on the James River in Charles City County VA in 1769 and married Sarah Perry — the youngest daughter of my 6g grandparents John and Sarah Perry.
This William Cole, according to an abstract forwarded to me by Steve Watson of Austin, TX was appointed Master of a bastard boy named John Warren, who was born to a woman named Mary Warren, and the boy was to apprentice to learn the trade of a Mariner.
Now there was a John and Elizabeth Perry there [John and Elizabeth Perry bought land in Chowan in 1700 and might be my John Perry’s parents] and this John Perry died around 1672.
Also there was a Thomas Perry living in the area during the late 1690’s/early 1700s, as well as a Joseph Perry, a Captain William Perry [late 1690’s/early 1700s, and a Peter Perry [brother to Micajah Perry].
I think this later William and Joseph may be the ones who migrated to Bertie County.
My John Perry certainly has a Herring Creek connection to Charles City County through his son-in-law William Cole [husband of Sarah Perry].
Could it be that they were brothers John, William and Joseph
[Charles City>Chowan Co]?

B B Winborne’s 1908 comments:
“We learn from Burk
‘s History of Virginia that William, George, and John Perry landed in Virginia about 1620.
William took up 100 acres of land on the south side of James River near the present city of Richmond.
George patented 100 acres below Southampton Hundred and John had 100 acres on James River about fourteen miles below Hog Island.
Whether these forerunners survived the Indian massacre is unknown. . . .
Dr. Lyon G Tyler in Vol 16, pages 222-3 of William and Mary Quarterly, writes that among the settlers at “Pace’s Pains” at the time of the massacre in 1622 were Richard Pace, Isabella his wife, Francis Chapman and Lieut. William Perry.
Pace died soon after the massacre and his widow Isabella married Lieut. William Perry.
In 1629 John Smyth and Lieut. Wn. Perry were the Representatives for “Pace’s Pains” on James River in the Legislature.
Later Dr. Tyler writes the Perrys are found at Burkland on the James River.”

Title of Westover; Wm. and Mary Qrtly., Vol. 4, No. 3, 1896
Colonel Byrd sets out the history of these 200 acres as follows:
They were originally a part of the estate of George Menifie (of Buckland, adjoining), a prominent member of the Virginia council.
He died about 1645, when the land descended to his only daughter, who married Captain Henry Perry.
This gentleman [Henry Perry] was the son of Captain William Perry, who married Isabella, the widow of Richard Pace, of Pace’s Paines, who saved the colony in the massacre of 1622.
He (William Perry) represented Pace’s Paines in 1629 and in 1629-’30, and was a member of the council in 1632-’33.
His tombstone at Westover once bore an inscription, which Mr. Campbell, the historian, has handed down to us. He died August 6, 1637.
His son, Captain Henry Perry, who married George Menifie’s daughter, was burgess for Charles City in 1652 and 1654, and of the council from 1655 to 1660.
He [Henry] left two daughters – Elizabeth, who married John Coggs, of Rainslipp, in Middlesex county, England, gent., and Mary, wife of Thomas Mercer, citizen and stationer, of London.
On August 20, 1684, these persons appointed John Bishop, of Weyanoke, in Charles City county, Va., their attorney, who, on December 23, 1684, conveyed the said 200 acres to James Minge, of Martin Brandon, gent., who, as already stated, exchanged it for other lands of William Byrd.

Philip Perry ca 1597 – 1667 bought land “White Marsh” in 1655 in Isle of Wight County.

Thomas Perry died in 1670 on a plantation in Gloucester County known as “White Marsh” later owned by the Lewis Burwell family.

Nicholas Perry was granted land in Isle of Wight County about 1650.
Soon after Nicholas is listed as insane.???

Thomas Perry and his wife Judith West Perry ca 1715 are listed in the will of one Francis West in Isle of Wight Co VA.
[witnesses of this will were a Needham Bryant and a Hinchea Guilliam.]
In 1718 Thomas and Judith Perry are living in Chowan Co NC.
[Zane notes that Needham Bryant witnessed a deed of John Perry in Bertie County and his son John Perry that moved to SC has a deed witnessed by a Guilliam. This John named his oldest son Thomas. Just prior to 1715 there is a Thomas Perry living in Accomack Co VA – – perhaps the same?]
Samuel Sandford [who was the “supervisor” of Micajah Perry’s dad Richard Perry III in Glasgow, Scotland, and later became Sheriff of Accomack County, VA] in his will left land in Accomack County “to John Perry, son of my friend Thomas Perry late of Maryland.”
This appears to be the same Thomas Perry who was later in Isle of Wight and even later in Chowan.
Perhaps Thomas Perry lived in Maryland just prior to going to Chowan and after living in Accomack.”
Judith West Perry’s West family seems to be connected to Tabitha Scarburgh’s family in Accomack too.
Another connection would be the will of John Macland of Isle of Wight, wherein he bequeathed land to his grandchildren John Perry, Nicholas Perry, and Elizabeth Perry (and also his Bryant grandchildren.)”

John [JP] Perry of Accomack Co VA 5 Sept 1708 – proved 5 Oct 1708
— my son John Perry all my lands after his mother’s decease [under 21]
— son in law Francis Hill [this could be John wife’s son by prior marriage rather than the husband of an unnamed daughter]
— loving wife Jane – my black horse and the use of his property
Wit: Wm Custis, Wm. Spiers, Christopher Brooks.

For a time in the 1680’s there was a firm active in Virginia styled Hill, Perry & Randolph — the partners most likely being Peter Perry and the councillors Edward Hill Jr and William Randolph.
It is important to note here that this is the same Edward Hill Jr of Shirley Plantation that married to Tabitha Scarburgh Browne Curtis [widow] of Accomack County.

Note in Jacob M Price’s book “Perry in London” —
“There are two other persons named Richard Perry [or Pery] active in the Chesapeake trade in the 1660’s who should not be confused with Micaiah’s father Richard, late of Glasgow.
One appears in the Plymouth books 1664-1675, trading to Virginia.
The other was a merchant active on Patuxent River, Maryland ca 1668-1674 and then in London from ca 1679 to his death in 1685.
The first was operating on too small a scale: the second’s kin do not.
On the first see Plymouth’s port books.
On the second see Edward C Papenfuse et al. he requested to be buried next to his father in the parish church of Thorp, Surrey, England.”
Zane Perry goes on to say that he feels that Price is wrong about Richard Perry of Patuxent not being related to Richard Perry III due to the comment about “his father.”
The use of the term “in-law” was unheard of in that day, so this Richard Perry of Patuxent could have been easily referring to his father in law in Thorp, perhaps because this is where his wife [or dead children] were already buried. I therefore believe that you have to look at the men that Richard Perry of Patuxent was dealing with to determine possible connections.
1. It seems that Richard Perry of Patuxent bought land from a John Bateman as well as transferred land with a Plowman.
Both of these families had land connections in Accomack County and are also associated with the New Haven Colony, as well as the names of Davenport, Clark and Lloyd — all of whom dealt with Richard Perry of the Patuxent and with lands in Accomack County VA.
I think it is quite possible that the Benjamin Perry living with John Custis in 1664, 1665, and 1666 was a brother of this Richard Perry of the Patuxent, or perhaps with the Thomas Perry of “White Marsh Plantation” who died in 1670 in Gloucester County VA.
This “White Marsh Plantation” was later owned by Lewis Burwell Jr, who was married to a Cole, who was descended of Edward Hill Jr (whose last wife, Tabitha Scarburgh Hill deeded land to John Perry and to Thomas Perry in Accomack County).
Peter Perry who is known to have been a brother to Micajah Perry for sure, lived in Yorktown, VA which literally is six miles from White Marsh Plantation in Glousester [both of which are located on the water].
foregoing comments taken from article of Zane Perry that appeared in “Stirpes” June 2000

Quit Rents of VA 1704 compiled by Smith
Nansemond Co: Perry, John . . . 870 a.,
Perry, Nicho. . . . . 200 a.
Prince George Co: Perry, Grace. . . . 100 a.,
Perry, Joseph . . . 275 a.,
Perry, Micajah . . . 600 a.
Princess Anne Co: Perry, Joseph . . . 35 a.,
Perry, Thomas . . . 650 a.
Accomack Co: Perry, John . . . 217 a.,
Perry, Thomas . . . 232 a.
Essex Co: Perry, Samll . . . . 225 a.

Captain Henry Perry ca 1625 – ca 1684 | his parents
& Edy [Clements] | her parents
& ?Elizabeth Menefie ca 1644 – | her parents
of Buckland & Westover, Charles City Co VA

Captain Henry Perry, son of William and Isabella, married the daughter of Captain George Menefie, Member of the Council and the owner of “Buckland” a large estate which adjoined “Westover.”
Captain Perry eventually became possessed of the whole of “Buckland.”
Henry was a Burgess in 1652 and a Member of Council 1654-61
(Tyler’s “Republic”p229)
Captain Perry married 2nd, Edy, widow of Jeremiah Clements who was a Burgess in 1641 for the Surry side of James City.
This marriage was before 17 March 1657, for on that date “Captain Henry Perry, Esq., Member of the Council who married the Executrix of Jeremiah Clements of Upper Chippokes now sells 250 acres to Edward Oliver on Upper Chippokes part of a patent of 350 acres formerly granted to the aforesaid Jeremiah Clements” (Surry Bk 1-160)
Captain Perry left two daughters as co-heirs, Elizabeth, who married John Coggs of Rainslipp, Middlesex, England, and Mary, who married Thomas Mercer, a stationer of London. (Tyler-229)

Children of Capt Henry Perry:
1. Elizabeth Perry
married John Coggs of Rainslipp, Middlesex, England
2. Mary Perry
married Thomas Mercer
a stationer of London

Merchant Ships in use in 1771
as illustrated in 1st Ed Encyclopaedia Britannica


Puritan Merchant

Richard Perry ca 1615 – aft 1666 | his parents
& ca 1638 Mary Malbon[e] 16xx – 165x | her parents
& ca 1655 Mrs. Grace Nichols | her parents
of St Antholins, London, England; Charlestown, Mass;
New Haven Colony; Glasgow, Scotland
& Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland

ca 1615 – Richard Perry is born the son of Richard Pery II, an affluent merchant in London who had come from Exeter, Devonshire, England.
Richard III became associated with the Puritans and left his father on poor terms.
early 1630’s – Richard was in Charlestown, Mass
1638 – 1651/2 – Colony of New Haven
Edward E Atwater in “the Colony of New Haven” Richard Perry . . . lived at the corner of Church and Elm Streets. Having married Mary, the daughter of Richard Malbon in the old country, he accompanied his father in law from London to New Haven.
He took an active part in the public affairs of the plantation and in 1646, when Fugill, the secretary of the court had fallen into disgrace, was chosen to succeed him in that office.
He sold his house to Thomas Kimberly in 1649 and after that date his name does not occur in the records.”
Richard Perry was in New Haven in 1638 with his wife Mary Malbon, daughter of Richard Malbon, whom he married in England.
He had recorded in the New Haven list an estate of 260 pounds and a family of three. His name ceases in the New Haven records in 1649.
In New Haven he had baptized five children.
He married about 1655 Mrs Grace Nichols, widow of John Nichols d 1655, and died in 1658.
He is listed thus in the Personnel of Fairfield, “Colony of New Haven” sup. by Robert Atwater Smith
ca 1651 – Glasgow, Scotland (during the Cromwellian years)
Richard was appointed as a collector of customs and exercise, as well as being the “messenger itinerant for the County Accompts,” working under Samuel Sandford, the Surveyor-General under Oliver Cromwell. (later this same Samuel Sandford was the Sheriff of Accomack County, Virginia).
by 1657 -moved from Glasgow to Clonmell, County Tipperary, Ireland, where he bought land adjacent to the lands of Richard Hutchinson.
(These lands had been confiscated by Cromwell from the Irish people of Clonmell in 1650.) he is now known as a merchant.
He and his son John devoted themselves to trade, cattle raising and the accumulation of lands.
“In the hearth tax returns for County Limerick for 1665-1666 a Richard Perry appears for three hearths.
The earliest clear reference to Richard Per[r]y in Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland comes in October 1660, when he resigned as “Sergeant at Mace” for the town corporation.
This may be interpreted as the withdrawal of a Cromwellian at the Restoration. The post would appear to have been mostly ceremonial and could be held by someone otherwise employed.
Burke describes Richard Perry as a merchant after 1660.”
note on page 146 Price “Perry of London”

Children of Richard Perry and Mary Malbon:
1. Mary Perry bapt 4 Oct 1640 New Haven CT – Charles City Co VA
married Mr Lowe
2. Micajah Perry bapt 31 Oct 1641 New Haven – 1721 London
married 1663 Ann Owens
3. Samuel Perry bapt 8 June 1643 New Haven – nfi
4. John Perry bapt 11 July 1647 New Haven – 1709 Clonmel
5. Grace Perry bapt 2 Sept 1649 New Haven – nfi
6. Peter Perry 1651 – aft 1694 York Co VA & Charles City VA
7. Ebernezer 1654/56 younger – nfi

Mary Perry 1640 – ? | her parents
& Mr. Lowe | his parents
of Charles City Co VA

Mary Perry, sister of Micajah and Peter Perry married a Mr. Lowe, who settled in Charles City, VA.
Children of Mary Perry and Mr. Lowe:
1. Micajah Lowe d 1703 London
married Sarah Hamblin
she married 2nd William Edwards of Surry
a. Micajah Edwards
b. Sarah Edwards
2. Susanna Lowe
3. Mary Lowe
4. Johanna Lowe
married John Jarrett
a. Elizabeth Jarrett
married John Tyler of Charles City
ancestor of President Tyler

Peter Perry 1651 – aft 1694 | his parents
of York County, VA

Peter Perry, brother of the first Micajah Perry was the firm’s Virginia representative. He made a deposition in York County in 1679 and stated that he was 28 years of age. On 24 Nov 1681 as attorney for Micajah Perry of London he was appointed trustee for Margaret Fellows, widow of William Fellows, decd. There was a firm active in Virginia styled Hill, Perry & Randolph, the partners most likely were Peter Perry, and the councillors Edward Hill, Jr and William Randolph. [note this is the same Edward Hill Jr of Shirley Plantation that married Tabitha Scarburgh Browne Custis, widow, of Accomack County. Peter Perry was Burgess for York in 1688 and is said to have left descendants in Charles City County.

the firm: “Perry and Lane”

Micaiah Perry 1641 – 1721 | his parents
& Ann Owen ca 1639 – 1689 | her parents
of London

a view of the quays along the Thames in the early eighteenth century
The Customs House is in the foreground, with the Perry warehouses on the right
The Tower of London can be seen in the background [Guildhall Library, London]
from the jacket of “Perry of London” by Jacob M Price

A very wealthy firm of Merchants in London was that of Perry and Lane, composed of Micajah Perry and Thomas Lane. They conducted an extensive trade with Virginia and several relatives of Micajah settled there.

1641 – His father Richard and family was living in the Colony of New Haven where Micaiah was bapized 31 Oct 1641. “in 1692 in a high Ct of Admiralty deposition Micaiah Perry of the parish of St Katherine Cree Church, London stated that he was born in New England and was then 51 years old.”
ca 1651 – Micaiah went with his family to Glasgow Scotland where his father was the collector of customs and exercise during the Crowellian regime.
1656 – “When the young Micaiah was admitted as an apprentice [for seven years] in the London Haberdashers Company in 1656, he stated that his father then resided in Glasgow.”
1663 – admitted to the freedom of the Company, then Micaiah Perry of the parish of Mary-le-Bow, London, “haberdasher” got a license 20 Oct 1663 to marry Ann Owen of the parish of St Swithin, London, spinster. [Her father was Dr. Richard Owen, a distinguished orthodox Anglican clergyman.
1665 or 1666 – he began the trade with Virginia.
1673 – Micaiah Perry was associated with Thomas Lane and this lasted until Lane died in 1710.
1694 – firm now operated as Perry, Lane & Co – having reorganized to include son Richard Perry, who had married by this time Sarah, dau and heir of George Richards, who had been big in the tobacco trade.
1697 – Perry, Lane & Co was without a doubt the head of the tobacco trade
1721 – Micajah Perry 1641-1721, the head of the firm, died in London in 1720. His will was dated 27 Sept 1720 and probated 3 Oct of that year. His principal legatees were his daughter-in-law, Sarah Perry, and her two children, Micajah Perry who became Lord Mayor of London in 1728 and Phillip Perry, a member of the firm.

[p.170] GENEALOGICAL NOTES FROM THE HIGH COURT OF ADMIRALTY EXAMINATIONS. BY J. R. HUTCHINSON. page 178 Micajah Perry of St. Catherine Creechurch, London, where he has lived for 10 years, merchant, born in New England, deposes 25 April, 1692, aged 51.

Children of Micaiah Perry and Ann Owens of London:
1. Richard Perry ca 1664/68 – 16 Apr 1720
married 1693 Sarah Richards ca 1670/5 – 1756 testate
a. Micajah Perry 1694 – 1753 [Lord Mayor of London in 1728]
bapt 30 April 1694 – St Katherine Cree parish no issue
married 1721 Elizabeth Cocke ca 1699 – 1738
b. Sarah Perry 1702 – 1763 no issue
married 1719 William Heysham 1691 – 1727
c. Phillip Perry 1703 – 1762 testate no issue
bapt 17 Dec 1703 – St Katherine Cree parish
d. Elizabeth Perry d. 1787 [youngest dau]
married 1733 Salusbury Cade 1696 – 1773
i. Sarah Cade 1739 – 1810
ii. Phillip Cade 1744 – 1799
e. Mary Perry nfi – apparently dead bef 1756 – not mentioned in mother’s will
f-l. seven others that died young
2. Micajah Perry ca 1670 – 1693 aged 22 dsp
“when Micaiah I applied to the Heralds for arms, he stated that he believed that he was related to the Perry family of Devon previously granted arms — but could not establish the precise connection. — the Heralds were cautious and gave him arms similar but not identical to that family.”
[Jacob M Price in “Perry of London: A family and Firm on the Seaborne Frontier” page 8]
Versions of this general coat of arms have been used by families in Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, and other close southwestern shires of England. Micajah Perry of London, England, who descended from the Perry family of Devon, assumed this same above coat-of-arms, with two differences: the crescent moon added to denote his being second-born, and the lack of pears on the branch held in the hind’s mouth.

Merchant Taylor

Richard Pery 1580 – 1650 | his parents
& 1615 Dunes Hicks d 1653/54 | her parents
of St Antholins, London, England

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!


Richard Perry was christened in 1580 in St. Petrock, Exeter, England.
before 1611 – he was a London merchant
1611 – Richard Perry resided in Cadiz – selling English woolen cloth for London merchants.
1615 – he lived and was a merchant in St Pancras, Soper Lane, London
he married Dunes Hicks
he was admitted by redemption to the freedom of the Company of Taylors
1621 – 1650 – lived in St. Antholins, London, England
1627 – became a liveryman of the Company of Taylors in St. Antholins
1643 – assistant warden of the Company of Taylors in St. Antholins
1645 – warden of the Company of Taylors in St. Antholins
1650 – Richard died in London England with will
1653/54 – His wife Dunes died in London with will

Richard Pery early became interested in the Virginia Company of London and received at least one small land grant in the colony. A lawsuit preserves the record of a venture of #300 worth of woollen cloth and other good which he exported to Virginia in partnership with James Carter, a London shipmaster and trader, who went out with the goods only to die in Virginia. When Carter made his will there in 1626, he directed that all the tobacco remaining on hand at the time of his death be consigned for sale to his “kinsmen” Richard and John Pery, merchants of London.
Shortly there after John went out to Virginia to look after the affairs of his firm in the colony, persumably including the Carter estate. He also died in Virginia, having first made his will there on 26 June 1628 at Perry’s Point near James City with William Pery as witness. He left bequests of twenty shillings to the poor of the parishes of St. Antholin, London, where he resided, and St. Edmunds, Exeter,and the town of Plymouth (suggesting that he had resided there after Exeter). He also left middling bequests to various kinfolk, including the wido (widow) of James Carter, his cousin, Susanne (nee Pery), originally from Plymouth or its vicinity. The residue of his estate went to his brother Richard and children.
Richard was involved in the Massachusetts Bay Company as well. He was elected an “assistant” of the colony and so named in the charter of 1628. But he did not emigrate with most of the others. He stayed in London when many royalists left and (was) rewarded by being made a warden of the Merchant Taylors Company in 1643-1645. In 1648 he was named by Parliament a commissioner to collect taxes in his ward.
He was married to Dunes HICKS 1615 in St.Pancras, Soper Lane, London.(50)
Dunes HICKS died in 1653/54 in St. Antholins, London, England.(51)

Children of Richard Pery and Dunes Hicks:
1. Richard Pery ca 1615 – aft 1666
2. John Pery d 1632
3. Peter Pery 1621 – 1654 will
4. Susannah Pery 1623 – 1657 will
married William Whittle d 1659 will
5. Nathaniel Pery 1625 – bef 1650?
6. Joseph Pery 1627 – 1630

Richard Pery d 1621 | his parents
baliff of Exeter 1585

resided 1575 – 1595 in the heart of Exeter near the cathedral in the parish of St. Petrock, of which he was church warden in 1583 – 1585. The parish register shows that Richard had nine sons

Children of Richard Pery:
1. Phillip Pery 1577 –
2. Richard Pery 1578 – 1579
3. Roger Pery 1579 – 1618
4. Richard Pery 1580 – 1650
married 1615 Dunes Hicks
5. John Pery 1581 – in VA 1628 at Perry’s Point
6. [H]Osea Pery 1584 –
7. Edward Pery 1585 – 1622
8. Thomas Pery 1586 –
9. William Pery 1588 – 1619
10. Elizabeth Pery 1590

?Suzanne Pery cousin?
married St Andrew Parish, Plymouth 1 Aug 1605 James Carter d in VA 1626
a. Susanna Carter
she married 2nd Brian Harrison of Wapping -sea captain

Richard Pery early became interested in the Virginia Company of London and received at least one small land grant in the colony. A lawsuit preserves the record of a venture of #300 worth of woollen cloth and other good which he exported to Virginia in partnership with James Carter, a London shipmaster and trader, who went out with the goods only to die in Virginia. When Carter made his will there in 1626, he directed that all the tobacco remaining on hand at the time of his death be consigned for sale to his “kinsmen” Richard and John Pery, merchants of London.
Shortly there after John went out to Virginia to look after the affairs of his firm in the colony, persumably including the Carter estate. He also died in Virginia, having first made his will there on 26 June 1628 at Perry’s Point near James City with William Pery as witness. He left bequests of twenty shillings to the poor of the parishes of St. Antholin, London, where he resided, and St. Edmunds, Exeter,and the town of Plymouth (suggesting that he had resided there after Exeter). He also left middling bequests to various kinfolk, including the wido (widow) of James Carter, his cousin, Susanne (nee Pery), originally from Plymouth or its vicinity. The residue of his estate went to his brother Richard and children.

Merchant of Exeter

Roger Pery | his parents
of Exeter

Roger Pery was a freeman of Exeter in 1532 by apprenticeship.

Sons of Roger:
1. William Pery baliff of Exeter 1578
importer of raisins, figs and wine in the 1560’s
married Alice Ilcomb of Plymouth
a. William Pery of [1600] Limerick 1563 – 1633
b. Henry Pery
married 1587 Richarda Platyr of Buckland, Monachorum
2. Richard Pery baliff of Exeter 1585
importer of wine and other goods from Spain and Portugal

“both brothers were specifically named as merchants trading to Spain and Portugal and as founding members in Queen Elizabeth’s charter of 1577 incorporating the Spanish Company.”

Merchant of Buckland

Henrici Perrye [Henry Perry] | his parents
& 1587 Richarda Platyr | her parents
of Buckland, Monarchorum, Devonshire, England

Children of Henry Perry and Richarda Platyr:
1. Elizabeth Perrye
2. Francisca Perrye
3. Guilielmus [William] Perrye 1592 – 1637
4. Johanna Perrye
5. Thomas Perrye 1595 –
6. Henricus [Henry] Perrye of Plymouth
7. Guilimotta Perrye
8. Edmund Perrye 1599 – 1655 Limerick
married dau of Stephen Sexton, mayor of Limerick


Notice for male NC Perry surname descendants: Please consider having your DNA tested.
Three samples from family subgroup 03 at Perry FTDNA website can document their ancestry to John Perry b. 1680/90 of Nansemond Co, VA d. 1760 Bertie Co, NC. A fourth sample from the same subgroup 03 can prove his ancestry to Currituck Co, NC. He does not appear to be a descendant of John Perry d. 1760 in Bertie. It is anticipated that the presently unknown common ancestor of these two lines lived in 17C Virginia. DNA may help tie together the several NC lines out of VA, so please consider joining the Perry surname project. Tests can be ordered at a discount through either the Perry FTDNA website above, or Other companies (Ancestry, etc) also do DNA testing, and your result can be uploaded to the Perry surname project.

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  1. I am a direct descendant of Richard Pace and Isabella Pace. Does anyone know where she is buried, when she died, and to whom she was married at that time? AFter Pace, she married Cpt. William Perry, I believe she may also have been married to Meniefry as well, must have been after Perry died?
    thank you

  2. I’m looking for a Scottish sea captain who came to VA/NC prior to the American Revolution. He may have been the first carrier of (distal-less 3, or DLX3). I thought he was a Ray, but looking at my ancestors, it’s possible that he was a Perry who married into the Ray family. Some of this sea captain’s descendants have TDO (trichdentoosseous).

  3. I am Dale Perry son of James Edward Perry part of the Perry surname project from FTDNA and love reading the work of Zane , I am from 6 generations to Benjamin Perry b. 1791 NC who is part of William Perry of Guilford NC 1750 ‘s who have lived here in Warren County TN around 200 yrs, along with Hill and Curtis families? Interesting how time can remain still. We should create a networking TV show to solve this age old mystery. I am currently part of a wonderful group of Perry decendants who have invested years of research let’s reach out together and complete this story.

    1. Wow,my names dale perry as well and been checking into my heritage and I as well are related to phillip richard Perry line,I’m in southeast kansas but have family in my and ind

    2. What an awesome history of the Perry’s. I am not a Perry, but 26 or so generations ago, my Grandfather Richard Frisby, from London had married Margaret Emerson and taken the Johnathan to Jamestown, arriving by May of 1620. There at the pier they were met by Sgt William Barry, later found to be a Perry or Pery. William had come to the Colony in 1611 and was assigned to Elizabeth Cittie. My kin were to work at “Bucks Row”. They immediately had a child Edward and by 1623 a girl named Ann was born. Margaret died at Ann’s birth. Ann disappeared til a few years ago when I learned that William died in August 1637 at “Buckland” Charles City County, leaving this plantation to his son Henry Perry. Those indentured to be transferred with the land included a girl named Ann Frisby.This changed the course of Frisby-Frisbee history. But ironically, with your word above, the Perry’s might have again met the Frisbee’s, this time in middle Tennessee at Warren County. My 5th Great Grandfather, Robert Chesterfield Frisbee lived there (1835-1857) with 8 children (three to become Doctors) and with his Will of 1870 has opened many doors to our past. Thanks for any knowledge of RC..or William.

  4. This is all very interesting. My name is Elwood Perry. I was born in Edenton NC, and now live in James City Co Va. I have had my DNA done through family tree. I would love to share it with you. It appears I am a descendant of Philip Perry of Whitemarsh.

  5. I did a dna, my father was a Perry, his grandmother a Macon. I guess I need to get a dna on my son so we can know exactly which of those VA Perry’s we are. Any information on the dna testing or getting it in the study would be appreciated.

  6. JOHN PERRY of Warminster, Wiltshire, Husband of Elizabeth Ludlow, died on 22 Feb 1555, and left land in Somerset to his 4 sons, William, Nicholas, Henry and Christopher. There is record of one William Perry of Saltmore, and extensive record of Perrys farming around Walton near Glastonbury, Somerset. One took the then Marquis of Bath to court over property dispute. It has been established that John was related to the Perrys of Limerick, and possibly those of Water Perry in Devon. I am directly descended from those Walton Perrys.

    1. im terry perry from martin co nc william bryant perry was my3g grand dad micayjay perry his dad cannot make a direct connection to his if i could i could go back to middle 1500
      william bryant perry born around 1810 fogure micayjay born 178os any info. greatly appreciated

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