Parlor Portraits

When I was growing up at Maple Lawn my ancestors were a very real Presence. Most of these portraits had hung at Mulberry Grove the home of the Cottens and Dr Godwin Cotten Moore. They were brought to Maple Lawn after Uncle Will’s family moved to Washington D C.

Dr Godwin Cotten Moore 1806-1880

As a young man. He was a physician, founder of Chowan College & many years chair of its board of trustees. He was also, chair of the Hertford County Court 1857-1861. About the Portrait—Family tradition is that Thomas Sulley himself did Godwin’s face, but The experts of Frick Art Reference Library say Mr. James Gibbons was the artist.

Julia M Wheeler (Mrs. G C Moore) 1814-1887

Julia-Wheeler juwheelr2
Family tradition says that Julia’s portrait left is by her sister in law Ellen Wheeler, the daughter of Thomas Sulley. Uncle Jule said when looking at his mother’s picture at Maple Lawn, “Mother had a long neck, but it was not that long” (photo by Cathy L Spruill.) The painting on the right is on wood and Aunt Bessie Pierce who received it, gave it to her son John Wheeler Pierce.

Esther Cotten (Mrs John Jones) 1782-1854

Mother of 1. Godwin C Moore;
2.Sallie Matilda Moore (Mrs. Turner Westray);
3. Emeline Moore (who married 1st Dr. N W Fletcher of Lawrenceville, VA and 2nd Rev. Eugene LeVert of Alabama, brother of Dr. Henry B LeVert of Mobile, AL) and
4. Charles Godfrey Jones who moved to Texas.
Esther married 1800 James Wright Moore & in 1825 John Jones of Lawrenceville, VA.

Martha Wheeler (Mrs. James Worrell) 1788-1856

Aunt of Julia. She was thrice married first to Richard Johnston in St Johns, New Brunswick; Second to William P Morgan in Alexandria, VA and Third to James Worrell of Maney’s Neck in Hertford County, NC. The artist is James Gibbons.
Photo by Cathy L Spruill.
Portrait owned by Sally Koestler on display at Wheeler Home restored by the Murfrresboro Historical Society in Murfreesboro, NC.

Richard Johnston, son of Aunt Martha Worrell.

“Tillie” Sarah Matilda Moore (Mrs. Turner Westray)
ca 1812 – 1865

TillieWestray TillieWestray2

Younger Sister of Dr. Godwin Cotten Moore. This portrait always was in the upstairs hall at Maple Lawn as it had been badly damaged when her nephews horse whipped it along with those of her sister and mother when they hung in the front hall near where the buggy whips were stored at Mulberry Grove. The boys were angry with their aunts and grandmother.
Tillie Westray portrait by James McGibbon after Conservation treatment Nov. 2000 by David Goist of Raleigh, NC
now in the Murfreesboro Historical Assoc. collection

Emeline, the older sister after restoration from her nephews buggy whips attack.
We have decided this was painted while she was in mourning for her first husband.
She hung over the mantle in my bedroom as a child.

Also, in the parlor were the portraits of Anne, Major John W Moore and their son Arthur
and the large painting of Sir Walter Raleigh spreading his cloak by one of the early professors at Chowan.

There were also three painting by Julia Moore Yeates during her time at Chowan — two landscapes and a Madonna.

In the hall over the day bed was a large painting Uncle Jack bought in Canada — [a storm was brewing, and the farmer and his oxen appear to be almost going over a cliff.]

we missed that one – spent many a hour looking up at it.

There were also some water colors by Major John Wheeler Moore.


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