Marina Cotten & James Moore

Descendants of Sally’s great-great-great-great-great- grandparents
Arthur Cotten & Mary Elizabeth Rutland of Mulberry Grove

Marina Cotton ca 1745 – aft 1785 | her parents
& ca 1761 James Moore ca 1732 – aft 1805 | his parents
of Hertford Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

James Moore was living in Hertford Co in 1758.

[Marinah/ Merene] Cotten and James Moore had:

1. William Moore ca 1762 –
married Sept 1787 Mary Dickinson dau of James
(William Moore is on the list of The Third Division of the Militia Draughted
in the Regiment of Hertford County (1778-1780))
2. Laurence Moore ca 1767 – 7 March 1817

died and buried Polkston, Anson Co NC
3. Arthur Moore ca 1773 – bef 1805 Hertford Co
married Elizabeth ?
Mar NH Ct 1812 – Arthur Moore’s exs. William Moore & Elizabeth Moore, widow, were sued by the admr of James Cotten
4. Sarah Moore ca 1778 NC – 26 Oct 1851 age 73
emig AL 1819

married ca 1797 Andrew Jones 1777 Hertford Co NC – 1822 Butler Co AL
son of Joseph Jones ca 1780 and Sarah Skinner
both are buried Fort Dale Cemetery, Butler Co AL with headstones
info from Annie Crenshaw
a. Matilda Jones ca 1799 NC – aft 1854
married NH Co NC Mar 1818 Andrew T Perry
rem. to AL 1819 then in 1828 MS
b. Allen Jones ca 1800 NC – aft 1854
married ca 1825 ?
c. Mathias Jones ca 1801 NC – 1833/53 probably Butler Co AL
married ca 1822 Parthenia [Patsy] Lewis 1799 GA – 1873
i. Andrew Jones ca 1830 – rem to TX
d. Parthenia Jones 1803 NC – 1851 Lowndes Co AL
married ca 1822 Laban Warren 1798 – 1840
son of Richard Warren and wife Amanda of Burke Co GA
they are buried in Mount Willing Cemetery in Lowndes County.
e. James Jones 1804 NC – 31 Aug 1842 aged 38 yrs
i. J F [Jimmie] Jones of Macon MS
f. Isaac Moore Jones ca 1812 NC – ca 1893 Copiah Co MS
married 1838 Ann Womack
g. Joseph Jones 11 July 1818 AL – 15 Dec 1857 Butler Co AL
aged 39 yrs 5 mos 4 days
a dentist and planter
married 1837 Elizabeth A Rogers 11 Sept 1820 – 11 Nov 1853 age 33
niece of Frances Lewis [Jones]
5. Isaac Moore 17 Nov 1783 Hertford Co, NC – 24 Nov 1853 Dallas Co, AL
married 1803 Mary/Polly Jones 14 Oct 1788 Hertford Co, NC – 20 March 1856 Dallas Co, AL
a. Lewis Jones Moore 17 July 1806 – 6 April 1864
married 1st Martha S Gordon 1807 – 6 July 1831 aged 23yd 8m 11d
I. Lewis Augustus Moore 14 Dec 1827 – 30 Oct 1853 dsp
married 2nd Margaret Elizabeth Tate 1815 – 7 July 1850 aged 35 yr 3m 26d
ii. Mary E Moore 31 Dec 1834 – 8 June 1896
married Richard Rufus King 20 Dec 1815 – 10 May 1895
iii. Isaac Tate Moore 6 Jan 1838 – 1 Jan 1863 dsp
iv. Robert Adolphus Moore 4 July 1844 – 12 Mar 1892
married 1857 Ann Elizabeth Harrison 26 May 1846 – 26 Dec 1923

b. Adolphus Moore 16 Nov 1822 – 24 Feb 1835
c. James Franklin Moore 4 July 1828 – 20 Jan 1868
married Mary Herring
d. William S. Moore ca Aug 1832- 28 April 1848 Aged 15 yr 8 mo
6. Jesse Cotten Moore ca 1785 – ca Dec 1843 NH Co NC will ca 1810
married ?
(Ancestor of Carl Witt of Jackson, NC)
a. John S Moore died ca Dec 1842 NH Co NC will
married 15 Apr 1830 Louisa Browne
i. John T Moore
ii. Margianna Moore
iii. Andrew J Moore
b. Martha Matilda Moore ca 1819 –
married 21 Oct 1841 Jeremiah Daughtry March 1809 –
son of Lawrence Daughtey and 2nd wife Mary Parker dau of Lemuel and Zelpha Parker of NH Co NC;
Lawrence was the son of William Daughtry and wife Elizabeth of Nansemond and NH Co
i. William Daughtry ca 1842 –
ii. Elizabeth [Bettie] Daughtry ca 1844 –
iii. Joseph Daughtry ca 1846 –
iv. Thomas Charles Daughtry ca 1847 –
v. Augustine Daughtry 1849 –
vi. Lucy Daughtry 1851 –
vii. Robert Daughtry ca 1854 –
viii. Benjamin Daughtry ca 1855 –
ix. Jeremiah Daughtry ca 1856 –
x. Virginia Daughtry ca 1858 –
xi. Fanny T Daughtry ca 1862 –
c. Jesse Cotten Moore 1814 – 11 Dec 1864 farmer Nhampton Co, NC

Jesse Cotten Moore II 1814 -1864

married Eliza A Barnes ca 1826 – died before 1860?
Fanny & Martha living with Louisa Barnes 62 in 1860
i. John G Moore ca 1842 –
ii. Fanny A Moore ca 1845 –
married 15 Jan 1864 James D Boone
iii. Martha S Moore ca 1853 –

Jesse Cotten Moore married 2nd NH Co 1 Nov 1860 Louisa S Moore
witness Isaac Peele, CCC, md by John N Hoggard
?7. James Moore

Laurence Moore ca 1767 – 1817 | his parents
& ca 1787 Elizabeth Dickinson 1771 – ca 1790 | her parents
& ca 1791 Martha Dickinson 1775 – 1797 | her parents
& 1798 TabithaBitha Moore 1771 – 1848 | her parents
of Hertford Co and Anson Co NC

Laurence [Lawrence] Moore ca 1764 – 7 March 1817
died and buried Polkston, Anson Co, NC

01lmoore6 01lmoore3
1998 Dedication Ceremony
at Laurence Moore’s grave site

married 1st ca 1787 Elizabeth Dickinson 1 Dec 1771 – ca 1790
dau of John Dickinson -ca 1789 & Martha Lawrence – ca 1784
a. William Dickinson Moore 7 April 1788 – 2 Feb 1840 Anson Co NC


married in Anson Co 1813 Rosannah Benton 8 Nov 1792 – 23 Feb 1860
age 67 yrs 3 mo 15 days

Rosannah’s stones has fallen off it’s pedestal and is laying on it’s side. In memory of ROSANNAH MOORE Died Feb 23rd 1860. Aged 67 y’rs 3 mon’ 15 da’s At an early age She embraced the Christian Religion And was baptized Into the fellowship Of the Baptist Church Of Christ Nov 1830. ___________
Her life was beautified By the graces of Religion And adorned with The excellencies of Consistent piety She died deeply lamented By this Community Whose confidence and Esteem she enjoyed in An eminent degree. Her death was like the Setting sun in a clear And unclouded day Reflecting a radiant beauty Up the path she had walked She gently breathed out her Meek and quiet spirit And a serene and heavenly Smile rested upon her face As if to soothe the sorrows Of the bereaved ones Who wept around her bed. ___________ “Dearest Mother thou has left us Here thy loss we deeply feel But ’tis God that has bereft us He can all our sorrows heal.

i. Elizabeth Dickinson Moore 15 Jan 1812 – 15 Dec 1847


married Thomas B Chapman ca 1805 –
ii. George Washington Moore 12 July 1813 – 1871
iii. Mary Moore 8 May 1815 – 29 Aug 1824


iv. Emily Rosannah Moore 13 April 1817 – May 1906 Kershaw Co SC
married Hilton Jones 22 Aug 1807 –
v. Sarah Benton Moore 26 Dec 1818 – 1857 Washington Co AR
married Stephen Alsobrook 1819 SC –
vi. William Henry Moore 1828 –
1. William Harrell Moore alias Ernest Theodore O’Neil
moved to TX, line of David Patrick O’Neil
vii. John D Moore

In memory of Napoleon Bonapart
Son of John D. Moore Born & Died July 30th 1858

viii. Rose Moore
Alan’s wife’s line
1. Robert Alexander Moore
married Francis Gertrude Harris
a. William Harris Moore
b. Lilah Buckingham Moore
c. Mary Hanna Moore
mother of Lilah
d. Sidney Richards Moore
e. Robert Dickinson Moore
f. Douglas Key Moore

married 2nd ca 1791 Martha Dickinson 13 Aug 1775 – ca 1797
sister of Elizabeth – 1st wife
a. Sarah Moore 1792 – 1826
b. John Dickinson Moore 1796 – 1867 Monroe, Morehouse, LA
married ca 1813 Nancy Rutland
married 12 Feb 1798 (Bertie Co) Tabitha [Bitha] Moore 1771-1848
dau of Moses Moore will 1818 Bertie Co, NC
[some give Lockhart as middle name]
a. Moore Moore ca 1799 –
b. Lawrence [Laurence] Moore 10 Jan 1807 –
c. Cornelius Moore 10 Jan 1807 Anson Co NC – 26 Aug 1880 Rosebud, Falls Co TX
[died Wilderville]
married Demopolis AL ca 1826 [Anson Co NC] Susan Pickett
1810 – 22 Sep 1835 Autauga Co Al
i. Sarah Ann Moore 21 Mar 1827 –
married Gillespie
1. Helen Gillespie
married Sumter Co AL 27 Jan 1886 D W Mitchell
married Sumter Co AL 11 Oct 1836 Margaret McKee
13 Mar 1811 – 1874 Marengo Co AL
i. Mary McKee Moore 1838 –
married William Kimbrough
ii. Maria Julia Moore 1839 – 1896
married V A Flood
iii. Margaret Moore 1841 –
married DeVan
iv. Joseph Gilespie Moore 18 Sept 1842 Marengo Co AL – 9 March 1879
v. Alabama Moore 1844 – 1878
vi. Carolina Moore 1845 – 1923
married Napoleon Bonaparte Watkins
1. Julia Moore Watkins
married Martin Alexander Anding
a. Cornelius Moore Anding
married Lela M. Williams
b. Martin Watkins Anding
married Essie E. Williams *
*sisters married brothers
i. Cora Lynn Anding
married Jack E. Byers
line of Patricia Byers Brannon & Suzan Byers Loesch
vii. Ernest Moore 1847 – 1926
viii. Cornelius Moore 1850 – 1889
1. Margaret Alabama Moore 1887 –
married Fred Shuler
2. Cornelia Nannie Moore 1889 –
married Charles Neville
d. Polly Moore
married Reddick Dean
i. Martha Dean
ii. Penelope Dean
iii. Betsy Dean
e. William D. Moore
f. James Moore

e-mail from Alan: Due to her father’s death in 1789, siblings Sarah Dickinson, and brothers John and Laurence Dickinson, became wards of Laurence Moore.

This was recorded in Northhampton County, North Carolina, Guardian Accounts, Book A, 1781-1802, pgs 101-102. In 1789 (Time of death of Father), Sarah Dickinson would have been @ 11,

followed by John Dickinson @ 9, and finally, Laurence Dickinson, who would have been @ 7 years of age.

Evidently, the children’s mother, Martha Laurence was deceased prior to John Dickinson’s, Sr. death, presumably @ 1784.

This is when another child, Abagail Dickinson, evidently died.
Although Elizabeth (Dickinson) was Laurence Moore’s 1st wife,
by 1801, his 2nd wife, and her sister Martha (Dickinson) is also believed to be deceased.

By the end of 1801, Laurence Moore was married to Tabitha Lockhart Moore (his cousin, through Moses Moore?). Tabitha was Laurence Moore‚’s third, and final wife.

I attended a “dedication ceremony” in 1998 for the discovered gravesite of Laurence Moore & his third wife, Tabitha in Polkston, Anson County, NC.

NH Co Wills John Dickinson 12 June 1787/Sept 1787

1. Malichi Dickinson
a. Isaac Dickinson
b. John Dickinson
2. James Dickinson
a. Mary Dickinson
b. Elizabeth Dickinson
3. John Dickinson
a. John Dickinson
b. Laurence Dickinson
4. Mary Dickinson
married Jesse Williams
a. Robert Williams
5. dau
a. Britain Bridgers

NH Estates [abstracts by Gammon]
29 May 1789  Inventory of John Dickinson’s estate by Lawrence Moore
March Ct 1790 John Dickinson -Div of Negroes among
1. Abigail Dickinson
2. Martha Dickinson
3. Sarah Dickinson
4. John Dickinson
5. Lawrence Dickinson
6. Lemuel Dickinson

March Ct 1791  Lawrence Moore filed guardian accts for 1790
1. Sarah Dickinson
2. John Dickinson
3. Lawrence Dickinson

Sept 1796  Lawrence Moore filed guardian accts for 1795 and 1796
1. John Dickinson
2. Lawrence Dickinson

Mar 1797  Lazerous Carter, present guardian] receives notes, etc from former guardian Lawrence Moore
1. John Dickinson
2. Lawrence Dickinson

01lmoore5 01lmoore4 01lmoore2 01lmoore1

2/24/06 e-mail from Roger and Joy Atkins re Moore Cemetery on Dead Fall Creek, Anson Co NC Hugh and I got a wild hair last weekend and decided since the weather was cold but sunny, we would go get the inscriptions off the grave markers at the Moore Cemetery in Anson County, NC. We were able to confirm our suspicions that there are only 5 stones there. We poked around a good bit looking for fallen stones that had been covered with undergrowth. In doing so, Hugh discovered what looked like a small trench around those 5 graves. Probably put there to discourage water from standing on the graves. Anyway, we believe that’s all the graves. Of course the stones were worn and almost unreadable so we used plain flour to bring out the words, making it possible to transcribe and photograph them. Now, before anybody freaks out. This procedure is harmless. We brushed the excess flour off and then rinsed the stones with water. I used this procedure on the stone of a Civil War veteran about 4 years ago for his descendant who lives in Texas. His stone is still fine today, I checked on it again this morning.

The cemetery is laid out as follows:
Napoleon Bonapart Elizabeth D. Chapman
Mary Moore Dickinson Moore
Rosannah Moore

4 thoughts on “Marina Cotten & James Moore”

  1. My 3rd Great-Grandfather LAURENCE MOORE, and his Brother Cornelius Moore 10 Jan 1807 Anson Co NC; were TWINES, so their birthday, are the same. LAURENCE MOORE also had two sons (and 5 daughters) by his first marriage to a MARY HAMMETON) – they were WILLIAM (from Mary’s father). The son WILLIAM was an “Idiot” according to the census, and I CAN’T remember the second son’s name, but I believe he died young. LAURENCE, had LOST all the money that his father LAWRENCE had left him; when he asked, my 2nd G-Grandfather ARCHY ADCOCK, to adopt him; I BELIEVE, that ARCHY refused, because he would have to take care of WILLIAM (ARCHY was about 16), and that LAURENCE, had never helped ARCHY’s mother (MITLDA {MAUDA} ADCOCK; but I also believed that Maltilda died sometime after 1850 census, as ARCHY is seen living with his aunt MORNING ADCOCK LILES, in 1860 Anson Co. NC

  2. Hi,
    My mother is an Adcock. Her father was Henry Adcock of Lilesville, NC (Anson County). My mother told me that her mother had told her that somewhere down the Adcock line a Moore boy married an Adcock girl, consummated the marriage that night and the next day one of the parents had the marriage annulled. We don’t know who annulled it or why. However, the girl got pregnant the night of her wedding and later had a son. The Adcock girl’s name was Matilda. She named her son Archy Anderson ADCOCK. He should have been a Moore; the son of Lawrence Moore – Laurence’s son. Archy was my mother’s great-grandfather. He went on to marry and had numerous children, one of which he named Lawrence. (He also had a son named Tom who was my mother’s father’s father. Follow me? Ha! Ha!) I have found some information that Lawrence tried to adopt Archy later on in life and give him his name and rights to an inheritance but Archy refused the name and kept the Adcock name. Have you run across any research about Matilda or the Adcock side? I can find her in one census but I can’t find anything else on her. I would love to know where she is buried. I tried to find the Moore cemetery about a month ago and there’s a gate at the entrance. I found someone who gave me the name of the man who owns the property but have not contacted him yet to see if I was in the right place and if he’d give me permission to go on his property. I think I was in the right place and felt like I was so close. I followed the directions from “”. I know there is a creek nearby and was wondering if I should try to access the cemetery that way? Any chance you could give me directions or instructions on how to find my 4x great-grandfather? I am researching my mother’s ancestry and have shared with her what I have found so far on Lawrence Moore but I would love to take some pictures and show her the graves. Also, FYI, the little town is called, “Polkton” not Polkston. Ha! Ha!

    Thank you for any help you can offer,


    1. If Wanda has NOT found her info or needs help this is TIMOTHY ADCOCK (MOORE). My 2nd G.Grandfather was (is) ARCHY Anderson ADCOCK (MOORE), and my 3rd G.Grandparents ARE LAURENCE MOORE Jr. b. 1810 Anson Co. NC. He went to Louisiana AFTER his wife found out what happened, he is in the 1650 & 1660 MOREHOUSE PARISH Census, know nothing after that, ARCHY’s Mother was MATILDA (MAUDA) ADCOCK, Father THOMAS, that died 1856, Father: THOMAS, that died 1823, Father: HENRY ADCOCK that died 1802. PLEASE share my e-mail with her

  3. The index to Anson County, North Carolina marriages indicates that William Dickinson Moore married Rosannah Benton in 1813. This record contradicts the theory that Dickinson Moore’s full name was [Lemuel] Dickinson Moore. Note: Other Moore family members are also shown correctly in this index.

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