Helen Elizabeth Moore, Bill Moses Britton, & John Zappia

Helen Elizabeth Moore | her parents
& Bill Moses Britton**
| his parents
& John Zappia
| his parents
of Ahoskie, NC, Durham, NC,
Virginia Beach, VA, & Atlanta, GA

Helen and Bill’s Grandchildren:

Children of Mary Margaret and Jeff Yearwood:
1. William Ward Yearwood
2. Jane Margaret Yearwood

Ward and Jane

Ward and Jane

“but Jane, that what flower girls do.”
This impasse resolved by John Zappia walking down the aisle with Jane.

Ward and Jane 2014
Ward and Jane 2014

Children of Elizabeth Moses Britton & Howard Ellis:
1. Sushma Joy Ellis***

Oct 2003

  1. Julia Faith Ellis

elizabeth2 elizabeth-and-julia
1999 Julia Faith Ellis and Elizabeth 2001

Fall 2001 in The USA
Elizabeth, and children

Elizabeth and family visits, also Julia and Susan are also visiting 2001

Jan 2002

Ellis family April 03

  1. Elena Ellis 12 March 2004 Japan –

Elena and her mother, Elizabeth

Julia sees her new sister

Ellis family April 06

* indicates close relative of wife who was adopted by husband
**indicates couple divorced
***adoption of non-relative

18 December 2009

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  1. Hello. My name is Ami. I went through Candler Divinity School at Emory University with Mary Margaret when Ward and Jane were small soccer students. Maiden name Sheinberg. I do not google+ or Facebook. Is there any way you can get my email address to M&M? Ward and Jane pic 2014 on your page is so beautiful. Sorry that I am not a “family” contact, but the three of them were like family to me back then. It is a shame that we lost touch. Blessings.

  2. I would like to contact Mary Margaret, having known her a little through my in-laws the Browns and remembering her and her children fondly from my few contacts with them.

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