Josef Krauskopf & Ludmella Federman

Bob’s Great Great Grandparents:

Josef Krauskopf 1807 – 1892 | parents
& 1841 Ludmella Federman ca 1815 – 1887 | parents
of Podmokly, Bohemia
and 1869 New York City

Josef Krauskopf was born 23 Jan 1807 in Podmokly, Bohemia, the son of Markus Krauskopf and wife Amelia.[Anna]
Josef received the marriage consent dated June 24, 1841, number 31530.
Josef Krauskopf and Ludmilla Federmann were married 18 August 1841.
daughter of Marcus and Hannah Federmann of Zihobce
Josef and his wife Ludmella emigrated from Bremen, Germany arriving in New York City on 22 Oct 1869 on the “Rhein”.
Josef Krauskopf was a clergyman.
per 1920 census his daughter Jennie arrived in 1863 and married Jacob/Sylvan H Pick about 1865 in NYC,
His older son Morris/Marcus arrived 1866 per 1920 census.
His younger son Samuel came to New York City on 1 June 1867 on the “Deutschland.”

Ludmilla Krauskopf died in New York City 8 Sept 1887 about ten a.m. of Pneumonia– aged 72 years old.
Cert. of Death CNY #615327 been living in the US and New York City 16 years
her parents were Marcus and Hannah Federmann both born in Austria. [from Zihobce, Bohemia]
died at 336 E421 4th St of the 11 Ward — the 3rd floor of a four family dwelling.
she was buried 9 Sept 1887 Machpalo C

The widowed Rev. Josef Krauskopf died 29 Aug 1892 about 11 p.m. in New York City of Chronic Bronchitis.
Aged 81 years seven months and five days. Resided at 336 E 4th St. [Private home] Death Cert # 31938
had lived in the US and NYC 24 years — his parents being Markus and Amelia Krauskopf of Austria.
buried at Machpalo C on 31 Aug 1892.

Children of Josef Krauskopf and wife Ludmilla:
1. Jennie Krauskopf Mar 1845 – 1921 emig 1863 [1920 census]
married 1st ca 1865 [Jacob] Sylvan H Pick ca 1831 – emig 1865 on the “Teutonia.”
Hamburg to
a. Henry Pick ca 1866 NY – lived New York City
b. Emil. Pick 28 Aug 1869 NY – died in Chicago, IL
married Jennie? ca 1878 –
c. Ottilie (Tillie) Pick Feb 1871 NY – lived Long Beach, CA no issue
married Benjamin Schwarzkopf
d. Dr. Charles J. Pick 1875 NY – lived New York City
married Pauline Bauer
married 2nd 1877 Morris Koestler
a. Samuel Koestler 9 May 1880 Elizabeth NJ – 3 April 1960 Summit NJ
married 1907 NYC Selma Weiss 16 May 1883 NYC – 20 July 1960 East Orange NJ
b. Rose Koestler Feb 1882 Elizabeth NJ – ca 1959 Long Beach
married 1909 John J. Stamler 14 Jan 1879 Austria – 14 March 1938 Elizabeth NJ heart attack
2. Rev. Dr. Morris/Marcus Krauskopf Jan 1849 – NYC living 1921 emig 1866
married 1879 Carrie Sept 1860 –
a. Henry Krauskopf July 1880 –
b. Millie Krauskopf Aug 1882 –
c. Jessie Krauskopf June 1888 –
d. Jennie Krauskopf Aug 1890 –
e. Jerome Krauskopf Feb 1895 –
3. Samuel Krauskopf May 1850 – res. NYC living 1930 census emig 1867
married ca 1884 Sarah Oct 1861 –
a. Max Krauskopf Oct 1884 –
b. Charles Krauskopf June 1888 –
c. Joseph Krauskopf Nov 1892 –
d. Lillian H Krauskopf Apr 1899 –

” the quintessence of religion is doing deeds of loving kindness.”

The name “Krauskopf” translates “curly head” from the German.

1870 US Census 9th Dist 11 Ward New York City
Joseph Krauskopf 60 m w teacher Bohemia
Weurcetta ” 50 f w house-keeper Bohemia
Maurice ” 23 m w teacher Bohemia
Samuel ” 20 m w clerk dry goods Store Bohemia

1870 US Census 7th Dist 11 Ward [2nd enum] [606 5th St between Ave’s B & C]
Joseph Krauskopf 58 m teacher Bohemia
Ludmilla ” 53 f
Marcus ” 23 m
Samuel ” 20 m

1880 US Census New York City [336 East Fourth St, Manhatten]
68 Krauskopf Marcus w m 33 m school teacher Austria Austria austria
Carrie w f 19 wife m keeping house NY austria austria
69 Krauskopf Joseph w m 68 m clergyman austria austria austria
Lydmella w f 65 wife m keeping house austria austria austria
Samuel w m 30 son s clerk in shirt house austria austria austria
Pick Henry w m 13 boarder s attends school NY austria austria
Emil w m 10 boarder s attends school NY austria austria

1869 Oct Rhein [first cabin lower salon]
Joseph Krauskopf 54 m merchant ostreich
Ludmilla ” 50 f

Name: Joseph Krauskopf
Arrival Date: 22 Oct 1869
Estimated Birth Year: 1815
Age: 54
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany
Destination: United States of America
Place of Origin: Austria
Ship Name: Rhein
Port of Arrival: New York
Line: 21
Microfilm Roll: 320
List Number: 1212
Name: Saml Krauskopf
Arrival Date: 1 Jun 1867
Estimated Birth Year: 1850
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany
Destination: United States of America
Place of Origin: Germany
Ship Name: Deutschland
Port of Arrival: New York
Line: 24
Microfilm Roll: 280
List Number: 506


SS RHEIN (2) The “Rhein” was built by Caird & Co, Greenock in 1868 for Norddeutscher Lloyd [North German Lloyd]. Her details were – 2,901 gross tons, length 332ft x beam 40ft, clipper stem, one funnel, two masts, iron construction, single screw and a speed of 13 knots. There was accommodation for 70-1st, 100-2nd and 600-3rd class passengers and crew of 100+. Launched in August 1868, she sailed on her maiden voyage from Bremen to Southampton and New York on 3/10/1868.

Sailed from Bremen and belonged to Norddeutscher Lloyd (North German Lloyd). It was a 2800 ton iron steamer built by Caird & Co. at Glasgow in 1866. She had a clipper stem, one funnel and two masts, single screw and a speed of 11 knots. There was accommodation for 60 1st, 120 2nd, 700 3rd Class passengers. She left Bremen for Southampton and New York on 14.10.1866 on her maiden voyage. She stayed on this service until 1875 when she was wrecked off Kentish Knock, in the Thames Estuary with the loss of 157 lives. ..[Posted to the Emigration-Ships Mailing List by Ted Finch – 12 July 1997]

query from Joan —
1. Rev. Jos. Krauskopf officiated July 29, 1877. Bride: Eva Wotiz, Groom: Charles Krouthal or Kronthal. Married NYC. Rabbi’s signature appears to be an American style script. Rev. lived at 606 and rest is not legible.

2. Rev. Josef Krauskopf officiated November 9, 1884. Bride: Hanchen (Anna) Wotitz, Groom: Isidor Alexander. Married NYC. Rev.’s signature appears very European. My paternal grandfather was a signed witness. Rev. listed at 336 4th St. – it appears to be.

3. Rev. M. Krauskopf officiated March 17, 1895. Bride: Julie Sabath, Groom: Meyer Wotiz. Married NYC. Rabbi lived at 236 E. 79th St., according to the license.

I thank you again for your help. It’s interesting how I just happened upon your webpage and hit paydirt! I’m still trying to ascertain the connection between these Krauskopfs and the mother of the brides and groom: Sarah Krauskopf born in Podmokl. She married Baruch Wotiz, my greatgrandfather’s brother. Joan

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  1. Collected papers of the younger Joseph Krauskopf are in the collection of the library of Temple University, along with the following “Biographical Note.”

    Rabbi Joseph Krauskopf was one of the most prominent American rabbis of his day. Noted for his dynamic preaching and his firm stance on social justice, Krauskopf was a very well-known figure in the Jewish community.

    Krauskopf was born in Ostrowo, Poland in 1858, and came to Fall River, Massachusetts in 1862. In 1875, he entered the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati as a member of its first class, and was ordained in 1883. Upon ordination, Krauskopf accepted the call to Reform Congregation B’nai Jehuda in Kansas City, Missouri. He remained there until 1887 when he accepted the pulpit of Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel of Philadelphia.

    At Keneseth Israel, Krauskopf reorganized the religious school, reinstituted Sunday services and further reformed the religious practices of the already liberal congregation. Krauskopf also wrote a prayer book and a service hymnal, and was a major figure in building a new Temple building for Keneseth Israel, which was dedicated in 1892.

    Krauskopf was committed to a back-to-the-land ethic, and in 1894 he travelled to Russia to propose to the Russian government to colonize Jews on farms in the Pale. In 1896 Krauskopf founded the National Farm School in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, which is now known as the Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture. [Its library is named after him.]

    In addition to the National Farm School, Krauskopf was involved in a great many other pursuits. He was instrumental in establishing the Jewish Publication Society, the Model Housing Society, and the Keneseth Israel Free Library. A devoted patriot, Krauskopf founded the Patriotic Society of Philadelphia in 1910. Rabbi Krauskopf also was a spokesman for Reform Judaism, and often was called upon to be a representative of the Jewish community in local and national events.

    Many assistant rabbis served with Joseph Krauskopf, and most went on to distinguished careers. Krauskopf’s assistant rabbis included: Abraham Feldman, James Heller, Isaac Landman, J. Leonard Levy, and Eli Mayer.

    Rabbi Krauskopf died on June 12, 1923, after a short illness. David Philipson, a classmate of Krauskopf in the first class at Hebrew Union College, was the principal speaker at the Memorial Services.

  2. Rev. J. Krauskopf is on my great great grandparents’ Manhattan marriage certificate from 1872. I am so curious whether or not Fani Hirsch and Joachim Kopf knew him from the old country. Until finding your website, had never known any hint at the name of the town they may have hailed from. Their parents were Abraham and Anna Falk Kopf and Isaac and Julia Kronberger Hirsch. However, on Fani’s brother Adolph’s death certificate from Cleveland, OH (where they are ended up) the father was SAMUEL Hirsch).
    Was Rev. Josef Krauskopf an actual rabbi? I found one much younger active in the founding of Reform Judaism. This branch of my family traditionally has been quite non-observant, so I am very curious to know if back in 1860s there were Jews from this area in Bohemia who came to NYC and pursued their lives in mostly secular style.
    Joachim Kopf also self-identifies as hailing from Austria; am wondering if Podmokly was victim of political border changes.
    Thank you for any feedback. Sandra Goodman Schofer, Lexington KY, loving grandaughter of Lucille Julia KOPF Goodman Kastriner b. 1901 Dayton Oh-d. 1972 Cleveland OH

    1. Yes, he was a real Rabbi. the reform group. some of his former congregation came with them on the ship I think. He called himself a merchant. check the passenger list. I am fairly certain that Rev J Krauskopf of your g g grandparents is this man. He had a son who was a Rabbi also.

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