William Armistead & Sarah Jordan

William Armistead 1730 – 1791 | his parents
& 1756 Sarah Jordan 1739 – 1818 | her parents
of Bertie County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

William Armistead married 18th March 1756 Sarah Jordan of North Carolina,
Sarah was born 13 Dec 1739 daughter of Joseph Jordan and Ruth Speight.
She was a sister of Isaac Jordan of Bertie County.

William Armistead was born 19 Sept 1730 Warrick Co VA –
[note: Mrs. Garber does not give the correct parents for him or his wife in her 1910 book]

William Armistead moved to Bertie Co. died Jan 1791

Children of William Armistead and Sarah Jordan: Bertie Co NC
1. John Armistead 2 Sep 1757 –
married Sarah Harriman [Cammak]
a. Susan Jordan Armistead 23 April 1812 – 17 Oct 1884
educated at Moravian School, Salem NC
married ca 1830 [Judge] Augustus Moore 8 June 1803 – April 1851

son of Charles Moore
i. [Judge] William Armistead Moore
ii. [Judge] Augustus Minton Moore
iii. John Armistead Moore, Esq.
iv. Alfred Moore
v. Susan Augustus Moore
married 18 Nov 1856 Starkey Armistead Wright Righton 5 Jan 1829 – 8 Feb 1887
vi. Henrietta Moore
married Stark Armistead Sutton 1837 – 1864 CSA
b. Dr. William Anthony Armistead 11 Oct 1808 – 1856 VA
married Susan Capehart of “Avoca” Bertie Co
i. Cullen Armistead dy
ii. Meeta Armistead
married Baldy Ashburn Capehart of Murfreesboro [her cousin]
They settled at Ashburne Hall in Granville (now Vance) County.
1. Cullen Capehart – died as infant
2. Meeta Armistead Capehart
married Christ Ch, Raleigh NC 10 Feb 1891Thomas Littlejohn Feild of London England
rem London Eng
a. Armistead Littlejohn Field
b. Robert Durant Field
3. Dr. Ashbourne Capehart – lived Washington DC
4. Armistead Capehart – planter at “Ashbourne” Vance County NC
5. Poindexter Cullen Capehart – died young
iii. Susan Armistead dy
2. Elizabeth Armistead 29 Dec 1759 –
married bef 1791 Thomas Turner
3. William Armistead 5 March 1762 – 13 May 1796
married Penelope Stuart of Daly’s Hill, Roanoke River, NC
a. William Jordan Armistead
married Mary Eliza Edwards Baker
i. Thomas Stewart Armistead
ii. Robert Davidson Armistead
4. Anthony Armistead 26 July 1764 – 14 June 1789
5. Robert Armistead 13 Nov 1767 –
married Mary Stuart
of “Daly’s Hill” Roanoke River NC in Martin Co
a. John S Armistead dsp 1820
drowned at sea whilst en route to West Indies to recover health
he took first distinction alone in all his studies and left during the vacation
between his third and fourth year.
Sailed and lost off Hatteras about 1820.

b. Dr. Robert Armistead 1800 – 3 Aug 1857
his body servant Prosper Armistead 1830 – 1889 obit
married Marietta Blount [Picot] widow of Gen P O Picot of France

i. Thomas Stuart Armistead 3 Mar 1843 –
married 14 Jan 1868 Mary De Beniverre Jones d. 24 Aug 1868
dau of Dr. Johnston Blakeley Jones
married 28 May 1872 Mary Bratton

dau of Dr. S E Bratton of Charlotte NC
c. Thomas Stuart Armistead ca 1803 – 1871 Plymouth NC dsp
d. Anthony Armistead
married Miss Ely of Florida
6. Sarah [Sally] Armistead 13 July 1770 – Dec 1800
married bef 1793 William John Guyther
a. Sarah Armistead Guyther 29 Jan 1796 Plymouth NC – 14 May 1807
   She was the first Salem student who died at the school and was buried on campus.
7. Jordan Armistead 19 Jan 1775 – 27 Dec 1799
8. Mary [Polly] Armistead 29 Sept 1777 –
married 27 June 1795 David Wright 10 Nov 1775 – 7 Dec 1813 [as 2nd wife]
of Nansemond County son of Nathaniel Wright and Martha his wife
a. Nathaniel D Wright 8 Dec 1797 –
b. William Armistead Wright 26 Oct 1799 –
c. Jordan Armistead Wright Nov 1802 –
d. John A Wright 8 Jan 1804 –
e. Sarah [Sally] Jordan Wright 19 Feb 1807
married 6 March 1827 William Righton
married 2nd Peter Hinton
f. David Minton Wright 21 April 1809 – 1863
married 21 April 1833 Penelope Margaret Creecy
i. Penelope [Pencie] Margaret Wright 29 Feb 1840 – 9 Jan 1901
married 31 Jan 1866 Rev. Alexander Watson Weddell
son of James Weddell and Margaret Ward of Tarboro NC
9. Starkey Armistead 16 July 1780 – 1835
married Mary Cary Drew
10. Priscilla Armistead Nov 1783 –
married Joel Thorp of New Haven CT
they lived in Edenton NC
a. Sarah Jordan Thorp
married John Martin Saunders, a Meth. minister
11. Thomas Armistead Nov 1783 – 24 Nov 1783
the above data included in Gabor’s book from a copy of their family Bible made by desc. David Wright of Nansemond Co VA.

Bertie County Will Book D, page 173
Will of William Armistead, Senior 19 Jan 1791 Feb Ct 1791
“I give my body to the Earth (…) to be decently buried without Pomp or State…”
– Wife SARAH ARMISTEAD – lend the plantation where I now live, Negroes Mon,
Nell, Violett, Peter, Nanny, Will, Jenny and Sue, also furniture, china, horses, tools and cattle, all for her lifetime or widowhood for the use of the children who may live with her until they come of age or marry, when each may receive his share.
– Wife – 200 barrels of Indian corn. At my wife’s death the land lent to her is to be equally divided from the river back between my two sons JORDAN and STARKEY, and if either dies before he marries or comes of age then the survivor will inherit.
– The remaining part of the estate lent my wife is to be divided at her death among my five sons JOHN, WILLIAM, ROBERT, JORDAN and STARKEY.
Three oldest sons JOHN, WILLIAM and ROBERT – the rest of my lands to be equally divided. My five sons – all Negroes, horses and cattle, and all my vessels, boats and tacking thereunto,
all to be equally divided among them as they come the the age of twenty-one.
– Daughter ELIZABETH TURNER – 200 pounds hard money, exclusive of what I have
already given.
– Daughter SARAH ARMISTEAD – 500 pounds hard money.
– Daughter MARY ARMISTEAD – 600 pounds hard money to be paid into the hands of my son
WILLIAM to be laid out for Negroes or put to interest and paid to her the day of her marriage or coming to the age of twenty-one.
– Daughter PRISCILLA ARMISTEAD – 600 pounds hard money to be paid into the hands of my son WILLIAM to be laid out for Negroes or put to interest and paid to her the day of her marriage or coming to the age of twenty-one.
A windmill is to be built on my plantation and paid for by my executors.
If any of my children die before marriage or coming of age his legacy will return to my estate, except for the legacy left JORDAN and STARKEY.
If JOHN should claim for himself any part of my estate or the estate of WILLIAM and JOHN ARMISTEAD more than is bequeathed him, then that bequest shall re-turn to my estate and be divided between my sons WILLIAM, ROBERT, JORDAN and STARKEY,
Ex. wife, sons JOHN, ROBERT and WILLIAM

Bertie County Will Book D, page 337
Will of William Armistead 7 Jul 1793 Aug Ct 1796
I request to be buried “without Pomp or State.”
Mother SARAH ARMISTEAD – lend Negro Patty for her lifetime, and at her death to be divide among my brothers and sisters or their issue.
My executors are to buy two Negro girls, one of which I lend to my sister SALLY GUYTHER and the other to my sister POLLY ARMISTEAD during their lifetime, and if they leave no issue
these shall return to my estate and be divided among my brothers and sisters.
– My Negro David is to be set free, and I give him an unimproved lot in Plymouth anywhere back of the second street from the water.
– My executors may have 250 hard dollars.
Residue of estate to be divided among my brothers
Brother JORDAN – my books.
To JOHN ARMISTEAD – my desk. With respect to the mourning of my friends, I
would wish nothing more should be worn but a black ribbon on the left arm.
Ex. brothers JOHN and ROBERT (when of lawful age)
Wit. (none)
(Probate indicates will proved on oath of CHRISTIAN REED. This will contains a clause which was marked out, but bequests 150 pounds to the poor children of Bertie and Tyrell Counties, to be used in settling a school in Cashie Neck, Plymouth or Windsor, but giving preference to those in Cashie Neck.

“The Herald of Freedom” of Edenton: Printed by James Wills Vol. XIV Wed evening, March 27, 1799. Number 680
Notice. Will be sold, on the 25th of April next, at the dwelling house of Mrs. Sarah Armistead, on Cashie river, Fourteen Guns, the property of William Armistead, jun, dec and Robert Armistead . . Executors. March 15th 1799.

The will of Sarah Armistead Will Book G, page 42 12 Feb 1818 Feb Ct 1818
Sons JOHN and STARK ARMISTEAD and the heirs of my three departed sons WILLIAM, ROBERT, and JORDAN – all the Negroes I may own at my death. which were left to me by my deceased husband, to be divided among them agreeable to their father’s will.
– Son JOHN ARMISTEAD – $500.
– Daughter ELIZABETH TURNER – Negroes Simon and Andrew.
– Son STARK ARMISTEAD – $2500.
– Daughter PRISCILLA THORP – Negroes George, Joe, Lovey, and Stephen, also my bowfit, bureau now in her possession, bedstead, and one piece of swamp land on the Roanoke River
called “Roger’s Island” as per the deed.
– Grandsons JOHN S. ARMISTEAD, ROBERT ARMISTEAD, THOMAS ARMISTEAD, and ANTHONY ARMISTEAD (children of my dec’d. son ROBERT) – all my right to the fishery on Broad Creek and the marsh fishery on the Roanoke, as bought of JNO. ARMISTEAD per deed. Grandson WILLIAM J.ARMISTEAD – Negro Gilbert.
Daughter ELIZABETH TURNER – land on the Roanoke adj. the ferry landing, as per the deed. Grandsons NATHANL. WRIGHT, JOHN A.WRIGHT, JORDAN WRIGHT, and DAVID N. WRIGHT – $1500 each.
Granddaughter SALLY J. WRIGHT – $1500, bed, curtains, etc., to be paid to her when she comes of age or marries.
Remaining estate to my daughters ELIZABETH TURNER and PRISCILLA THORP.

Notes from James Moore
Susan Jordan Armistead, Mrs. Augustus Moore, was the daughter of John Armistead and Sarah Harriman. She had one brother Dr. William Armistead. He married Susan Capehart of Avoca. Their only surviving child Meeta Armistead married Baldy Ashburn Capehart of Murfreesboro. They settled at Ashburne Hall in Granville (now Vance) County.

My hunch on Henrietta Moore’s parentage was correct. Just received a packet from Ann Sutton Rowe containing copies of the letters. Also, there is an invitation “Mrs. Augustus Moore. At home Wednesday lst June at 10 o’clock. Stark A. Sutton. Henrietta Moore.” This would appear to be a wedding invitation. Augustus Moore was appointed judge of the Edenton judicial district in 1848. John
Wheeler Moore wrote “He was deep as a jurist, powerful as an advocate and reverenced as a man; but not relishing judicial station he soon resigned his high position. He went back to the practice of his
profession and in April 1851 to the sorrow of all who knew him died, a comparatively young man.” His wife Susan Jordan Armistead was a first cousin of Stark Armistead, Sr. Judge Moore lived in the home
originally occupied by Penelope Parker of Edenton Tea Party fame. The house was moved down to the
waterfront and restored some years ago. It serves as a visitor center for Edenton.

Ref: “The Armistead Family 1635 – 1910” by Mrs. Virginia Garber, Richmond VA, 1910

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  1. http://www.salemcongregation.org/records/guyther-sarah-armistead-02i-06-01-ss/
    After researching years ago (in Salem College’s history book, “Less time for Meddling” ) I finally made it to her grave…the first Salem student who passed away and was buried on campus. I followed the cemetery grid and then scratched away a couple centuries of lichen to make sure it was hers. She was from Plymouth, NC, died on campus in 1807 at age 11 years, 3 months. Before the time of embalming burial was swift and local. Her body could not be returned to her parents so was buried here in God’s Acre in the Single Sisters’ section.

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