William Freeman & Christian Outlaw


Sally’s six-great Grandparents:

William Freeman ca 1712 – 1781 | his parents
& ca 1732 Christian Outlaw? ca 1716 – aft 1781 | her parents
of Norfolk County, Virginia
& of Gates County, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

William Freeman, son of William Freeman ca 1685 – 1737 and Mary Cording was born about 1712 in Norfolk Co. VA and died in Gates Co. (then Chowan Co) NC. The family tradition is his wife was Christian Outlaw. [Perhaps a daughter of Edward Outlaw and Anne Ivey.]

William Freeman was a member of the Vestry of St. Paul’s Parish in Chowan County 1750/51. “William and Christian Freeman were strict Episcopalians.”

Children of William Freeman and Christian Outlaw?:
1. John Freeman ca 1733 – will 1793 Bertie Co
married ca 1754 1st Christian Rountree dau of Charles
married aft May 1785 2nd Sarah Lewis died 1807
widow of Abraham Norfleet 1728-1785 (They had married about 1752.)
2. Joshua Freeman 4 Dec 1735-10 Nov 1794 (Bertie Co)
married Mary ——
3. Moses Freeman
married Courtney ?
4. King Freeman – will 2/2/1793 Bertie Co
married bef Aug 1769 Sarah Perry est. 1733 –
widow of William Rice died 1762
5. James Freeman
married 1st 9 July 1778 Martha Clark
married Selah Walton died aft 1801;
married 2nd Mary Barber
6. William Freeman died in Orange Co, NC in 1801
married Sarah
[Merrill Hill Mosher’s “John Freeman of Norfolk Co, VA]
7. Sarah Freeman
married 1st John/Jacob Hinton will 1782 ?
married 2nd Hardy Hayes will 1784 son of John Hayes will 1784
married 3rd aft 1784 George Outlaw ca 1731 – 1801 Gates Co NC
brother of Ralph O.
8. Susanna Freeman ca 1754 –
married Joseph Spruell
9. Elizabeth? Freeman ca 1743 – ca 1775
married ca 1759 Josiah Perry 1741 – 1821 son of John of Bertie Co
he married 2nd ca 1776 Amilesent Freeman 1762 – 1823
dau of John who died 1793 Bertie Co
10. Mary Freeman will 1807
married 1st 29 Nov 1773 William Rountree
married 2nd 25 Nov 1775 William Ward

WILLIAM FREEMAN: Dated-l7 April 1781; Proved-August court 1781.
First I give and bequeath to my well beloved Sun JOHN FREEMAN, Two Negro Slaves named Luce and Barry to him and his Heirs forever.
Item I give and Bequeath to my well beloved Grandsun WILLIAM FREEMAN, Son of JOSHUA, one Negro Boy named Ruffin.
Item I give and Bequeath to my well beloved Sun MOSES FREEMAN one Negro Boy named Abraham.
Item I give and Bequeath to my well beloved Sun KING FREEMAN one Negro Boy named Dave.
Item I give and Bequeath to my well beloved Sun JAMES FREEMAN one negro man named Sam and my shop of Black smiths tools.
Item I give and Bequeath to my well beloved Sun WILLIAM FREEMAN two Negroes named Tom and Rose and my Brandy still &C
Item I Leave to my well beloved Daughter SARAH HAISE the use of a Negro Girl named Rose now in her possesion, and the Plantation and Land whereon she now lives dureing her natoral Life and after her Death the said Plantation and land with the appertainances their unto belonging and the Negro Girl Rose and her Increase if any to be and remain the property of my GrandSun REUBIN HINTON. But in case my grandsun REUBIN HINTON should dye without any Lawful Heir of his Boddy my will and Desire is that the Land and negro with her Increas if any shall be Equally Divided among my other Children.
Item I give and Bequeath to my well beloved Daughter SUSANNA SPRUIT one negro Boy named Crumil and one Riding Hors and side Saddle.
Item I give and Bequeath to my well beloved grandsun WILLIAM PERRY one Negro Boy named Jacob.
Item I give and Bequeath to my well beloved Sun in law JOSIAH PERRY one good Feather bed and Furniture and two Cows and Calves.
Item I give and Bequeath to my well beloved Daughter MARY WARD one negro woman named Mill and one negro girl named Cloe and two cows and calves and one good feather bed and furniture and that is her full share of my Estate.
Item I give and Bequeath to my well beloved Sun WILLIAM FREEMAN the Plantation and Lands thereunto belonging whereon I live with the appertinances thereon and my pine Land over the creek lying between GEORGE OUTLAW’s line and JAMS SUMNER’s line with the appertainances thereunto belonging it being the Land I Bought of GEORGE OUTLAW. I say to him and his Heirs forever.
Item my will and Desire is that at my Death what Ready money is in the house be then Equally Divided among my Six Suns together with what money is lent out.
Item my will and Desire is that my Loving wife CHRISTAN FREEMAN have the use of all my Estate Except the money Dureing her natural life or widdohood and at her death or marriage to be equally divided among my six Suns, after all my debts and Legaces be paid. Except my stock of Cattle and Hogs and that to be Equally Devided between my two youngest suns, JAMES FREEMAN and WILLIAM FREEMAN.
Lastly I nominate and appoint my Sun JAMES FREEMAN and my Sun WILLIAM FREEMAN and my friend JAMES SUMNER Executors of this my last will and Testament. And I do hereby Disanull, Revoke and Distroy all and every other will or wills by me made. Ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my Hand and fixt my seal this Seventeenth day of Aprill in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand Seven Hundred Eighty and One 1781. WILLIAM FREEMAN (seal)
Signed and Seald by the testator Published and Declared to be and Contain his last will and Testament in the Presents of us the Subscribers who have witnessed the same at his Request.
August court 1781: exhibited by JAMES FREEMAN & WILLIAM FREEMAN, executors; proved by the oath of LEMUEL TAYLOR.

Grandchildren of William Freeman & Christian Outlaw?:

John Freeman ca 1733 – 1793 | his parents
& ca 1754 Christian Rountree | her parents
& ca 1786 Sarah Lewis ca 1750 – 1807 | her parents
of Bertie County NC

John Freeman ca 1733 – 1793 Bertie Co and Christian Rountree:
1. Amilisent Freeman ca 1754 – 1823
married Josiah Perry Sr. 1741 – 1821
2. Rachel G Freeman ca 1755 – ?
married ca 1770 James Outlaw ca 1743 son of William
a. James Outlaw single on 1790 census
b. Lewis Outlaw bef 1774 – 5 May 1841 Hardin Co TN
moved to Gates Co and later to TN
c. William Outlaw 1774/80 – 1852/53 Beaufort Co
married 5 April 1800 Rachel Floyd
i. James Outlaw of Hertford
ii. Martha Outlaw
married Hosea Dudley
iii. Mary Outlaw
married Richmond H Terry
d. daughter Outlaw 1774/80 –
3. Charles Freeman 1757-1827 lived near Colerain
married 1784 Nancy Smith 1762-1841
a. Penelope Freeman 4 June 1785- 1 July 1854 dsp
b. Aquilla (Quilly) Freeman 17 April 1787 – 4 Oct 1825
i. James Reddick Freeman
1. Annie F. Freeman 1861 –
married Starkey White
a. Maynor White
married William Raynor 1878 – dec
i. Vernon Raynor 1913 – 1975
c. Elizabeth Freeman 12 Aug 1789 – 2 Feb 1817
married 5 Sept 1809 Henry Peterson will 1811
d. Nancy Freeman 18 April 1791 – 28 June 1857 dsp
e. Celia Freeman 23 April 1793 – 2 Oct 1813 dsp
f. Reddick Freeman 27 Oct 1795 – 24 Sept 1850
(killed in fall from roof)
married ca 1824 Martha (Patty) Todd [will 1866 Bertie Co]
i. Sarah Jane Freeman
married 26 June 1865 William T Morris
ii. John Blount Freeman 1829 – 1870
iii. Joseph Freeman 1832 – 1864
married Elenor [Elmer] Lane
iv. Reddick Norfleet Freeman 8 Jan 1836- 5 Feb [2 Mar] 1887
married 15 Mar1859 Amanda Caroline White 12 Oct 1836-13 Sep 1922
1. Samuel [Sam] Bunyon Freeman 24 July 1861 – 14 Feb 1936
married 25 Oct 1887 Mary L Miller 28 Apr 1864 – 11 Feb 1945
2. Josephine Elizabeth [Bettie] Freeman 27 Dec 1862 – 14 June 1931
married 16 June 1882 Giles Pippin Mizelle 14 Oct 1849 – 28 May 1915
3. Millie Reddick Freeman 4 July 1864 – 7 July 1940
married 1 Jan 1883 Joseph Needham Perry 21 Aug 1852 – 16 April 1917
4. Emmaline [Emma] Elizabeth Freeman 15 June 1866 – 12 June 1942
married 10 Mar 1884 Paul Harrell 9 Feb 1860 – 16 July 1933
5. Martha [Mott] Freeman 7 Feb 1869 – 2 April 1917
married 1887 Addison James Monroe Perry 28 May 1864 – 15 May 1946
both buried Perry Family Cemetery, Wakelon Rd & Perry’s School Rd
6. Mary M Freeman 29 Aug 1872 – 5 March 1889
7. Revel Laton Freeman 28 Aug 1874 – 14 Sep 1940
(had store at White’s Crossing)
married 24 Feb 1900 Bertha Brown 28 Feb 1775 – 22 June 1962
both buried at Mars Hill Baptist Church Cem., Bertie Co, NC
8. Charles Crandall Freeman 2 Nov 1876 Colerain, NC – 22 Sep 1976 Winnboro, SC
He joined Army, at Ft. Monroe, VA 1896, was stationed at Alcatraz in 1900, then returned to Ft. Monroe, after his last army hitch he went to Hickory, NC in 1905. 1920 census show him living alone in Hickory, NC and selling lumber for a living. Later he lived for many years in Winnboro, SC and died there.
married 1900 Elizabeth Agnes O’Connor (they separated ca 1902)
she returned to San Francisco.
a. Revel Lorenzo Freeman 1900 Ft Monroe – ancestor of Cindy
married 2nd aft 1920 Minnie Sides
9. Ily White [Whit] Freeman 27 Jan 1879 – 8 March 1947 Norfolk, VA
married 3 Feb 1903 Eva Graham Harrell 9 Sep 1885 – 1 June 1964 Hampton, VA
both buried at Mars Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Bertie Co, NC
– ancestors of Barbara
v. William Howell Freeman 26 Nov 1834 -1901
married 26 Nov 1848 Rebecca Lane sister of Elenor [Elmer]
married 2nd Adline Godwin [Freeman]
g. Smith Freeman 18 Aug 1797 – 1842
married Cynthia Ann Peele
h. Sarah (Sally) Freeman 6 Aug 1799 – 22 Sept 1873 dsp
i. Christian Freeman 6 April 1803 – 29 Aug 1819 dsp
j. Charles Freeman 18 April 1804 – 10 Aug 1844 dsp
k. Cynthia Freeman 8 April 1806 –
married 16 Jan 1836 Silas Hobbs died 1876
4. Leah Freeman 1759- ?
married 1778 William Leary will 1821 Bertie Co
a. Charlton Leary d. bef 1830
married Rachel d. 1859
i. Martha Priscilla Leary 18 July 1822 – 26 April 1857
married 24 Dec 1837 Joseph Smith 16 Jan 1817 – 30 Dec 1873
ii. son Leary 1821/25 –
iii. Sally Ann Leary ca 1819 –
married Andrew Northcott ca 1813 –
1. Elizabeth A Northcott ca 1835 –
2. Joseph Andrew Northcott ca 1838 –
3. William T Northcott ca 1841 – 1870/80
married 1865 Cecilia Octavia Rayner 3 Apr 1842 – 20 Apr 1916
4. Nancy J Northcott ca 1843 –
5. James Northcott ca 1847 –
6. Charlton L Northcott 17 Dec 1850 – 30 Dec 1917 Colerain
married Martha E Gurley 1857 –
a. Maude Gurley Northcott 1886 – 1945
married 1906 Willie Sessoms 1884 –
7. Mollie Northcott ca 1856 –
b. Thomas Leary d 1814 Bertie Co
married Celia [Selah] Rayner 1785 – 1832 Bertie Co
dau of Samuel Rayner

c. Job Leary
married Sally ?
d. Sarah Leary
married William Sparkman
e. Seneth Leary
married ? Hunter
f. Ann Leary
married Britton
g. Fransey [Fanny] Leary
married Timothy Freeman
i. Josiah Freeman
h. John Leary
married 15 Nov 1804 Winefred Garrett
5. Jeremiah Freeman 1763 – 1810 Bertie Co
married 1792 Mary Norfleet ca 1776 –
dau of Abraham 1728 -1784 Chowan Co and wife Sarah Lewis
6. Josiah Freeman 1765- ?

married 1796 Sarah Moore dau of Lewis
7. Hardy Freeman 1767- ?

married 1796 Senith Hunter d by 1808
dau of Hardy Hunter and Rachel Rountree
a. Timothy Freeman
b. Lassiter Freeman
c. Mary Freeman
d. Josiah Freeman ca 1807 – 1838
married ca 1837 Elizabeth Sessoms 7 Jan 1819 – 16 Feb 1904
I. Josiah John Bunyan Freeman 18 Aug 1838 – 7 June 1913

married 2nd Christian Hunter
dau of Hardy Hunter and Rachel Rountree
8. Chrisian Freeman 1770- ?
married 1805 Abraham Norfleet son of John and Elizabeth
9. Delilah Freeman 1771- 1821
married 1790 James Ward 1770- 1843 son of Thomas
? 10. Elizabeth Freeman 1775 – I question as she is not named in John Freeman’s will
married 1st 1798 Barnaby Blanchard
married 2nd 1805 Samuel Caswell will 1817 Bertie Co

John Freeman ca 1733 – 1793 Bertie Co and Sarah Lewis [Norfleet] had
11. John Freeman ca 1788-
married 28 Nov 1808 Sally Outlaw dau of Lewis died 1808 Bertie Co
12. Elizabeth Freeman ca 1790
married 7 Nov 1808 Everett Garrett son of David Garrett & Mary Ward

Will of Sarah Freeman (f/53) 25 Jan 1807 Nov Ct 1807. Bertie Co.
“being weak in body…”
Son Benjamin Norfleet cr 1774- ; Daughter Mary Freeman ca 1776- ;
Son Isaac Norfleet 1780-1844; Son John Freeman;
Daughter Elizabeth Freeman; Daughter in law Elizabeth Parker.
Ex: son in law Jeremiah Freeman; Isaac Norfleet; John Freeman.
Wit: Willie Outlaw; Samuel Sessoms; Elisha Sessoms.

Will of John Freeman 1793 – prob Nov ct 1793 Bertie Co D/227
“..very sick and weak in body…”
son Charles Freeman – plantation where he now lives
son Hardy Freeman – plantation I bought of Josiah Outlaw
son Jeremiah Freeman – plantation where I now live after my wife Sarah Freeman’s death or widowhood
son Josiah Freeman – land
daughter Rechel Outlaw – Negro Sampson
daughter Leah Lurry – Negro Hannah
daughter Melicent Perry – Negro Peter
daughter Christian Norfleet – Negro Lucy
daughter Deliah Ward – Negro Abigail
son John Freeman and daughter Elizabeth Freeman – Negroes Daniel, Simon, Bridgeth and Age + 2/3 my stock, furnoture etc.
wife Sarah Freeman
EX: brother Joshua Freeman, son Charles, son Hardy, friend Timothy Walton
WIT: James [x] Outlaw, James [x] Outlaw, jr, Lewis Outlaw

Joshua Freeman 1735-1794 and Mary _____ had:
1. Christian Freeman 11 Nov 1760-1816
married 1st James Wood 1750 – 1797
married 2nd William Moring
2. Mary Freeman ca 1762 – aft 1824
married 1st Samuel Harrell 1736 – 1791 Hertford Co
married 2nd William Copeland (will 1836 Chowan Co)
3. William Freeman ca 1765 – 1824 no issue
married Celia Sessoms -1837 (Bertie Co)
4. Joshua Freeman ca 1768 – 1840
married 11 Feb 1795 Mary Ann Pipken
dau. of Isaac & Charity Pipken
5. Jacob Freeman ca 1771 –
married 30 June 1797 Sarah Pipken
sister of Mary
6. Sally Freeman ca 1774 –
married 12 Aug 1791 1st Cullen Wood (c1770- 1792)
married bef 24 Aug 1794 2nd Thomas Sutton son of Thomas
7. Celia Freeman ca 1777 –
married 23 Mar 1793 1st Jono. Campbell s of James
married 2nd John Daughtie
8. James Freeman (under 21 in ’94) ca 1780 –
married 19 Oct 1798 Mary Norfleet

Moses Freeman and Courtney —- had
don’t know

King Freeman will 2/2/1793 Bertie Co and Sarah Perry widow of James Rice had
1. Christian Freeman
married Blake Baker rem. to Caldwell Co, KY
a. Elizabeth Baker bef 1793 –
b. Sarah [Selah] Baker bef 1793 –
c. John Freeman Baker bef 1793 –

Sarah Perry and James Rice had
1. Mary Rice bef 1762 –
2. William Rice bef 1762 –
3. James Rice bef 1762 –
a. John Rice ca 1786 –
b. has older brother
4. Sarah Rice bef 1762 –

James Freeman and Selah ? had
1. Timothy Freeman c1771-1825
married 1st 1790 Perthena Bond
married 2nd 1799 Celah Valentine
2. Thomas Freeman 1773-1859 GA
married 1st Gates Co Rachel Hurdle
married 2nd Chowan Co Hannah Hurdle
3. William Freeman
married 1793 Mary Trotman
widow of John Rountree
4. Josiah Freeman c 1780

James Freeman and Mary Barber had
children born before parents were married
1. Milly Barber c 1789
2. Betsy Barber c 1792

James Freeman and Elizabeth Eure had
a child 1796, name and sex unknown.

It is obvious one of these lines does not belong here

William Freeman will 1801 Orange Co NC and Sarah —– had
[according to Merrill Hill Mosher in John Freeman of Norfolk Co, VA]
1. George Freeman d. 1843
married 1805 Mary Walton
married 2nd 1807 Christian Hofler
2. Mary (Polly) Freeman
married Gates co 1797 Thomas Trotman
3. Christian Freeman
4. Nancy Freeman
married Orange co 1809 William Anderson
5. John Freeman
6. Betsy Freeman
7. Salley Freeman
8. William Freeman
married Orange co 1811 Mary Edwards

William Freeman 30 Oct 1754 – 28 Jan 1836 Fayette Co, AL res. Childs Co 1778
married ca 1815 Martha Cole 1791- 1871 [this could be the son of the other William]
[after Raymond Carl Freeman’s report]
1. Susan Ann Freeman 1816 –
2. William B Freeman 1818 –
3. Josiah Freeman 1821 –
4. Sarah Ann Freeman 1822 –
5. Frances Hern Freeman 1825 –
6. Martha B Freeman 1827 –
7. Mary Elizabeth Freeman 1831 –
8. Maranda J Freeman 1834 –

Sarah Freeman and Mr. Hinton had
1. Reuben Hinton
married 1825 Mary Hoffler
Sarah Freeman and Hardy Hayes had
1. Joshua Hayes
married Bertie Co 1792 Ann Hayes
2. Penelope Hayes
married Bertie Co 1786 John Franton
married 2nd 1819 James Hoffler
3. Elizabeth Hayes
married Bertie Co 1797 James Norfleet
4. Sally Hayes
married 1830 John Hoffler
5. Tempy Hayes
6. Judah Hayes
married Bertie Co 1800 Reuben Higgs
7. Susannah Hayes
married Joshua Baker

Elizabeth Freeman and Josiah Perry had
1. William Perry ca 1761 –
married April 21 1791 Fereby White
[married 2nd Penina ?]
2. Sally Perry ca 1763 – [went to TN e-mail from Bob]
married Mr. Stephens [Moore Stevenson]
became a Baptist minister in Sumner Co, TN
3. Christian [Catherine] Perry 1765 – 1824 [moved to TN]
married 1783 Isaac Walton 1764 – 1840
4. John Perry ca 1767 – [went to TN]
5. Josiah Perry ca 1769 – [went to TN]
6. Mary Perry ca 1771 –
married 15 Dec 1788 Samuel Jenkins
son of Andrew [Dew] Jenkins d. 1801 NH Co and wife Mildred d 1824 Edgecombe Co
7. Bersheba Perry ca 1773 – aft 1850 moved to TN
married 21 May 1799 Jesse Garrett ca 1780 -aft 1830/ bef. 1850
son of Jesse Garrett d1797 Bertie Co and Rachel Walton
8. Elizabeth Perry ca 1775
married ? Odom

Susanna Freeman and Joseph Spruell had
don’t know

Mary Freeman and William Ward (Bertie Co)
don’t know

6 thoughts on “William Freeman & Christian Outlaw”

  1. This is very interesting , I have traced back my roots to Freeman, Outlaw and Perry. I am also a descendant of Edward Outlaw.


  2. Sally,
    My name is Jill Hinton Pana, I’ve been doing a study of my North Carolina “Hinton Clan” for about 7 years now. They are an elusive clan to be sure but here are some of the facts I’ve turned up. DNA (FAMILYTREE) supports that we are related to: (closest known relative) Malachi Hinton, Hardy Hinton and James Hinton of Chowan, N. C.1700’s. My relative is Jacob Hinton who lived from about 1672-1760, he lived in Chowan also. In my years of research for Jacob’s wife I’ve found a brick wall. However, one name that keeps popping up, William II Freeman of Chowan, N. C. William notes in his will in 178l that a plantation is to be left to Reuben Hinton, this is the son of my relative Jacob Senior Hinton. In Jacob Senior Hinton’s will his wife is not named but his child’s name is Mary Freeman Hinton, she is married to Malachi Blanchard who died in 1764, Chowan County, N.C.
    In 1786 Joshua Freeman (son of William Freeman) is named as cousin to Josiah Speight in his will. Mary and Thomas Speight are known cousins to Jacob Hinton as it’s written in Mary Hinton Speight’s will in about 1737. Also, in the Muster Roll for James Farlee Company of Chowan County Militia {many of these people were neighbors or relatives, I feel like I know about 1/2 of them from my research) Reuben Hinton serves in this Militia with his brother Jacob Jr., William Freeman, William Freeman Jr. , Richard Freeman. In itself it doesn’t prove any thing except they did know each other and more the reason William Freeman would leave Reuben Hinton a plantation in his will. I do believe Jacob Hinton of Chowan, N. C. was married to William II Freeman’s daughter, I just don’t know which one it was. My research is public and available online @ Ancestry.Com .
    Thank you for taking a look.
    Jill Hinton Pana

    1. I feel certain that the John Hinton on my page above is a mis-read for your Jacob Hinton. His wife is Sara daughter of Wm Freeman.
      Could you send me your proof for the name Jacob.

      1. Sally,
        I’m trying to send you information on Jacob Hinton who I think was married to Sara Freeman, daughter of William Freeman II.
        I can’t seem to do that here so I’ll e-mail you.
        Thank you,
        Jill Hinton Pana

        1. Sally,
          In regards to a marriage between Jacob Hinton and Sarah Freeman, I do have a confirmation for my Hinton lineage. Ancestry.Com “Thrulines” show a DNA connection between myself and King Freeman 2 DNA matches, John Blount Freeman 2 DNA matches, Joshua Freeman 2 DNA matches, Elizabeth Freeman 5 DNA matches and James Freeman 4 DNA matches. That would mean that William II Freeman was my 5th great grandfather. Thank you for helping me ascertain the correct information.
          Jill Hinton Pana

  3. You might look at my Blackmon Mitchell Webb tree on ancestry.com. I may have some a little scrambled but I think I have the following in my line straight.
    Relationship to me
    Thomas Freeman (1773 – 1859)
    3rd great-grandfather

    Rachel G Freeman (1820 – 1880)
    daughter of Thomas Freeman

    Henry Jackson Dobson Brady (1860 – 1918)
    son of Rachel G Freeman

    Gussie Viola Brady (1896 – 1978)
    daughter of Henry Jackson Dobson Brady

    Edward Lee Mitchell (1924 – )
    son of Gussie Viola Brady

    And myself Ellen Sue Mitchell
    the daughter of Edward Lee Mitchell.

    I married Myron Anthony Blackmon

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