Raby, Rabey, Raiby, Raibey

Raby, Rabey, Raiby, Raibey,
of Nansemond Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

An Adam Rabey is on the 1704 Quit Rents Roll of VA of Nansemond Co — 586 acres.

Vestry Book of Upper Parish, Nansemond Co VA 1743-1793, Virginia State Library.
30th Nov 1743 at a Vestry held at Suffolk Town [page 9]
– #21 Ordd that Robert Peele and Job Harrell in presence of the Inhabitants procession all the Bounds of Land, from the County Line to Adam Raby’s Swamp up the Said Swamp to the Road as the road runs to Smiths Road and as the Road Runs to the County Line, Including all the Land in the Said Bounds
– you Are to go round every Mans Land renew the Land Marks and return to the Vestry An Accot. of every man’s Land You procession. And the names of the persons present At the Same,
– And wt Land in Your precinct You Shall Faile to procession you Are to give An Accot with the particular reasons of Such faillure,
-and if Any refuse to have their Land processioned You Are to Certifi the Same to the Church Wardens within Tenn Day’s from Under Your Hands etc.
– #19 Ordered that John Baker and Joseph Griffing in presence of the Inhabitants procession all the Bounds of Land, Beginning at the Cyprus swamp, thence on the West side Orapeak Road to the Country Line , thence to Raby’s Swamp to the head thereof, thence Down the Road to the Draggon Swamp to the Cyprus Swamp to Orapeak Road . . . . .
31 Aug 1747 – procession report by Richard Taylor and Samuell Smith [page 38]
mentioned [in order] Epharem Peal, Wilm Peal, Cader Raby, Jacob Sumner, Alexander Evera, Robert Peal, John Pearce, Susana Taylor, John Harrell, John Baker, Arthur Gorely, Edward & James? Baker, Martha Smith, Moses Harrell, Richard Nusom, Widow Harrison.
21st Oct 1751 at a Vestry held at Suffolk Town [page 64]
-#20 Ordered that Moses Harrell and James Raby in presence of the Inhabitants procession all the Bounds of Land, Beginning at the Cyprus swamp, thence on the West side Orapeak Road to the Country Line , thence to Raby’s Swamp to the head thereof, thence Down the Road to the Draggon Swamp to the Cyprus Swamp to Orapeak Road . . . . .
-#22 Ordered that Wm Pierce and Edwd Baker in presence of the Inhabitants procession all the Bounds of Land, from the County Line to Adam Raby’s Swamp up the Said Swamp to the Road as the road runs to Smiths Road and as the Road Runs to the County Line, . . . .
Mar 1752 – procession report by William Pearce and Edward Baker [page 80] owner 1st column
John Smith – himself and James Long
James Long – Moses Harrell
William Henry – same
Constantine Harmon – same
Moses Harrell – same
John Harrell – Job Harrell and John Baker
Job Harrell – same
John Baker – same
Arthur Gorley – Ephraim Peal and John Baker
Ephraim Peal – same
William Peal – same
Kedar Raby – William Peal and Jacob Sumner
Alexander Averi – same
Robert Peal – Joseph Parker
Jesse Peal – same
William Pearce – Robert Peal
Jonathan Tayloe – Richard Tayloe
Edward Baker – James Long and Samuel Baker
Samuel Baker – same
Richard Tayloe – same
5th June 1756 at a Vestry held at Suffolk Town [page 105]
“Tis ordered that the Church Wardens pay to Charity Raiby towards maintaining her Son – 1¬£
13 Sept 1755 – procession report by Richard Tayloe and John Tayloe [page 105] owner 1st column
Capt. Demsies Sumner – Simon Femiley? & James Long & Absolam Butler
Constant Harmons – present same persons
Moses Harrall – same
James Long – ”
Edward Baker – James Long, Nickolas Harmon
Samuel Baker – same
Richard Taylor – ”
Ephraim Peel, jun – himself and John Baker
Jacob Harrell – himself and John Baker
John Baker – same
Robert Peel – himself and Joseph Parker
Jesse Peel – same
Thomas Frazer – same
Jacob Sumner – same
Cader Raby – same
Pharoah Felps – same
Ephraim Peel – same
29 Nov 1758 at a Vestry held at Suffolk Town [page 130]
Ord that [Mills Riddick Church Warden] pay the sum of 25sh to Sarah Raiby, 25sh to Sarah Wright and 20sh to Jean Savage.
17 Sept 1759 at a Vestry held at Suffolk Town [page 131]
Ord that James Raiby and Joseph Hubbard procession all the lands in bouns #20 according to law.
2 Feb 1760 Kedar Raiby’s land processed by Job Harrell & John Baker
The lands of John Raiby, Nickolas Raiby, Lemuel Raiby processed by James Raiby and Joseph Hubbard.
30 Dec 1767 at a Vestry held at Suffolk Town [page 182]
Ord that James Raiby and Moses Harrell procession all the lands in bouns #20 according to law.
Land of Kedar Raiby processed by Moses Horton and Robt. Smith [page 193]
1772 – report by Hezekiah Norfleet and Henry Griffin [211/2] – lines between
John Knight and Charity Raiby,
Thos Harrell and HenryRaiby, pres. James Knight & John Knight son
James Raiby and Isaac Lam
Frue Raiby and James Raiby
Jas Raiby and Norman Johnson
Jas Raiby and sarah Harrell
John Powell and Wm Raiby
Charity Raiby and John Powell
Luke Sumner and Charity Raiby
25 Nov 1772
To Norman Johnson for Moses Raibies diet 3 months[page 119]
To Charles Raibey for Sundreis & Curing Moses Raiby of the dropsie [page 221]
1775 – #20 to be processed by Thomas Harrell jun and Henry Raiby [page 231]
1778 – James Knight paid for keeping etc Eliza Raiby [page 239]

Adam Raby ca 1719 – 1766
& Judith Benton ca 1730 – ca 1785
of Bertie County NC

Adam Raby and Judith Benton were married in Chowan County NC – marriage bond was dated 30 Sept 1748, John Lewis was the witness.

19 April 1740 РF-99 Bertie Prec. NC РPedegrove Salsberry & wife Sarah of Society Parish, Bertie Co to Adam Rabey. 25£ for 200 A. on NS Roanoake River adj. Needham Bryant, Matthew Turner, Isaac Harrell, Caleph Spivey, Theophilus Williams. Wit: Moses Ellis, George Hope, Aaron Ellis. May Ct 1740

28 May 1750 – G-321 Bertie Prec. NC – Patrick Oquin & wife Martha to Aadam Raby of Nansemond Co. VA 67¬£ 10 sh for 230 A. on Casway Branch at Catawhitshey Old Road adj. James Woods. On NW Fork Poplar Swamp “betwixt John Hare & Patrick Oquin” Wit: John Brown, Samuel Brown, John Benton, Isaac Carter, John Hare. August Ct 1750 Samuel Ormes C/C

24 Jan 1757 РH-453 Bertie Prec. NC РHenry Glisson & wife Charity of Northampton Co to Adam Raby. 4£ 6 sh 10 pence for 15 A. at NE Branch adj. John Hare. Part of land devised to Charity Glisson by the last will & testament of her brother Patrick Oquin Wit: Arthur Cotten, Nicholas Perry, John Hare. Oct Ct 1757. Charity Glisson privately examined by John Duke and Samuel Cotten of Northampton Co, two justices 4 Oct 1757.
Benjamin Wynns, Clericus Curit, to John Duke & Samuel Cotten, Justices of Northampton Co 24 Oct 1757. Directive. To examine Charity Glisson re conveyance to Adam Raby to determine that she made conveyance of own free will . . . .

Adam Raby is listed on the 1757 tax list by John Brown of Bertie County with Hannah a Negro woman.

Children of Adam Raby and Judith Benton:
1. Adam Raby ca 1749 – 1777 dsp while in the service
soldier in the Revolution
2. Orpha Raby est 1754 –
married Dempsey Harrell d Dec 1792
a. Raby Harrell 19 Dec 1787 –
b. Cader Harrell 20 Jan 1790 –
c. Polley Harrell 1793 –
the next two children are Dempsey’s perhaps by a first wife [William Higgs apt. gdn.]
d. George Harrell
e. Simeon Harrell

3. Ruth Raby est 1759 –
married James Hayes
4. Luke Raby est 1761 – 1789
married Hester Butler
sister of Tobias Butler
Hester Raby married 27 Apr 1793 John Robbins
Edward Acree, Bm – Bertie Co

Will of Adam [x] Raby 5 Oct 1765 prob. June Ct 1766 Bertie Co.
“…being sick and weak of body…”
— Loving wife Judah Raby – life estate in all my lands and perishable estate.
— son Adam Raby – my plantation I bought of John Francie Spivey and the land adjoining it on the same side of the marsh, at the death of my wife.
— son Luke Raby – my plantation where I now live and the land adjoining it on the same side of the marsh [being the land between my two sons] at the death of my wife.
— If my wife should marry my perishable estate is to be divided between my wife and all my children.
EX: wife and son Adam
Wit: Wm. Andrews, Hardy Hays, William Hollowell
rec. A/66 abstract by David B Gammon

Estate of Adam Raby, decd.
Inventory – Sept 1766 by Adam Raby.
Deposition [Nov. 1789] by Dempsey Harrell and wife Orpah, and James Hayes and wife Ruth, stating the dec’d was the father of the said Orpah and Ruth, and died “about twenty-four years ago.” testate, bequeathing all his property to his wife Judy Raby for her lifetime with reversion to her children. The said Judy died “about four years ago” intestate and Luke Raby [son of the said Adam] took all the estate into possession and kept it until he died. Record also shows that the said Adam left another son, Adam Raby Jr, who died in 1777 unmarried and without issue, in the service of his country, and the estate which would have fallen to him was also in the possession of the said Luke. Luke Raby died in 1789 testate, and his wife Hester was his exrx. By this petition the said Harrells and Hayes requested their share of the estate of Adam Raby Sr and Jr. Record states they were the children of Adam Sr. and wife Judy. – abstract by David B Gammon

Bertie County Tax List 1768
Juditch Rabey 2 free whites [over sixteen]

Luke Raby est 1761 – 1789
& ca 1788 Hester/Esther Butler est 1765 –
& ca 1780 Jesse Harrell Jr
& 1793 John Robbins
of Bertie County NC

Luke Raby was the coroner of Bertie Co in 1820.

Child of Luke Raby and Hester/Esther Butler:
1. Luke Raby Jr ca 1789/90 – bef 1842
married 26 Aug 1808 Sally Raby – dec ca 1814
George W Bond, Bm – Bertie Co
married 2nd bef 1815 Carolina Cotten 10 June 1792 – bef 1842
daughter of Jesse Cotten and Martha Whitehead

Children of Hester/Esther Butler and Jesse Harrell Jr:
1. Turner Harrell ca 1783 –
2. Jesse Harrell ca 1785 –
3. Tempey Harrell ca 1787 –

Will of Luke [x] Raby 13 Oct 1789 – prob Nov Ct 1789 Bertie Co
“…in a low state of health…”
— Wife Hester Raby – lend cattle which belonged to her before our marriage, and at her death to her three children Turner Harrell, Jesse Harrell, and Tempey Harrell.
Lend my wife bed, furniture, plates, apparel, tea ware, pots, chairs, etc. and at her death to be divided between her three said children.
Lend my wife my plantation where I now live for her lifetime and at her death to the child my wife is now big with, but if this child should die without issue this land shall fall to my wife’s said three children.
To my wife – lend Negro Dick for her lifetime with reversion at her death to my unborn child.
EX: wife, friends, William Horn, George Williams
Wit: Perry Tyler, Mary [x] Holland, Elizabeth [x] Dodrill [Gammon abstract]

Will of Tobias Butler, planter 10 Aug 1791 – prob. Nov Ct 1791
among other clauses
— Sister Hester Raby – Negro Jenney she already has in her possession.

Estate of Adam Raby Jr dec’d
Administration grtd. Esther Raby 6 Aug 1792.
Deposition [Dec 12, 1796] by Cader Powell, stating that he, William Horn, and Absolam Carney went to divide the estate of Adam Raby, Sr,. ” about six years ago” but there was a dispute. This deposition further states that Luke Raby [an heir of the dec’d] drove away the cattle of the dec’d before it could be divided. The said Powell had bought a horse from Luke Raby in September of 1777, who told him it had been the property of his brother Adam Raby. This file contains a similar deposition by William Horn. [Gammon abstract]

Estate of Juneshe Raby dec’d
Inventory [undated] by James Hayes

Estate of Luke Raby dec’d
Inventory 30 Oct 1789 by Hester [x] Rabey, including 600 acres of land.
Summons [Nov 16, 1789] of Hester Raby as exrx. of the dec’d to answer to Dempsey Harrell and wife Orpah, and James Hayes and wife Ruth, for their petition for a distributive share of the estates of Adam Raby, Judy Raby, and Adam Raby, Jr.
Account of sale 3 Dec 1789 by Joseph Horne.
Hester Raby’s answer to the petition [Aug 1790] by Harrell and Hayes, states she did not know that Adam Raby, Jr. was deceased and does not know anything about his estate. However she admitted that he would have been entitled to a destributive share of his father’s estate if he had been living, but he never came out of the service [sic]. She further states she believed the petitioners had their full shares of the estates of Old Mr. Raby and Old Mrs. Raby, plus whatever property would have been Adam Raby, Jr’s. She admitted that Judy Raby only had a life estate in the property of her husband and this property was divided among her next of kin at her death, and Hester Raby’s husband had kept only his fair share, which was now in her hands for herself and her orphan child Luke Raby.
Account of sale 1791 by the exrx. [Gammon abstract]

Is this Hester/Esther remarriage
Esther Raby to John Robbins 27 April 1793

Blake Raby ca 1765 – 1825
& unknown
of Bertie County NC

Children of Blake Raby and wife ?:
1. Jeannet Raby ca 1790 –
married ca 15 Oct 1804 Richard Tyler 1783 – 1831
a. Calvin Cotten Tyler
married 3 Sept 1833 Adaline Williford
b. Moses M. Tyler [is he who died 16 Nov 1822?]
c. Richard A. Tyler
d. Perry C. Tyler Jr. died Feb 1850 Halifax pneumonia
married Margaret Green ca 1824 –

i. William R Tyler ca 1848 –
ii. Walton Tyler 1850 –
e. John L. T. Tyler d. 5 Jan 1844 pneumonia
Jno L. Tyler clerk from Lee & Hardy quite sick with pneumonia 1844 Jno L. Tyler died the 5th Jan at the Woodville Hotel kept by Jno Jolliff and was buried at his mothers.
f. Hiram A. C. Tyler
g. Temperance A. R. Tyler
married 1833 Joshua Myrick
h. Sally R. Tyler
i. Helen Cotten Tyler
2. Blake David Raby Jan 1794 – 1841
married Jan 1825 Celia Creecy Rice 16 Jan 1807 – 16 April 1892
a. Harriet Deborah Raby 1825 –
married 14 April 1852 James Edward Riddick of Suffolk VA
i. Charles C Riddick 22 Jan 1853 Suffolk VA – 5 Dec 1922 Cypress VA
married Martha Emma King 1857 Holy Neck, Nan Co VA – bef 1900 Nansemond Co VA
dau of John G King 1814 Holy Neck & wife Martha 1825
1. Emma Marie Riddick 24 Oct 1881 Suffolk VA
married 1908 her cousin James Monroe Raby M.D. 1862 –
ii. Claude Riddick M.D.
iii. Annie Riddick
iv. Jack Riddick
v. Dora Riddick
b. Cader Monroe Raby 31 Dec 1827 – 17 Sept 1892
married 18 Nov 1855 Mary F Jenkins 27 Aug 1838 – 6 July 1924
i. Alberta [Bert] Sally Cora Raby 29 Aug 1856 – 9 April 1947
married Asa Thomas [Tom] Livermon 27 Nov 1847 – 30 Nov 1929
1. Ruby Livermon 4 Mar 1882 – 9 Sept 1969
married 22 Apr 1903 Jacob Madison Jacobs DDS 28 Sept 1869 NH Co NC – 14 July 1954
married Sandy Run Baptist Church – buried Roxobel-Kelford Cemetery
a. Edmund Jacobs 21 Mar 1904 – 11 Jan 1972
b. Lois Alberta Jacobs 26 Feb 1907 – 3 Mar 1991
married 8 Jun 1929 Leon Charles Peele 14 Apr 1908 – 14 Aug 1941
i. Leon Charles Peele, Jr 20 Nov 1930 – 17 Jun 1990
ii. Richard Donald Peele 1932 –
iii. Lois Florette Peele 1934 – 4 daughters
married 1957 Nathaniel Henry Moore, Jr
c. LeClaire Maureen Jacobs 31 Jan 1909 – 31 May 1994
d. Thomas Raby Jacobs 14 Sept 1911 – 26 Apr 1962
e. Jacob Madison Jacobs, Jr 10 Jul 1914 – 20 Oct 1976
f. Ruby Mae Jacobs 13 Aug 1917 – (living in Mars Hill, NC)
2. Carl Raby Livermon 7 Nov 1883 – 21 Mar 1968
married 2 Jan 1937 Annie Julia Norfleet
ii. Elizabeth Winnifred Raby May 1858 – May 1943
iii. Stella Raby 1860 – 1864
iv. James Monroe Raby M.D. 10 June 1862 – 28 Feb 1923 Windsor VA [IOWC]
married 3 Nov 1908 Enna Marie Riddick 24 Oct 1881 Suffolk, Nansemond Co, VA
dau of Charles C Riddick 22 Jan 1853 Suffolk VA & Martha Emma King 1857
c. Henrietta [Etta] Celia Raby 1839 – 1861
attended Chowan Female Collegiate Institute 1853-1854
married 24 Apr 1856 James Wright Moore 1835 – 1862
i. Godwin Cotten Moore 1 Jan 1857 Mulberry Grove – 1909 Austin TX
he was a Texas Ranger
married 1894 Emma Ann Fallwell 1870 – 1939
1. Ola Moore 13 Dec 1897 – 1 May 1970 Austin TX
married 8 April 1918 Childress
ii. Paul Virginius Moore 10 Dec1858 Mulberry Grove – 17/18 Sept 1926 FL
he is listed as Paul J Moore on the 1880 Census at St Johns, NC and the 1920 census in Dade Co FL
letter from Margaret Stevens Colvin: “Paul stayed on at Mulberry Grove for a while, then drifted away and was lost to the family. My mother [Helen] knew him well. He was very violent. Years later, she was told he was living in Miami and wrote to Paul Moore, Miami. The post office sent the letter back because there were too many Paul Moores. My mother [Helen Moore Stevens] was notified that he had been killed in the great Miami hurricane of 1926.”
iii. Gertrude Moore 25 Nov 1859 Mulberry Grove – Mar 1860
scarlet fever
iv. Henry Raby Moore 1861- died as infant

Celia Rice Raby married 2nd 1842 Perry Cotten Tyler 1788 – 1865
a. Luther Rice [Cush] Tyler 12 Nov 1842 – 8 Sept 1909
married Susan Amelia Capehart 20 July1854 – 21 Jan 1910
Susan and Martha are sisters

b. John Edward [Ed] Tyler 31 Mar 1850 – 12 July 1930
(ancestor of Jack Tyler) both buried in Tyler Family Cemetery, Roxobel NC
married 1873 Martha Adelia Capehart 2 Aug 1852 – 12 Feb 1916

Will of Blake Raby 2 March 1825 – prob. Mar Ct 1825 Bertie Co
— grand daughter Temperance A Tyler
— so Blake D Raby
— daughter Jennet Tyler
EX: son Blake D Raby
Test: Turner Horne, E S Cox, John Cox

Will of Blake D Raby 18 Feb 1841 – prob. May Ct. 1841 Bertie Co
— wife Celia
— daughter Harriet Deborah Raby
— son Cader Monroe Rabey
— daughter Henrietta Celia Raby
Test: Turner Horne, Richard Cox

US Census 1850 Bertie Co
Perry C Tyler 61 m farmer 9000 real NC; Celia 44 f NC; William 22 m laborer NC; Nepoleon 20 m farmer NC; Elizabeth 10 f NC s; Luther 8 m NC; John E 2 1/2 m NC; Kader M Raby 22 m farmer NC; Debrah 21 f NC; Henrietta 12 f NC s; Celia Rice 77 f NC

of Bertie County NC

Marriage Bonds of Bertie Co NC
Avrit, Alexander & Mary Raybey, 31 Aug 1778; John Dodrill, Bm.

Raby, Luke & Sally Raby, 26 Aug 1808

Tyler, Richard & Jannet Raiby, 15 Oct 1804; G. Wair, Bm; Kenneth Clark, wit.

Harrell, Jesse & Sarah Conner, 12 Feb 1853; Benton [x] H Raby, Bm.
Married 13 Feb 1853

Rowe, Micajah & Nancy Rhodes, 15 May 1827; Blake D Raby, Bm.

Robbins, John & Esther Raby, 27 Apr 1793; Edward Acree, Bm.

Riddick, James E & Harriet D Raby, 14 Apr. 1852; Edward Watson, Bm.
Married 22 Apr. 1852

Moore, James W [of Hertford Co] & Henrietta Raby, married 24 Apr 1856.

William Murfree Tax Receipt Book Hertford Co 1768-1770
John Raby, 1 tax 1768, 69, 70
Lamuel Raby 1 tax 1769
Samuel Raby 1 tax 1768

US Census 1790 Hertford Co
Joel Rabey 1 m over 16, 3 m under 16, 2 females
US Census 1790 Bertie Co
Raba, Hester 1 m over 16, 3 m under 16, 2 females, 2 slaves
Raby, Jerutha 1 m under 16, 2 females
Raby, Bleak 1 m over 16, 2 females
ditto for Thos. Barker 74 slaves
US Census 1790 Tyrell Co
Raby, James 4 m over 16, 4 females

US Census 1800 Bertie Co
Blake Rabey 10010 – 11010 – 1 12
US Census 1800 Gates Co
Martha Raby 01100 – 01020 – 0 0
US Census 1800 Granville Co
James Raby 20010 – 12010 – 0 1
US Census 1800 Washington Co
Mary Raby 00210 – 00111 – 0 0

US Census 1810 Hertford Co
Elisha Raby 00101 – 00101 0 6
US Census 1810 Bertie Co
Luke Raby 00200 – 00100 0 10
Lewis Cotten 12020 – 02001 0 21
Blake Raby 00101 – 00001 0 6
US Census 1810 Gates Co
Addam Raby 00100 – 00100 0 1

Bertie Tax List 1815
Luke Raiby 500 acres, 6 value, 3000 amt 37.25 ac 5 value 186.25 value 3186.25 total val 1 free poll, 3 slaves

Blake Raiby 100 acres 4 value, 400 amt. 26 ac, 4 value, 104 amt. 60 ac 4 value, 240 amt. 744 total value. 4 slaves.

US Census 1820 Bertie Co
Blake Raby 100100 – 10100
Benton H Raby 100010 – 00010
Luke Raby 100010 – 00010
US Census 1820 Gates Co
Adam Raby 20001 – 02001 1 3
US Census 1820 Rowan Co
James Raby 22101 – 01001 0

US Census 1830 Bertie Co
Blake Raby 3 m 0/5, 2 30/40, 1 f 20/30
Luke Raby 1m 0/5, 1m 10/15, 1 40/50, 1 f 0/5, 1 20/30
Leticia Cotten 1 f 50/60
US Census 1830 Gates Co
Adam Raby 2 m 5/10, 1 15/20, 1 40/50, f 1 10/15, 1 15/20,
Jacob Raby 1 m 20/30, 1 f 20/30
US Census 1830 Hertford Co
Sally Raibey 1 f 20/30, 1 f 60/70

Lewis Raby 1820 – aft 1900
& 1840 Martha Eure 1822 – aft 1900
of Gates County NC

Children of Lewis Raby and Martha Eure:
1. William C Raby 28 Feb 1841 – 21 Sept 1928 Ahoskie
2. Richard Whitaker Raby 25 Sept 1845 – 13 Sept 1921 Gatesville
occ: carpenter 1880
married Marietta Benbury 1849 – bef 1921
3. Henry Augustus Raby 22 July 1848 – 15 Feb 1916 Hall Tsp, Gates Co
married Mary Elizabeth Carter 1848 – 1927
4. Martha Jane Raby May 1851 – 19 Mar 1934 Gatesville
5. Mary Etta Raby ca 1855 – 4 Aug 1942 Gatesville
married Wiggins Hill
6. Thomas B Raby 1858 – aft 1900
married ca 1883 Magnolia ? 1864 – aft 1900

from “Forgotten Gates” by Thomas R Butchko -pub by Gates Co Historical Society
Lewis Raby ca 1820 had acquired property from his father Adam Raby [ca 1790 – 1860’s]

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