Henry Hunter & Sarah Whitmell

Sally’s 5-great-Grandparents:

Henry Hunter ca 1710 – 1760 I parents
& Sarah Whitmell 1720/21 – aft 1783 I parents
of Bertie County, NC

Henry Hunter married his step-sister Sarah Whitmell.
Sarah Whitmell, daughter of Thomas Whitmell and Elizabeth his wife, was born 5 January 1720/21.

Henry Hunter died in 1760 in Bertie Co. She was living as late as 1783.

Children of Henry Hunter & Sarah Whitmell :
1. Elizabeth Blount Hunter 5 Jan 1740 –
married Henry Hunter of Martin Co & Halifax Co
a. Henry Hunter 1761 – 1823 Tarboro, NC
married 1st Asia Blount
married 2nd Mrs. Elizabeth (Hill) Gerrard
b. Mary Hunter
married 1st Archibald Hunter
son of Thomas and Anne Hunter
married Martin Co Census Halifax County
married 2nd 4 Aug 1794 Norfleet Harris
married 3rd William Boykin.
2. Mary Hunter 28 Dec 1744 – 10 Aug 1810
married 1st in 1744 Henry Coffield
a. Martha Coffield (died without issue)
b. Thomas H Coffield 6 March 1765 – 1822
married 2nd to a Mr Dawson
married 3rd 11 Aug 1774 Joseph Bryan 1742 – 1807
a. Elizabeth Bryan 3 April 1775 – 28 July 1816
married bef 1793 George Outlaw of Bertie Co
b. Mary Whitmel Bryan 6 March 1776
married 1st John Hill
married 2nd Whitmell Hill Pugh
c. Sallie Hunter Bryan 15 Aug 1778 – 3 March 1818
married William Keais died 1808
Collector of the Port of Washington NC
d. Marina Brickell Bryan 2 Sept 1780 – 27 Jan 1822 in TN
married John Edwards Turner
Their sister Marina Turner lived in Robertson County, TN which straddles I-24 between Clarksville and Nashville.
e. Joseph Hunter Bryan 9 April 1782 – 1839 La Grange TN
married Sarah Burlingham
Joseph Hunter Bryan (1782-1839) was a trustee of UNC. He was sent to Tennessee to secure from the general assembly of Tennessee its claims to escheated lands. He stayed and was elected as a Democratic-Republican to the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Congresses (1815-1819). He died at La Grange, TN and was buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis.
f. Harriet Bailey Bryan 26 Dec 1783 – 1848 Warrenton NC will
married 1st James Tunstall
married 2nd 2 July 1823 Stark Armistead
g. Henry Hunter Bryan 23 Feb 1786 – 4 May 1835 Montgomery Co TN
married Betsey Averitt
Henry Hunter Bryan (1786-1835) was elected as a Democratic-Republican to the Sixteenth Congress (March 4, 1819 – March 3, 1821). He died in Montgomery County, TN
h. Simon A Bryan 7 Feb 1788 – Nov 1828
married 17 Jan 1811 Mary Burlingham died March 1815
3. Henry Hunter died 1785 Craven Dist. SC
married 9 Aug 1769 Fanny Starke
Bertie Co Marriage Bonds – Henry Hunter & —– Harki—, 9 Aug 1769: Thos Whitmell, Joseph Bryan, Bm
a. Henry Hunter July 1766 –
from marker in the Old Beulah cemetery, Conecuh Co AL
married Elizabeth Davis
ancestors of Ward H Oliver

b. Henry Starke Hunter 9 Feb 1768 –
from marker in the Old Beulah cemetery, Conecuh Co AL
married 1806 Elizabeth Boykin no issue
4. Thomas Hunter 1747 – bef 23 April 1804
married Anne ?
a. Henry Hunter died 1801 Martin Co, NC no issue
b. John Blount Hunter died 30 July 1810 Edenton, NC
married unknown died 15 June 1806
married 2nd Winifred Blount Pugh
c. Thomas Hunter died 1800 Martin Co, NC no issue
d. Archibald Hunter prob died by 1783
married Mary Hunter
dau of Henry & Elizabeth Hunter
5. Sarah Hunter
married a Mr Turner
a. Henry Hunter Turner
6. Winifred Blount Hunter ca 1750 – 19 July 1810 Bertie Co
married John Drew ca 1750 – 26 July 1819 Bertie Co

Bertie Estate Records:
Sarah Hunter, his widow and executor filed the inventory of Henry Hunter’s Estate 15 October 1760. His executors were Sarah Hunter, John Hill, and William Williams.

Bertie Deed Book L, p 232. Deed by Henry and Thomas Hunter deeding land that was willed the said Henry Hunter by Henry Hunter, dec’d.

Both Sarah and Elizabeth Hunter are mentioned in the will of their brother Henry Hunter

Ref: The Whitmell Family Bible, 1726 from Historic Woodville
Whitmel of Bertie, Halifax & Warren Co by Lyndon H Hart III in Gammon’s ENCF Vol 1.

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  1. My congratulations on an impressive website! I claim to be descended from Henry Hunter. I believe that Henry had a daughter named Sally Ann Hunter who married my ancestor John Bowen, Sr. (ca. 1748-ca. 1831). This is based on the Bowen Family Bible online via the NC Digital Collection that states specifically that a “Sally Ann Hunter” married John Bowen. I would appreciate your comments on this and whether you have concluded otherwise as I see on your website that Henry Hunter’s daughter “Sarah Hunter” married a Mr. Turner. Do you think I have the wrong connection or are you confident in the Sarah Hunter-Turner connection? Hope to hear from you. Roy

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