William Bentley & Elisabeth

Sally’s great-great-great-great-great Grandparents:

William Bentley ca 1725 – 1779 | his parents
& Elisabeth ? | her parents
of near Windsor, Bertie County, North Carolina

Children of William Bentley and wife Elisabeth:

  1. William Bentley
    2. Elisabeth Bentley ca 1758 –
    married ca 1775 Arthur Rasco
    3. John Bentley
    4. Duren White Bentley
    5. James Bentley
    6. Mildred Bentley
    7. Ann Bentley
    8. Robert Bentley
    9. Martha Bentley
    10. Susannah Bentley

Equal Division 1779 of Estate of William Bentley among 1. Mrs Elisabeth Bentley, 2. William Bentley, 3. Arthur Rasco, 4. John Bentley, 5. Duren White Bentley, 6. James Bentley, 7. Mildred Bentley, 8. Ann Bentley, 9. Robert Bentley, 10. Martha Bentley and 11. Susannah Bentley.

Arthur Rasco was a buyer at the estate sale of William Bentley 20 Sept 1779 & at the est. sale of John Sutton 5 June 1789.

John Bentley “being very sick and weak in body” 12 Mar 1754 May Ct 1754
Son William Bentley – plantation where I now live. Son John Bentley – my tract known as the “Island Lands” and also title to the lands he has bargained with me for, also household furniture, dishes, plates, hogs, etc. Sister-in-law Ann Bentley – mare and colt. Son William – furniture in the house where he now lives. Sons William and John – hand mill and grindstone. Ex. Richard Tomlinson, Wit: John Hyman, John Ward, Rebekah Ward.

John Bently “of Moratock River” 15 Dec 1728 July Ct 1741 at Eden House
Son William Bently – land where he now lives. Son John Bently – my manor plantation to be equally divided between him and my son Joseph Bently, but my wife Sarah Bently is to have a lifetime right in said land. Son Jeremiah – my plantation at Quittsnia where Jon. Hays now lives. Son James Bently – plantation at the fork of Rockwis, and the stock from said plantation is for my son Jeremiah, to be equally divided between him and my son James, and “they to be att Age of Eightine & to be there owen men.” Son Jeremiah – and eight gallon jar, bed, etc. Son James – pot, bed, etc. Son Joseph – cows and calves, to be taken from the stock where my son William Bently now lives. Daughter Sarah Bently – cows, etc. Daughter Lidiea – mulatto Tom, skillet, etc. Granddaughter Hanah Bently – heifer. Son John Bently – cows, etc. Wife Sarah – horse whip, bridle, bed, etc. The stock at my dwelling place is to be used for the benefit of bringing up my children which are under my wife’s care. Ex. wife, son William. Wit: Will. Lattimer, Moses Groom, Elizth. Lattimer.

Grandchildren of William Bentley and wife Elisabeth:

Children of Arthur Rascoe & Elizabeth Bentley:
1. Sarah Rascoe ca 1780-
married 1796 Jacob (or Joab) Champion
2. Daniel Rascoe ca 1785-
married 1807 Polly Hunter
3. Margaret Rascoe ca 1788 (single 1815)
4. Mildred Rascoe ca 1791
5. Frances Rascoe ca 1794-1845
married ca 1812 ? Reuben Lawrence

! ? ? ? ! (Bertie Co)

Child of Mildred Bentley: Mar 1797 Bastard Bond, Milley Bentley, mother,
Bondsmen: George Burt, Arthur Rasco, Samuel Moore

Mar 1790 Bastard Bond, Winifred A Bentley, mother, Bondsman: James Rhodes
May 1798 Bastard Bond, Minnie (Winnie?) Bentley, mother, Bondsman: James Rhodes, Jonathan Standley, Ralph Outlaw.

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