Elisha Hunter & Ann Walton

son of Isaac Hunter & Elizabeth Parker

Elisha Hunter est 1714 – 1786 | parents
& Ann Walton | parents
of Gates County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Elisha Hunter ca 1714 – 1786 home place, stayed in Gates Co
married Ann Walton dau of Thomas Walton died 1751

Children of Elisha Hunter & Ann Walton:
1. Sarah Hunter d.bef 1786
married Amos Freeman
2. Thomas Hunter ca 1735 – Feb 1798
married 1st Mary Whitmel
married 2nd Sarah Gordon ca 1750 – May 1799
who was married first to James Norfleet d 1796
a. Elisha Hunter
b. Ann [Nancy] Hunter ca 1780 – 1823? ts
married 1799 Maj. Jacob Sharp Sr 30 Dec 1775 – 14 Feb 1816 ts
on bank of Wiccacon
son of Starkey Sharp 1743 – 1791 and Sarah Winborne
i. Elisha Hunter Sharp 18 April 1800 NC – 9 May 1857 Columbus MS
in senate 1826 NC Col in the Hertford Co Militia
married Sallie Carter 1804 – 1830
dau of Maj. Isaac Carter
1. Brig Gen. Jacob H Sharp MS CSA
married Miss Harris of MS dau of Judge Harris of MS
a. Willie Sharp
married Joseph Askew d ca 1895
2. Lt. Col. Thomas L Sharp NC CSA killed 1864 battle at Atlanta GA
3. Caroline Sharp
married Hunter Walker
ii. Thomas Blount Sharp 1 Oct 1804 NC – 3 Feb 1847
in senate 1838 Col in Hertford Co Militia
married Nancy Harrell 1811 – 1879
dau of Starkey Harrell 1786 – 1830 and Elizabeth Simons
iii. Sally Sharp ca 1807 –
married Elisha Scull 1803 –
iv. Starkey Sharp III 11 July 1809 – 2 Oct 1867
in house 1842

married Sally Lewis
married 2n Eleanor Hardy 1824 – 1849
married 3rd Jane Lewis
v. John Bembrey Sharp 23 May 1811 – 13 May 1875
married Lavina Simons
vi. Jacob Sharp 19 Jan 1814 NC – 8 Nov 1882
in house 1844 Col in the Hertford County Militia
married Elizabeth Millicent Simons 8 Feb 1819 – 5 Jan 1881
vii. Elizabeth Sharp May 1816 – 20 Jan 1834
married Lemuel Roberts Jernigen 1808 – 1866
c. Christian Hunter
married George Outlaw
i. Harriett Outlaw
married Jacob N Parker
d. Isaac Hunter (under 21 in 1798)
3. Mary Hunter
married Benjamin Saunders
a. Nancy Saunders
married White
4. Christian [Kiddy] Hunter
married Jonathan Roberts
a. Nancy Roberts
married Wm W Riddick
i. James R Riddick
ii. Jonathan Riddick
iii. Christopher Riddick
iv. Edward Riddick
b. Celia [Selah] Roberts died ca 1826
married Miles H Jernigan
depo. by Moses Sumner – 1826
i. Nancy Jernigan
ii. Lemuel Jernigan
5. Celia (Sele) Hunter had issue
married 15 Jan 1787 David Harrell
6. Milly Hunter
married Sumner
7. Elizabeth Hunter
married Neadham Jernigan
a. Milly Jernigan
b. Miles H Jernigan
c. Seth Jernigan
8. Rachel Hunter
married 1st Aaron Blanchard
a. Milly Blanchard
married Robert Riddick
i. James W Riddick
ii. Willis Riddick
b. Mary Blanchard
married Richard Bond
i. Henry Bond
ii. Mary Bond
married Hinton
c. Esther Blanchard
married John B Walton
i. Benbury Walton
married Demsey Bond
a. Elisha H Bond
b. Nancy Bond
married Hinton
i. Jonas Hinton
ii. John Hinton
c. Celia Bond
married Goodman
i. Joel Goodman
d. Demsey Bond
e. Thomas Bond d bef 1827
i. Eliza Bond
ii. Easter Bond
iii. Mary Bond
9. Absenith Hunter
married Abraham Eason

son of Isaac Hunter & Elizabeth Parker

Jesse Hunter est 1717 – ca 1786
& 1758 Ann [Nancy] Alston 1738 – aft 1785
of Warren Co NC & Wilkes Co GA

This is my working hypothesis — the way I see it as of this moment!!

Jesse Hunter ca 1717 – ca 1786
Thomas Morris place; later lived in Warren Co., NC, Wilkes Co, GA; will Wake Co, NC
his descendants lived in Wilkes, Greene, and Elbert Cos. of Georgia

married Granville Co NC 1758 Ann Alston 29 March 1738 –

Children of Jesse Hunter & wife Ann Alston:
1. Philip Hunter
2. Ruth Hunter
married William Green
son of William Green of Granville/Warren Co, NC
3. Elisha Hunter
4. Nathaniel Alston [Alsey] Hunter

Jesse Hunter:Will – Wake County, N. C., Record Book 2, pp. 105-107
Family History Library microfilm 0,020,005

Last Will and Testament of Jesse Hunter deceasd
In the name of God Amen, I Jesse Hunter of Wilkes County and State of Georgia being sick and weak in body but sound mind and memory make this my last will and testament making null and void all other will or wills by me heretofore made, and first and foremost I give and bequeath my soul to God that first gave it to me and my body to be decently entered at the discretion of my executors and as to my worldly estate I give & bequeath in manner and form following viz:
Item I give and bequeath to my loving wife Ann one Negro man named Pinter, one Negro girl named Darkis, one feather bed and furniture, also I lend her one Negro man named Peter during her lifetime. Also I lend to her one Negro boy named Willis during her life,
– also I give and bequeath to my son Philip one Negro man named Stephen, also one Negro woman named Pat, and her three children, one bed and furniture, also one Negro boy named Butter, to him & his heirs forever,
– also I give and bequeath to my son Elisha one Negro boy named Isom, one Negro girl named Rose, one negro boy named Pinter, one feather bed and furniture to one horse, to him and his heirs forever,
– also I give and bequeath to my son Nathaniel one Negro boy named Will, one Negro girl named Else, one Negro boy named Lewis, one feather bed and furniture, one horse and saddle, to two hundred and fifty acres of land lying between Little River and [illegible]ils Creek, my wife to have her thirds of it,
– also I give and bequeath to my daughter Ruthie Green one boy named Tom, one Negro woman named Estor, one Negro girl named Hanner, one feather bed & furniture, two cows & calves all which Negroes & things are already delivered and all that other part of my estate now in her possession to her and her heirs and assigns forever
– also all my other estate to be equally divided
– also I lend my wife one Negro boy named Green.
I nominate and appoint my son Phillip Hunter and William Green, whole & sole executors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal 10 day of July A Dom 1786
Jesse Hunter {seal}
Test John Kimbrough (Jurat] James Kimbrough (Jurat)

Wake County September Term 1786
The execution of the within will was in open court duly proved by the oaths of John Kimbrough and James Kimbrough witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. Henry Lane Clk Co

Recorded in the Clerks office in the County of Wake in Book B and pages 105 & 106 the 20th day of Septr. AD 1786 Henry Lane Clk Co

1786 Septr 5 Inventory of that part of the Estate of Jesse Hunter that is in the State of North Carolina.
Cash in hand ¬£33.6.8, one Negro man named Stephen, one Negro girl named Else, two feather beds and furniture, one gray gelding, one gray mare and colt, one horse cart, one shot gun, one jug, one mans saddle and bridle, his wearing apparel, two coats, two shirts, one pair of breeches, one hat, one pair of shoes & buckles, one pair of stockings, two waist coats, one dish, seven plates, one bason & three spoons      By me Phillip Hunter Executor

Wake County Septr Term 1786
The within Inventory was in open court duly proved by the oath of Jesse Hunter [Philip?] the executor and ordered to be recorded — Henry Lane Clk Co

Recorded in the clerks office of Wake County in Book B, and pages 106 & 107 the 20th day of Sepr 1786 — Henry Lane Clk Co

Notes from Hunter Cole: Jesse and Ann’s daughter Ruthie was married to William Green, son of William Green of Granville/Warren, N. C. Through the Alstons Ruth and William were cousins. If you wish documentation of Ruth and William’s progeny, I can provide it.
In Jesse’s will a son named Nathaniel is mentioned. I infer that this is the child called “Alsey” and that his full name was Nathaniel Alston Hunter.
You will note that “Henry Lane” is mentioned as county clerk. Possibly he is of the Lane family intermarried with the Hunters. Jane Lane was the wife of Theophilus Hunter of Wake County. He is the brother of Isaac Hunter (Tavern Isaac)
I believe that Jesse’s family and Solomon Alston Hunter were in the same caravan traveling to Georgia from Warren County. Solomon, like Jesse, had sold his property to James Alston (his uncle) before setting out for Georgia. This property is the land left to Solomon in the will of Solomon’s grandfather Solomon Alston (d. ca. 1785-6). I have copies of the land transfers.
Thanks for placing the name of “James Alston Hunter” of Abbeville in your genealogical tables. He evidently was named for Solomon’s uncle James Alston, as was Solomon’s brother. The name “James Alston Hunter” was perpetuated further, in the grandson of James Alston Hunter of Abbeville and Choctaw County, Mississippi. Hunter

son of Isaac Hunter & Elizabeth Parker

Isaac Hunter est 1719 – 1811
& 1760 Martha Alston 1745 – aft 1785
of Warren Co NC

This is my working hypothesis — the way I see it as of this moment!!

Isaac Hunter ca 1719 – 1811
Bertie Co land,
Isaac Hunter and Solomon Alston owned plantations along Shocco Creek in the southeast of Warren County.
married 18 April 1760 Granville Co NC Martha Alston 25 May 1745 –
sister of Ann
All of Isaac and Martha’s children, except Solomon, migrated to Tennessee.

Children of Isaac Hunter and Martha Alston:
1. Ann Alston Hunter d 1844
married Isham Kittrell d 1812
married 2nd Lewellan Jones d 1840
2. Solomon Alston Hunter 1764 – 1799 Abbeville Co SC
Solomon migrated to Liberty County, Ga., to Wilkes Co., Ga., and to Abbeville Co., S. C., where he died in 1799.
a. James Alston Hunter 1796 –
3. James Alston Hunter 1766 – d. Wilson Co TN
4. Jacob Hunter 1768 – d. Wilson Co TN
married Patience Williamson 1775 –
5. Martha Hinton [Patsy] Hunter 1771 –
married Green Williamson
6 Sacky Clark Hunter 1774 –
married Nicholson
married Garrett Vouches
7. Sarah Alston Hunter 1773 –
married Eustis
married 2nd Beufort Turner

e-mail from Hunter Cole: . . . .Daniel, a bachelor, died intestate in 1797, and his heirs were required to advertise in a Raleigh newspaper in order to seek out any other claimants to Daniel’s siblings. The resulting depositions from Chowan, Gates, Perquimens, and other counties locate many heirs. The children of each of Daniel’s siblings and their spouses are listed in these court records
Isaac of Warren and his brother Jesse moved from Chowan to Bute County (renamed Warren), where they married the Alston sisters. Isaac Hunter and Solomon Alston owned plantations along Shocco Creek in the southeast of Warren County. Brother Daniel Hunter lived nearby on Fishing Creek in Granville County.
The wills of Isaac of Chowan (m. Elizabeth Parker) and Isaac of Warrren (m. Martha Alston) show the progression of this branch of the Nansemond tree.
All of Isaac and Martha’s children, except Solomon, migrated to Tennessee. Solomon migrated to Liberty County, Ga., to Wilkes Co., Ga., and to Abbeville Co., S. C., where he died in 1799.

daughter of Isaac Hunter & Elizabeth Parker

Sarah Hunter est 1735 – bef 1789
& aft April 1752 Charles Moore 1732 – 1789
of Perquimans Co NC

This is my working hypothesis — the way I see it as of this moment!!

Sarah Hunter ca 1735 – aft 1752
married Charles Moore d. Perquimans Co
wrote will 25 Aug 1689 -probate Jany term 1790
wife not mention in will.
Charles Moore, son of John and wife Ann, born 30 Sept 1732 Perquimans Co
Priscilla Moore, daughter of John and wife Ann born 6 Feb 1734/35

Children of Sarah Hunter and Charles Moore:
1. Millicent Moore ca 1755 – died without issue bef 1827
not mentioned in father’s 1789 will
2. Ann [ Nancy] Moore 22 Oct 1756 –
not mentioned in father’s 1789 will
married Jacob Simmons
3. Isaac Moore 3 Nov 1757 – aft 1806/ bef 1827
Went to TN and mentioned in brother Charles’s 1806 will
not mentioned in father’s 1789 will

4. Elizabeth Moore est 1757 – aft 1789/bef 1827
married bef 1789 Edward Hale died bef 1827
a. Charles Hale
b. Nancy Hale
5. Charles Moore 14 Oct 1759 – 25 Jan 1806
named executor of father’s will
married 20 Nov 1785 Elizabeth Creecy 2 July 1767 – 9 Feb 1838
a. Thomas Edwin Moore 12 Oct 1786 – 12 April 1803 dy
b. Mary Creecy Moore 25 Nov 1788 – 19 Aug 1830 Bedford Springs PA
married Henry Gilliam
c. Alfred Moore 29 July 1790 – 20 Jan 1829
married 19 Dec 1820 Penelope Nixon
married 5 May 1825 Keziah Nixon
[RR 24 May 1825]
d. Sophia Moore 2 Oct 1792 – 19 Oct 1795 dy
e. Isaac Moore 24 Dec 1794 – 28 Oct 1796 dy
f. Lemuel Creecy Moore 17 Jan 1797 –
g. Charles Moore 11 Feb 1799 – 14 Jan 1806 dy
h. William C Moore 8 Mar 1801 – 8 Feb 1838
i. [Judge] Augustus Moore 8 June 1803 – April 1851 Edenton NC
graduated UNC 1824
married ca 1830 Susan Jordan Armistead 23 April 1812 – 17 Oct 1884
i. [Judge] William Armistead Moore
ii. [Judge] Augustus Minton Moore
iii. John Armistead Moore, Esq.
iv. Alfred Moore
v. Susan Augustus Moore
married 18 Nov 1856 Starkey Armistead Wright Righton 5 Jan 1829 – 8 Feb 1887
vi. Henrietta Moore
married Stark Armistead Sutton 1837 – 1864 CSA
j. Eliza [ Elizabeth] Frances Moore 16 Nov 1805 – 7/17 Feb 1849
married 5 Aug 1827 Thomas Riddick 5 Mar 1807 – 16 Feb 1858
son of Lassiter Riddick and wife Sarah
i. Alfred M Riddick 31 Mar 1828 –
ii. Dr. Charles A Riddick 24 Apr 1829 – 15 April 1870 aged 40 years
married 14 June 1854 Margaret Emmagene Whedbee 2 Feb 1836 –
daughter of Addison Whedbee and wife Mary P.
iii. Richard Henry Riddick 20 Nov 1830 – died —-
iv. William Riddick 3 Jan 1833 –
v. Mary Frances Riddick 27 July 1835 –
married 14 Mar 1853 J R Walton
vi. Susan Moore Riddick 24 July 1839 –
married 2 Feb 1858 James Willis Roberts 18 Sept 1833 – 29 Nov 1866
son of William Bennett Roberts and wife Sarah London Wills who married 18 Jan 1825
1. A. R. Roberts 17 Feb 1861 – 1937
2. Edward Rascoe Roberts 13 Nov 1865 – 26 June 1935
married 2nd E J Brady
vii. Thomas Riddick 5 Sept 1841 – 16 June 1843
viii. Thomas Riddick Jun 2 Jan 1845 –
ix. Elizabeth Riddick 28 Oct 1847 –
x. Walter Riddick 27 Jan 1849 – 27 June 1849 “aged just 5 months”
6. John Moore alive in 1789 d bef 1827
married Rachel Hall d bef 1827
a. Sally Moore
b. Edwin Moore
c. Edward Moore
d. Mary Moore
e. John Moore
7. Edwin Steed Moore went to TN alive in 1789 d.1838?
married 1800 Mary [Polly] Walton 1786 – aft 1860
divorced – 1812
dau of Isaac Walton 1763 – 1840 TN & Christian Perry 1765 – 1824 TN
Polly married 2nd 1813 Edmund Hogan,
married 3rd 1855 Enoch Prince Connell 1791 – 1864

a. Isaac Walton Moore 1802 – aft 1850
married Mourning Baker d bef 1845
married 2nd Nancy Young
8. Leah Moore died bef 1827 without issue
married aft 1789 Capt Cresey died bef 1827
9. Sally Moore
married bef 1789 Skillings no issue
married aft 1789 Gregory
a. Elizabeth Gregory
married Brittain Harvey several children

Will of John Moore, Perquimans, 10 March 1746
-son Charles, daughter Mary, wife Rachel
Ex: John Harvey, Chris. Denman, and Joshua Skinner
Test: Joanathan Skinner, Peter Jones, John Bembridge
NCHGR 1-342

Will of Charles Moore, Perquimans, 25 Aug 1789 – Jany 1790
Daughters: Elizabeth Hall, Sarah Skillings, and Leah Moore
Sons: John and Edwin Steed Moore
Exrs: son Charles, Joshua Skinner, and John Skinner
Test: Zachariah Newby, Thos. Newby [of Nathan], Thomas Reed
NCHGR 3-177

Will of Charles Moore, Perquimans, 2 Jan 1806 – Feb Term 1806
daughters: Mary and Elizabeth Moore
son: Alfred
my brother Isaac Moore in Tennessee
son Lemuel Moore and his uncle Lemuel Creecy
sons: William and Augustus
wife: Elizabeth
EXs: wife Elizabeth, William and Lemuel Creecy
Test: Wm. Mackey, John Moore
NCHGR 3-341

daughter of Isaac Hunter & Elizabeth Parker

Elizabeth Hunter ca 1730 – aft 1752
& Joseph Perry
of Perquimans Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Elizabeth Hunter ca 1730 – aft 1752 her adm. Lemuel Baker
married Joseph Perry
per 1827 depo. by Nathan Ward of Gates Co
Children of Joseph Perry and Elizabeth Perry:
1. Elisha Perry
a. Absalah Perry
2. Hannah Perry
married Lambert
3. Susannah Perry
married Mr. Howard
married 2nd Mr. Baker

an e-mail from Flo – have not studied in depth. . .I appreciate your reply. Elizabeth Hunter (d/o Isaac and Elizabeth Parker Hunter), the widow Perry married second John Rainey of Caswell Co, NC. He was previously m. to Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell. This is not my work but I believe it to be correct. Your Sallys Place website mentions the marriage of Isaac Hunter’s daughter to Perry, believed to be Philip, and does not mention John Rainey. You do ?mention a John. Thanks. FloThe nuncuperative “Mare’s Will” of John Rainey, husband of Elizabeth Hunter (Perry) of Chowan Co NCCaswell County NC Bk A, p. 183Will conveyed to witnesses as John was setting out to search for his lost mare. Will witnessed by Archibald Murphy, Jane Murphy and George Elliot: proved in Caswell County, North Carolina. 1782. “Caswell County The written was duly sworn to before me this 29th day January 1782. John Moore.” His wishes were: “First he said William Rainey was to have land on Hico where he formerly lived.** The land on Cane Creek he said was his son James’s and he ordered that his son Thomas Rainey should have his land on the waters of Country Line Creek. His Negroes were to be equally divided between his daughters Elizabeth and Jenny. His wife to be possessed of his other estate.”**Believed to be when he was m. to 1st wife Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell by whom he had 3 sons, David, 1737
Wm and John. The Mitchells lived on the Hico. After marriage to E. Hunter (after 1752 when she was widowed from Perry), it is believed they had sons 1758
“Judge” James Rainey of Semora (Red House Academy) NC, and 1763Thomas who died 8/30/1812 in Jackson TN, and 2 daughters as named; Elizabeth m. Wm. Johnston March 1783 and Jenny (Jane) m. Nathaniel Duncan and Nov 6, 1782.
Jane Rainey Duncan was last found on Wilkes County GA 1820 census.
She and Nathaniel had at least 7 children.
John Rainey’s daughter Elizabeth m. Wm. Johnston in March 1783 at Caswell County. Flo

daughter of Isaac Hunter & Elizabeth Parker

Hannah Hunter est 1732 – 1791 | her parents
& est 1748 Joseph Riddick ca 1708 – 1759 | his parents
& ca 1760 Benjamin Perry ca 1738 – 1784 | his parents
of Perquimans Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Hannah was a daughter of Isaac Hunter and wife Elizabeth Parker of Chowan/Gates Co.

Hannah Hunter and Joseph Riddick were married ca 1748.
She was his last wife — he had other children from earlier marriage/s.
Hannah and Joseph had two children Joseph and Molly. [per depo.] [I think they also had Isaac.]

Hannah Hunter Riddick married 2nd Benjamin Perry of Perquimans Co.
Hannah and Benjamin also had two children, Benjamin and Drucilla. [per depo.]

from depositions in the estate file of Daniel Hunter [d 1797] in Granville Co NC

Children of Hannah Hunter and Joseph Riddick:
will of Joseph Riddick 20 Sept 1759 probate Oct Ct 1759 Perq.
listed on 1745 tax list with sons William, James, and John
1. Joseph Riddick est 1749 – 1818 death notice in RR 9 Oct 1818
on 1765 tax list

he is Gen. of Militia – 32 years in State Senate from Gates 1781-1817
married Ann died 1824
a. Reuben Riddick est 1768 died by 1817
married 30 Aug 1785 Elizabeth Hurdle
dau of Joseph Hurdle ca 1725 – 1792 Gates Co
married 1816 Ruth Riddick widow of Edward
b. Hannah Riddick
married Gates 18 Feb 1788 Jesse Rogerson
c. Isaiah Riddick ? – 1840 Gates Co
married 19 Aug 1793 Rachel Hurdle
dau of Joseph Hurdle ca 1725 – 1792 Gates Co
married 10 Aug 1812 Millicent Stallings
i. Kadah Riddick
ii. Daniel Riddick
iii.Willis Riddick
iv. Nancy Riddick
married Stallings
1. Elizabeth Stallings
v. Elizabeth Riddick
vi. Peggy Riddick
married Jones
d. Avis Riddick
married 18 Mar 1797 Solomon Eason
e. Esther Riddick
married Gates 9 Oct 1793 Isaiah Rogerson
married Langley Billups
f. Nathan Riddick ca 1779 – 1845
married 15 Aug 1800 Joanna Hurdle say 1784 –
Bondsman Isaiah Riddick
i. Jethro H Riddick ca 1801 –
married 1st Gates 18 Nov 1822 Agathy Trotman
1. William Riddick
2. Benjamin Riddick ca 1834 –
married Chowan Co. 19 Jan 1841 Elizabeth J Jones ca 1812 –
daughter of Thomas Jones died 1822 and wife Temperance died 1824 Chowan Co
her mother is possible a first wife

1. Henrietta J Riddick ca 1842 – aft 1900
2. Thomas Riddick ca 1844 –
3. Carolina Riddick 7 Jan 1846 – 9 Mar 1897
married 17 Jan 1871 Alfred Franklin Rountree 22 July 1848 – 7 April 1918
4. Nathan B Riddick Sept 1847 – aft 1900
ii. Bushrod Riddick ca 1801 –
married Martha ca 1813 –
1. Elisha Riddick
2. Simon Riddick
3. Lavenia Riddick ca 1842 –
4. Susan Riddick ca 1844 –
5. Joseph Riddick ca 1849 –
6. Armisia Riddick ca 1854 –
iii. Rosamond Hunter
iv. Sarah Riddick
married Jesse R Kee

Sally: Have enjoyed your website and find that we have many ancestors in common. One in particular I am trying to find more about is Joanna Hurdle who married Nathan Riddick Aug. 15, 1800. Both Elizabeth Hurdle who married Reuben Riddick and Rachel Hurdle who married Isaiah Riddick were daughters of my great, great, great, great grandfather Joseph Hurdle (abt. 1725-late 1792) Gates Co. I do not have a listing for Joanna Hurdle but feel she is in there somewhere. I recently received my Gates Co. Historical Newsletter and read that Sarah Riddick had sewn a sampler that was auctioned off for $9,200 and that she was the daughter of Nathan Riddick and Joanna Hurdle. It mentioned that Nathan’s father was Gen. Joseph Riddick (1735-1818) and that he served in the general assembly for 33 yrs., but nothing about Joanna’s family. I contacted Ms. Snellings of the Gates Historical Society and she really didn’t have any other info., except that Joanna witnessed Elizabeth Hurdle’s will in 1794, which is the date Joseph’s wife died (she is the mother of Elizabeth and Rachel who married the Riddicks). By chance can you help me figure out who Joanna’s parents or siblings were? I appreciate you taking the time to read my e-mail . I feel we have many other ancestors in common as I have Jones’ on both sides of my heritage. Most of my relatives lived in the Surry, Va., Nansemond, Va. and Gates Co. areas. I grew up there but now live in Ga. Thank you for your help. If I can assist you in your search, will be glad to do so.
Mary Ann Kerr

v. mother of Joanna Simpson
vi. Matilda Riddick
vii. Jason Riddick
viii. Ann Berry
ix. Julia Riddick ca 1818 –
married 2nd 1834 Mary Davis ca 1797 –
x. Louisa Riddick ca 1834 –
married Gates 16 Feb 1852 James R Davis
xi. Mary Riddick ca 1836 –
xii. Joseph Riddick 1839 – 1921
married 17 Nov 1859 Margaret A Rountree 1837 – 1903 12 children
1. Nathan Riddick Jan 1866 – 21 June 1921
married Annie C Rountree Sept 1864 – 28 Jan 1940
???Note: She has been stuck on her oldest known ancestor, Joseph Riddick/Reddick of Perquimans County. He was born about 1797 and was married Mariah White on Jan. 9, 1832 in Perquimans County.
g. Mabel Riddick
married Gates 23 Oct 1800 Mills Hill
2. Isaac Riddick ca 1752 –
appears on 1775 tax list with brother Joseph
3. Mary [Molly] Riddick est 1755 –
married Thomas Trotman
a. Lovey Trotman
married Hill
b. Quinton Trotman
married — Gordon

Children of Hannah Hunter [Riddick] & Benjamin Perry.
1. Benjamin Perry ca 1760 –
a. Polly Perry
b. James Perry
c. Benjamin Perry
2. Drucilla Perry
married Mr. Hinton
a. Benjamin Hinton
b. Mary Hinton

the other children of Joseph Riddick [Hannah’s step children]

Children of Joseph Riddick by first wife
1. William Riddick ca 1727 –
listed on 1745 tax list with father and brothers James and John
2. James Riddick ca 1728 – 1786
listed on 1745 tax list with father and brothers William and John
married Sarah? no children
3. John Riddick ca 1729 –
listed on 1745 tax list with father and brothers William and James
4. Kader [Cader] Riddick ca 1738 – 1784
married Chowan 18 Dec 1771 Elizabeth Garrett
dau of Thomas Garrett and wife Deborah
a. Thomas Riddick ca 1773 –
married 24 Dec 1798 Elizabeth Smith will 1845
daughter of Thomas and Ann Smith who married 26 Nov 1772
i. Nancy Riddick
married Gates Co 15 Mat 1827 William Gatling
1. Martha Gatling
married Thomas E Cross
2. Mary Gatling
married Thomas E Cross as his 2nd wife
3. Isadora Gatling
married Jacob Hayes
4. Caroline Gatling
married Thomas Hayes
5. William Thomas Gatling killed in Civil War
ii. John Riddick
married Margaret Lewis
1. Thomas S Riddick
2. Laura Riddick
3. Roscoe Riddick
4. William Riddick
5. Frances Riddick
6. Rufus Marion Riddick 25 Sept 1843 – 28 [19] Mar 1928
married Emmeline Roberts 9 Dec 1851 – 30 May 1889
7. Joseph Riddick
8. Margaret Lewis “Aunt Meg” Riddick 30 April 1850 – 23 Nov 1941 dsp
iii. Elizabeth Riddick
married 1831 Willis Riddick Hayes 1810 –
iv. Joseph Riddick nfi
v. Julia Riddick
married 27 Sept 1842 Richard Whitaker Benbury
vi. Mary Riddick
married Dukes
b. Edward Riddick died ca 1815
married Ruth Riddick dau of Micajah Sr
i. Macajah Riddick died young
ii. Lassiter Riddick ca 1805 – 187x
married Margaret Jane Cross ca 1816 – 187x
c. James Riddick 20 April 1784 – 26 Feb 1865 Gates Co
80 yr 10 mo 6 days

married 5 March 1805 Elizabeth Horton 26 Jan 1785 -19 Dec 1822
i. Sarah Riddick 23 Dec 1805 –
married 20 May 1824 Mich E Newsom
ii. Narcessa Riddick 29 Feb 1807 – 23 June 1827
20 yrs 3 mo 23 days

iii. Kader Riddick 30 June 1808 – 12 Sept 1814 6 yrs 2 mo 12 days
iv. Edward G Riddick 8 April 1810 –
v. Mary Ann Riddick 1 Nov 1811 – 20 Sept 1819
7 yrs 10 mo 19 days

vi. Martha G Riddick 31 July 1813 –
vii. Willis H Riddick 21 Aug 1814 – 15 Nov 1814 2 mo 20 days
viii. Nancy Caroline Riddick 10 Sept 1817 –
ix. James Alford Riddick 8 Nov 1820 –
x. Joseph John Riddick 19 Dec 1822 – 7 Aug 1825
2 yrs 7 mo 19 days

married 30 Oct 1823 Mary Wilson (Luton) 6 May 1785-2 Dec 1830
d. Sarah Riddick
married Harvey
5. Sarah [Sally] Riddick ca 1740 –
married Christopher Riddick – 1798 will proved May Ct Gates co
a. Miles Riddick
b. Henry Riddick 26 Sept 1788 –
married Gates 22 Dec 1812 Lydia Ann Cunningham 12 Oct 1796-
daughter of John and Peggy Cunningham
i. John Augustus Cunningham Riddick 16 Dec 1813 –
ii. Henry Augustus Riddick 3 Aug 1815 –
iii. Cassandra Riddick 4 Nov 1817 –
iv. Richard Edgar Riddick 25 July 1820 –
v. Charles Cunningham Riddick 3 March 1823 –
vi. Margaret Amalia Riddick 31 Jan 1826 – 2 Aug 1890
vii. Evalina Riddick 22 Dec 1828 –
viii. Angelina Virginia Riddick 27 Dec 1831 – 15 Mar 1853
married 1 Jan 1851 William Johnson Jr 17 June 1826 – of Norfolk, VA
1. William Henry Johnson 9 Oct 1851 – 10 July 1852 Norfolk VA
2. Irene Virginia Johnson 11 Mar 1853 –
ix. William Aurelions Riddick 5 July 1834 –
c. Lemuel Riddick
married Ruth Riddick widow of Edward and Reuben
d. James Riddick
e. William Wright Riddick
married 21 Mar 1798 Ann Roberts
f. Mary Riddick
married James Gatling
g. Ann Riddick
married Miles Gatling
h. Penelope Riddick
married 2 Mar 1801 John Roberts – 1846 Gates Co will
i. Zilla Riddick

Sources include: “The Hunter Family” by William T Cross, 1973, Gatesville, NC
Bible Records of Gates County, NC Vol 1, pub by the Gates County Historical Society
US Census of Gates county
Estate records of Daniel Hunter d 1797 of Granville Co NC

e-mail from Sarah Greene
What I know about Elizabeth J. Jones:She was a daughter of Thomas and Temperance Jones, who lived in the
Green Hall District, north of Edenton. Thomas died in 1822, and
Temperance in 1824. After her father’s death, she was given to the
guardianship of her brother-in-law, Josiah Small. Her sister Matilda
Jones married Josiah in 1818; his father was Benjamin Small; the Smalls
all had property in the Green Hall district and served as “captains” of
the district, for militia purposes I assume, but also for purposes of
tax collection it seems. (A lot of my info comes from Chowan Co. tax
records in Raleigh.) “From Abstracts of Vital Records from Raleigh, North Carolina,
Newspapers 1820-1829 Lois Smathers Neal
#3123 d. in Chowan County on the 10th inst., Mrs. Temperance Jones,
widow of the late Thomas Jones, Esq. . . RaNCSw Fri. 28 May 1824 3:5.Your helpful records (Gates Co. census, 1850), indicating that
Elizabeth was 38 in 1850, tell me that she was born around 1812. So she
would have been 10 in 1822 when she went to live with Matilda and
Josiah.After that, the only thing I have to go on is the marriage bond saying
she married Jethro Riddick in 1841. (I have confidence that it’s the
right Elizabeth Jones because in the estate papers she is referred to
as Elizabeth J. Jones, and that’s what the marriage bond says.) I have
yet to thoroughly organize a stack of deeds I copied from the Chowan
Co. deeds office last spring, but I do remember that at some point she
sold (or simply conveyed) the land she inherited from her father to her
brother-in-law. (Her two brothers, James and August, who were also
raised in the same household, did the same, as I remember.) (She had
other siblings who went to another guardian.)“Plea Dec. term 1824: To the worshipful the justices of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions aforesaid: The petition of John M. Jones, Henderson Jones, Josiah Small in right of his wife Matilda Josiah Small as Guar.d of James Elizabeth and August Jones, and John Blount as guardian of Sarah & Temperance Jones, and John M. Jones ad. Of Wm. Jones dec‚Äôd respectfully showeth. That Thomas Jones of the County of Chowan died intestate on the 26th Nov. 1822 propertied of a certain parcel of Negroes and being your petitioners his heirs at Law your petitioners pray your worships that ?? persons be appointed to divide the said negores between your petitioners according to the act of Assembly in such cases made and provided.” [from estate file]Thomas Jones left to Temperance some 136 acres along the Machimicomack (sp.?) Creek. I think from my skimming through the estate papers that Thomas’ property was valued (perhaps ambitiously by the lawyer bringing the lawsuit against Mr. Small) at $20,000.

I found this nice family plot for Carolina and Albert, with their children and other relatives (including, according to my internet source, “Henrietta Riddick and Jake Riddick (no dates).” Henrietta was an 8-year-old child of Elizabeth and Jethro Riddick in your 1850 census, but I don’t see a Jake; perhaps she had another child after 1850? Why no dates for them? What’s their story?

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