Daniel Hendricks & Elisabeth

Sally’s great-great-great-great-great Grandparents:

Daniel Hendricks 1720/23 – 1768 | his parents
& Elisabeth ? ca 1740 – 1785 | her parents
of Bertie County, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
incorporating notes from Patty M Mulnix

Daniel Hendrick married ca 1760 Elizabeth, the very recent widow of George Straughan and mother of two young children [Daniel and Rachel]. [This is presumed to be Daniel Hendrick’s first marriage.]

Daniel Hendricks was the son of Daniel Hendricks who died Bertie County ca 1741.
Dan Jr was old enough to be appointed the administrator of his father’s estate with his sister Hannah.

Daniel Hendricks married Elisabeth the widow of George Strachan (Straughan) ca 1714 – 1760 of Bertie County. (Bertie Wills and estate records)

As Elisha Whitfield is her co-executor on her 2nd husband’s estate I wonder if she might not have been a Miss Elizabeth Whitfield.

Children of Daniel Hendricks and wife Elisabeth:
1. Sarah Hendricks ca 1762 – will 1816
married bef Jan 28 1782 John Moore died 1797/1802
son of John Moore died 1750 and wife Ann died 1786
2. Elisabeth Hendricks ca 1764 – ca 1795
married 1782/84 James Rascoe
3. Abram Hendricks ca 1766 – bef Jan 28 1782

Children of George Strachan (Straughan) & wife Elisabeth:
1. Daniel Strawhon ca 1757 – 1785
2. Rachel Strawhon ca 1755 – Dec. 1816
married ca 1777 1st George Kittrell died 1781
married ca 1782 2nd Benjamin Ward died Jan 1785
married 1786 3rd Nottingham Monk bef. 1763 – Feb 1818

Bertie County Court Records:
10 Nov 1741 Petition of Daniel Hendricks, Hannah Hendricks and Sarah Hendricks, orphans of Daniel Hendricks.

Daniel Hendricks and Hannah Hendricks are administrators of the estate of Daniel Henricks

Daniel Hendricks assigned to jury to lay out road
11 May 1742 road from Black Walnut Bridge to Thomas Sutton’s on Cashy
9 Nov 1742 road from Rogues Bridge to Robert Smith’s on Cashay

July 1755 Road Petition – To the Worshipful Court of Bertie County:
We the Subscribers humbly believe as how that there is great want of a road from Richard Tomlinson’s Ferry Landing on Moratock River to Daniel Hendrick’s Landing on Cashie River – it being the readiest, quickest and best way for strangers and travelers to go, and least work for laborers to do on the said road, and the most convenient for the inhabitants thereabout. Therefore, we your humble Petitioners humbly pray that your Worships will take into consideration and grant us an order for the road.
We your Petitioners further showeth that there was a petition brought before your worships for a road from Spike’s [Speight’s] Land to the road to Tomlinson’s Ferry, which petition was privily carried and signed by strangers and people in another county – to which your Worships ordered a road, which road is not yet laid out, but if laid out will be of great prejudice or ruining several of the Subscribers’ plantations. So we your Petitioners humbly pray your Worships will take it into consideration and alter the road from Spikes’ Landing to Hendrix Landing, which is not a quarter of a mile further and to the damage of nobody – and your Petitioners will be in duty bound ever to pray. /s/ Michel Hill, Jos. Williamson, Marton Cook, Daniel Hendricks, Richard Tomlinson, Thos. Savage, Beniam Maning, Jas. Leget Jr, John Savage, Daniel Gelman, Joseph Burch, John Oliver, Jno Hurst, Elisha Whitfield, Thomas Price, Thos. Howard, Luke Mizell, Jr, George Savage, Luke Mizell, Sr.

April 27 1756 — Ordered that any twelve ….lay out a Road from Daniel Hendrick’s Landing on the Cashie River into the Road that leads to Richard Tomlinson’s Ferry. ..

1757 Bertie Tax List -Daniel Hendricks on the list taken by Jno Hill – one free poll.

1759 Daniel Hendricks had ferry in Kesiah Neck

July 1759 – Bertie Tax List – Daniel Hendricks – one free poll

Abstracts of Bertie County Estates: George Straughan’s estate.
14 Oct 1760 George Straighon – Inventory by Daniel Hendricks,admr.
including Negroes Caesar, Dinah, Aberdeen, Dunbar and Marian

George Straughan – Account current from 1760 to 1763 (Dec. Ct, 1768) by Daniel Hendricks, dec’d admr. Record includes money paid for schooling two children, the widow’s third and money paid to Rachell Straughan and Daniel Straughan.

Daniel Straughan & Rachel Straughan (Orphans of George Straughan) Gdn. Acct. filed from 1766 to 1769. Money was paid to William Bentley and James Jones. Money received from Thomas Stow, Henry Spillar, Anthy. Armstead, Wm. Armstead, William Jordan, and Abram Mears.

July 1761 – Bertie Tax List: Daniel Hendricks for himself, William Seals, Negro boy Dunbar, Negro wench Dinah, Negro men Seaford and Aberdeen, 6 polls.

A/101 Daniel Hendricks 12 Feb 1768 – March Ct 1768 Bertie Co.
“…sick and weak of body…”
– Son Abram Hendricks – plantation where I now live and part of the land adjoining so far as the Herrin Creek called the Hollow, also 200 acres which I bought of John Savage, but if he dies without heirs this land is to be divided between my two daughters Sarah and Elizabeth Hendricks.
– Daughter Sarah Hendricks – 100 acres on the Herrin Creek at the Hollow.
РDaughter Elizabeth Hendricks Р40£ and bed.
– To Daniel Strawhon – bed.
– To Rachel Strawhon – bed.
– Wife Elizabeth Hendricks – Negro Eberdeen and bed. My cattle, sheep, and hogs are to remain on my plantation to maintain my children until they come of age.
Ex. wife, friend Elisha Whitfield.
Wit: Elisha Whitfield, John Savage, Wm. Hood, Edwd. Collins.

Abstracts of Bertie County Estates: Daniel Hendricks’s estate

19 May 1768 – Account of sale of Daniel Hendrix’s estate by David Standley, Sheriff.

4 June 1769 – Additional inventory filed by Elisha Whitfield and Elizabeth Hendricks.

24 March 1768 – 13 July 1775 – Account current with Elisha Whitfield and Elizabeth Hendricks, exrs.

Jan 28, 1782 – Daniel Hendricks – Division of estate as follows :
(1) John Moore received the land where the dec’d formerly lived and 60 acres of the parcel he bought of John Savage, dec’d.
(2) Elisabeth Hendricks received the remaining one-half of the Savage land.
(3) The widow Elisabeth Hendricks had already rec. her dower lands.

May 10, 1782 – Daniel Hendricks – Div. of money belonging to estate between (1) Sarah, wife of John Moore and (2) Elisabeth Hendricks.

May 10, 1784 – John Moore & wife Sarah to Thomas Rasco, all of Bertie Co, for 325 pds specie, 260 A on S side of Cashie River, beginning at a maple on the River Swamp, running West to William Jordan’s line, with Jordan’s line to an ash standing in Herrin Creek, down the Creek to the River, then up the River to the beginning. John Moore, Sarah Moore. Wit: Christian Reed, Jeremiah Dargan, Luke Warburton.

Mar. 20, 1785 – Elisabeth Hendricks – Inventory by James Rascoe.

June 3, 1785 – Elizabeth Hendricks – Account of sale by John Wolfenden, D.S.

Feb 22, 1786 – Daniel Strawhon – Division of estate. Rachel Ward received one share & smaller equal shares were allotted to Sarah Moore and Elisabeth Rasco.

Grandchildren of Daniel Hendricks & wife Elisabeth:
——- ——–
Children of Sarah Hendricks & John Moore:
list from Angie King & her cousin Betty
1. William Moore
2. Thomas Moore [under 21 in 1810]
married Rebecca Stepp
desc of Robert Flake and Elizabeth
3. James Moore [under 21 in 1810]
4. Samuel Moore [under 21 in 1816]
5. Jeremiah Moore [died ca 1818]
married Margaret
6. Sarah Moore
married John Harrison
7. Elizabeth Moore
married John Mohun
8. John Moore [believed died before 1816 without heirs]
———– ————–

Children of Elisabeth Hendricks & James Rasco:
1. Penelope Rasco 1785-1851
married 1801 Enoch Rayner 1771-1823
2. Mary Rasco ca 1790
married 1805 Nazary Legett
3. Thomas Rasco ca 1792


Children of Rachel Strachan & George Kittrell:
1. Jonathan Kittrell ca 1778 -1795
2. Elizabeth/Betsy Kittrell ca 1781 -1791

Child of Rachel Strachan & Benjamin Ward:
1. Nancy Ward ca 1784 – 1786

Children of Rachel Strachan & Nottingham Monk:
1. Jane/Jennet Monk ca 1789 –
married 18 Oct 1808 William Anderson ca 1758 –
2. Strachan/Strayhon Monk ca 1786- ca 1855 moved ca 1818 to Hardin Co, TN
ancestors of Bill Lindsey
married Talitha Cherry ca 1789 dau of Jesse of Martin Co, NC
3. Nebuchadnezzar/Nottingham Monk ca 1791 – ca 1835?
married 1818 Mary Rodgers
4. Elizabeth Monk ca 1793 –
married bef 4 Mar 1818 Thomas Sorrell died 1823
5. Rachel Monk ca 1795 – 1818
6. Stewart Monk ca 1797 – Jan 1817

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