William Moore

Sally’s 7-great Grandparents:

William Moore bef 1630 – | his parents
of Nansemond County, Virginia

My working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

William Moore patents on a branch of the Nansemond River on 6 Dec 1652.
The pat of Richard and John Snders and Henry Plumpton on 20 Oct 1689 ; one refers to the neighbor Thomas Mason and the other to the location by “William Moore’s ancient patent of 300 acres.”

Members of the Virginia Company listed in the 1st and 2nd Charters
1607 Sir Gorge Moor, knight
1609 Sir George Moor, Knt… John Moore, Esq…. John Moore, Esq…. Andrew Moore….William Moore.

There is a good possibility that any or all of these Moore men found in Isle of Wight and Nansemond Counties Virginia were grandsons of the men listed in the Charters and came to claim lands that were due to the original investors.

Grandchildren of William Moore

Children of John Moore:
1. John Moore
2. William Moore ca 1705 -1771
married Sarah Lawrence

7 Nov 1700 John Moore patented 481 acres adj. William Hunter.

1704 Rents Llist–Nansemond county VA: Edw’d Moore 250; Tho 200; Jno 200; Rich’d 250; James 400; John 100

20 Oct 1704 John Moore patented 95 acres adj John King.


15 July 1717 John Moore patented 150 acres adj. Adam Raby.


Moore1632 Moore1670 Moore1656 Moore1652 Moore1684 Moore1673

Southside Virginian Vol V #1 Jan 87 Nansemond county Records by L. H. Hart After the destruction of Nansemond County records by fire at the house of Christopher Jackson, Clerk of Court, in April 1734, a commission was appointed to include William Wright and 11 others. They were to examine old legal instruments brought in to be rerecorded and take any necessary depositions to prove the validity of these items. Two reports containing abstracts of the rerecorded items are among the Colonial Records at the Public Records Office.

Reel 86 (c.0. 412/24) 1729 or 30–Edward Moore bought of William Moore land whereon said Edward now lives.

Bertie Co NC B 76 William Moore late of Nansemond Co to Henry Barfield Nov 20, 1725 10 pds for 220 A William son & heir of Richard Moore late of Nansemond Co dec land at Ahosky Marsh adj Leonard Langston. . .

Arms of the earls and marquesses of Drogheda in Ireland


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  1. I have a William Moore; norm 1792 Winchester, VA. Died in 1847 in Fayette County/Moreland County, PA. No known parents. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  2. Indian Massacre of March 22, 1622

    At Edward Bennet’s Plantation

    Thomas Brewood & wife Richard Lewis
    His child, 2 servants Edward Towse
    Thomas Ferris Remember Michel
    George Cole ____Bullocke
    Robert Gray Richard Chandler
    John Griffin Henry Moore
    Ensigne Harrison Nicholas Hunt
    John Costard John Corderoy
    David Barry Richard Cockwell
    Thomas Sheppard John Howard
    Henry Price Mrs Harrison
    Robert ____ Rebbecca____
    Alice Jones Master Prowse
    Thomas Cooke Hugh_____
    Philip Worth John______
    Mathew a maide Edward____
    Francis Winder Mrs Chamberlen
    Thomas Couly Parnel a maide
    Richard Woodward Humfrey Sherbrooke
    Humfrey Cropen John Wilkins
    Thomas Bacon John Burton
    Evan Watkins

    AND there was a JERETT MOORE at COLLEGE that was also Killed.

  3. This is what I found – “Mary MOORE, of Bristol England, Late wife of HENRY MOORE, of Bristol, Merchant, Deceased, (HENRY), who died in (Isle of Wight) VA. 1667. – also –

    A HENRY MOORE, was killed in an Indian Massacre (Isle of Wight), March 22 1622.

  4. OK, this is what I believe by studying these 5 Vols., OUR WILLIAM MOORE born 1705, his Father: JOHN MOORE, his Father: WILLIAM MOORE, who bought land in NANSEMOND VA., 1652, is HOOKED UP TO “RICHARD MOORE” b. 1583 in England, was in Bermuda, then came to Virginia, and then went BACK to England -> (http://www.bermuda-online.org/history.htm) <- where he died about 1617; his son EDMOND MOORE, had 2 sons Cason & THOMAS, – we might be from THOMAS, unless Richard had MORE sons when he was in Virginia.

  5. Hi, It’s me again!!! WE “MIGHT” be from “Scotland” and NOT “England” (MIGHT)! – I have done DNA Test on “FTDNA.com”, right NOW on FTDNA I am “R-CTS10893”, this is Very Germanic; BUT as we Know the Germanic People started moving around about 409 AD. – A Cousin of OURS, a CHARLES MOORE, a Administrator for Project “U106” & I did a Test on “YSEQ.com”; we did “FGC920, 921, 922, 925, 932, & FGC934”. – CHARLES, IS Positive for ALL 6, I am Negative on FGC920- & FGC922-. According to “YSEQ”, and “YBROWSE”, our FGC925+, is in Scotland, right now. NOW from here we see who stays in Scotland, who moves to England, and to the US. CHARLES went to IRELAND, and then the US (Kentucky), That MAY BE why he is FGC920+ & FGC922+.

  6. Ok, as far as who signed the 2nd Charter, of the “Virginia Company”:
    “Sir George Moore – Knight [Moor]”, there were 2 “John Moore Equire”, a “Andreau Moore” and a “William Moore”.
    You also have:
    “1732 John Moore sold his brother William Moore (current owner 1734) 110 acres in Fork of Southern Branch of Nansemond River in Upper Parish which John Moore father to John & Wm. willed to sd. John. Southside Virginian Vol V page 11”.
    This Indicates that JOHN the FATHER left JOHN the SON land, that JOHN the SON sold to WILLIAM the BROTHER, (Maybe when JOHN the SON died in 1732/33).

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