William Bateman & Unknown Wife

Sally’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandparents:
“the emigrant”

William Bateman ca 1590 -1657 | his parents
& wife name unknown | her parents
of England &
Fairfield, CT

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

William Bateman had immigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony by 18 Sept 1631 when he attended the inquest of another William Bateman’s death in Charlestown. [Were they father and son?] He had arrived with his wife and two or three children.
1632 William was the defendant Sgt. William Bateman in a case 5 June
1634 The general court revoked William Bateman’s freeman oath 14 May
1638 William was granted planting ground in Charlestown, upon settling title with the local Indian leaders
1640 William had moved to Concord where he took the freeman’s oath 2 June
1641 William and son Thomas estate valued at £348 in Concord
1644 William moved to Fairfield, CT with Concord minister John Jones whose congregation went with him to Fairfield
1650 Bought land from Thomas Sherwood
1654 William sold his home lot to son-in-law Henry Lyon
1656/57 William wrote his will 24 March
1657 William Bateman died 27 April 1657 in Fairfield, CT

Clues of William Bateman’s origin: Concord was settled in 1635 by Watertown residents; he may have come from there. Or from Cambridge where other early Concord settlers originated.

Children of William Bateman:
1. William Bateman ca 1610- 1630
2. Thomas Bateman ca 1614 – 6 Feb 1669/70 Concord
married Martha Brooks
married 2nd Margaret Knight ca 1635 – 18 Apr 1709
she married 2nd Nathaniel Bell of Concord
3. Elizabeth Bateman ca 1630 – 1689
married in Fairfield 4 May 1652 Henry Lyon
4. Mary Bateman
married Benjamin Turney
married 2nd Joseph Middlebrook

Will of William Bateman 24 March 1656 proved May 1657
left £5 to grandson Joseph Middlebrook upon 18 years
divided his estate half to son Thomas in Concord
and the other half to his daughter Elizabeth’s husband Henry Lyon.

Grandchildren of William Bateman:

Children of Henry Lyon and Elizabeth Batemen:
1. Thomas Lyon ca 1652-3 Fairfield CT – fall 1694 Elizabethtown, NJ
married Elizabeth ____ died 1717
2. Mary Lyon ca 1654/55 Fairfield CT – p1684
married John Ward
3. Samuel Lyon ca 1655/56 Fairfield CT – 1706/7 Newark, NJ
married 1st Sarah Beach born 1654
married 2nd Hannah Pierson
4. Joseph Lyon 1658-60 Fairfield CT – 1726/7 Newark NJ
married 1st Mary Pierson
married 2nd Sarah Brown
5. Nathaniel Lyon 1663-4 Fairfield CT – 20 Dec 1700 Elizabethtown, NJ
married Mary ——
6. John Lyon 1665-6 Newark NJ – 1694 Elizabethtown, NJ
married Hannah ——-
7. Benjamin Lyon 1668 Elizabethtown – 1720 Newark, NJ
married Bethia Candit
8. Ebenezer Lyon 1670 Elizabethtown – 1739 Elizabethtown, NJ
married Elizabeth Winans 1668-1739

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