Landgrave Daniel Axtell & Lady Rebecca Holland


Landgrave Daniel Axtell 1642 – 1686 | his parents
& Lady Rebecca Holland 16xx – 1720 | her parents
of London, England
& ca 1680 Berkeley County, [South] Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

One Daniel., s. of Daniel. Axtell, esq., of Barkhamsted, & Rebecca, d. of Cornelius Holand, esq., of Créslo, publication 20 Jul 1659 in Buckinghamshire.

The Landgrave Daniel Axtell was the son of Lt. Col. Daniel Axtell, the regicide.

A Merchant in London, he Came to South Carolina ca 1680.
He received a land grant for 3000 acres 1680.
He made Landgrave in 1681, married Lady Rebecca Holland, who came to South Carolina in 1683, and she received grants of about 3,780 acres in 1696, 1704, 1707 and 1711. [Comp. of Am Gen.]
Daniel and his son Holland were “landgraves” near modern Summerville, South Carolina on the Ashley River (inland from Charles Town–now Charleston). Holland died childless in 1692. The name died with him, but the daughters married well

Children of Landgrave Daniel Axtell:
The Landgrave AXTELL, son of the regicide (will in London circa 1692), had several children, among them – Holland, hereditary Peer, d. nm. Anne. Elizabeth married to the Landgrave BLAKE, Rebecca, and Sybil.”
1. Holland Axtell died 1692 SC dsp
2. [Lady] Anne Axtell 1678 – Oct 1751 Charleston, SC
Inherited 1000 acres from her mother Rebecca [1720] and named the plantation Mount Boone.
She and Joseph are buried there although her marker is gone.
Married 1st John Alexander 1670
Married 1700 Joseph Boone 1678 London England – 24 Feb 1734 Charlestown SC
He was a Son of Thomas Boone and wife Sarah Finch of London and South Carolina. Joseph was an Indian Interpreter for the Colony, and serves as Agent to the Crown, traveling back to England several times before his death, about 1734.
He leaves extensive records in Carolina and England, and a will in Charleston.

Lady Ann BOONE’s will (daughter of Landgrave Daniel AXTELL), So. Car. Probate Office, W. B. of 1751, Hume’s England,
3. Elizabeth Axtell
Married 1698 Landgrave Joseph Blake
a. Gov. Joseph Blake, an English Admiral from Cromwell’s time.
Married 1701 Francis Turgis
4. Rebecca Axtell ca 1660 London – 21 Dec 1749
married John Moore ca 1658 – 1732 Philadelphia PA
5. Sybil Axtell
6. Daniel Axtell died at sea 13 Dec 1680
7. Mary Axtell


Governor of Kilkenny under the Protectorate:

Lt. Col. Daniel Axtell 1622 – 1660 | his parents
Of London, England

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!


From a speech 1952 by Silas B Axtell
Lieut.-Col. DaVery early in his life seems to have become convinced of the righteousness of the Parliamentary Cause. He joined Cromwell’s insurrectionary army in 1643 and rose by merit and hard experience of many battles to the rank of lieutenant-colonel. He was junior in command of Colonel Thomas Pride in the action famous as “Pride’s Purge.” One hundred royalist members of Parliament, who had refused to concur in majority rule, were expelled from the House of Commons. Subsequently Colonel Axtell–as we all know–commanded the Parliamentary Guard at King Charles’ capital trial in Westminster Hall. Colonel Daniel Axtell was then 27 years old. For the next decade, he was constantly close to the Protector, Oliver Cromwell. Also The greatest of poets, John Milton; John Bunyan, of “Pilgrim’s Progress”; and all the other champions of the Puritan Cause. All this time, Prince Rupert, the dead king’s nephew, from his base on the continent, was harassing Cromwell’s Army. Colonel Axtell combatted these raids, and, northwards, subdued forays of the recalcitrant Royalist Scots. He accompanied Cromwell on several Irish expeditions and was Governor of the Province of Kilkenny. He retired then, for a while, from the army, and went home for a quiet life in Berkhamstead. ‘There he might have remained in safety had not his inflexible principles prompted him to volunteer to fight the return of the Royal Stuarts to the last ditch. He rushed to join General Lambert in the last hopeless battle, which was on Easter Sunday, 1660, at Daventry. Vastly outnumbered, the Republican Army had no chance. The conviction and execution of Colonel Daniel Axtell inevitably followed.

Daniel Axtell was Governor of Kilkenny under the Protectorate. He was
an active participant in Pride’s Purge leading to the execution of Charles I. He was excepted from the Bill of Amnesty in July 1660, and the pardons granted the following August.
He was arraigned at the Old Bailey,
— charged with commanding the soldiers at the High Court of Justice,
— threatening to shoot Lady Fairfax for interrupting the proceedings,
— and personal insults to the King.
To the first, he pleads the order of the Commander-in-Chief,
to the second, the exigencies of the occasion,
the third, he utterly denied. [his trial see ]
The sentence for treason is fully carried out [19 Oct 1660], and his head sat on the further end of Westminster Hall. (Ludloe’s Memoirs, State Trials).

Pepy’s Diary 1660,
Life of Axtell, with portrait, London, 1660, Lee supra.

Children of Daniel Axtell:
1. Daniel Axtell ca 1642 – 1686 SC
2. William Axtell bapt 16 Nov 1644 – who went to Jamaica
3. daughter

Coat of Arms of Daniel Axtell

David Plant, Biography of Daniel Axtell, British Civil Wars, and Commonwealth website


William Axtell 1595 – 1637 | his parents
& Thomasine unknown 1576 – 1630 | her parents

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of William Axtell:
nine children bapt between 1614 and 1628 St. Peter’s Church, Barkbamstead
1. John Axtell bapt 14 Aug 1614 –
2. William Axtell bapt 1 Dec 1616 –
3. Thomas Axtell bapt 26 Jan 1618 – bur March 1645/46 Sudbury, Mass.
Thomas and Mary (_____) Axtell had their second child, Henry, christened in St. Peter’s Church, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England on 15 October 1641. Shortly after this, Thomas and Mary sailed from England and settled in Sudbury.
There is a possibility – totally unproven that Mary may have been the daughter of Edmund Rice who was also from Berkhamsted. This Mary is mentioned in the 1672/73 estate of her second husband John Maynard.

married Mary Rice? d aft 1672/73
[Mary next married 16 June 1646 in Sudbury John Maynard d 1672/73]
a. Mary Axtell bapt 26 Sept 1639 –
married 19 Sept 1656 John Goodnow
b. Henry Axtell bapt 15 Oct 1641 – early 1676 killed by Indians
married 14 June 1665 Hannah Marriam
i. Daniel Axtell 4 Nov 1673 – 1735
he is mentioned in Lady Axtell will
married 1702 Thankful Pratt
Hannah married next 5 July 1677 Will Taylor
4. Mary Axtell 1619 – 1672
5. Daniel Axtell bapt 26 May 1622 – 19 Oct 1660
Col. in Cromwell’s Army and put to death after the Restoration in 1660.
6. Samuel Axtell bapt 15 Dec 1624 –
7. Alice Axtell bapt 26 Mar 1627 –
8. Sarah Axtell bapt 20 Jun 1628 –
9. Anna Axtell bapt 6 June 1641 Berkhampstead, Hertford, Eng.– 4 June 1687
said to have been born in 1633 – mother Anne bapt record
married Berkhampstead 1658 Thomas Taylor
ca 1631 Rigmere, Sussex, Eng. – 1 Aug 1682 K