Jan Lanen & Lijn Bakelmans

Great, Great -Grandparents of Capt John Van Pelt of Bertie County, NC

Jan [Joannes] Lanen ca 1590 – bef Aug 1640 | his parents
& 1613 Lijn [Catharina] Bakelmans | her parents
& 1640 Martinus Thonis

of Overpelt, Spanish Netherlands

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
incorporating facts from 1999 article by Dorothy A Koenig
and research by Peter Nouwt and Marc Philippe
and a 2000 article by Gerald James Parsons

Pictures from Overpelt in 1954
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Joannes Lanen and Catherina Bakelmans [daughter of Henricus Bakelmans and Elisabeth] were married on 11 August 1613.”(Parish Register Overpelt 704, page 18)” found by Peter Nouwt along with baptismal records of 14 of their children.) The church’s name was St Martinus Church and was Roman Catholic as were and are most churches in Belgium.
Marc Philippe checked the original parish records as well and found the baptism of their oldest son.
He also provided some translations in abstract from some old deeds.

Deed: “On June 16th anno 1615 Cornelis Domiaens, husband and guardian of Elizabeth Bakelmans, hand[ed] over his rights or claims on 100 guilders, which were lent to Lambert Houben [probably by Henri Bakelmans; the first husband of Elizabeth] to Jan Lanen and his wife Lijn [=Catharina] Bakelmans. Jan Lanen, as husband and guardian of Lijn Bakelmans, notifies the receipt of 100 guilders to Lambert Houben, which 100 guilders belong to his mother in law. Jan Lanen acknowledges that these 100 guilders are an advance to the part that his wife will inherit of her mother in the future. . .”

Catharina Bakelmans married 2nd in August 1640 to Martinus Thonis.
“Parish Register Overpelt 704”

Probably, about the time of their mother’s second marriage Mattys and Teunis went north to seek their fortunes. “During the period 1636-1647 the Company of Captain Peter De Swart was staying in the area of Tielerwaard, not far from the village of Tuil. Mathijs Jansz Lanen prior to 1640 must have joined this company. Teunis Jansz Lanen is mentioned as a peddler 1649-1652, but possibly he too was a soldier at one time.”

We are told that the River Waal had not flooded for years, but in 1651, 1658, and in December 1662 there came very severe floods. “The turmoil and the floods progressed until the land was completely covered, many feet deep, with the water as high as the dike on both sides. The loveliness of the fields was smothered beneath the waters.”

Teunis and Mattys Jansen Laenen Van Pelt and their families were aboard the “Rosetree” when it embarked from the Netherlands on 15 March 1663.
“Theunis Jansen, from the country of Liege, wife and six children, 18, 16, 14, 9, 7, and 2 years old.
Thys Jansen, from the country of Liege, and four children 17, 15, 13, and 11 years old”

Children of Joannes Lanen and Catharina Bakelmans:
all baptized in Overpelt
1. Henricus Laen – bapt 27 May 1614 –
2. Bartholomeus Laen – bapt 4 December 1616 –
3. Thys Jansen [Mathias] Laenen – bapt 12 April 1618 – in NY
married 1 Nov 1640 Maryken Gijberts died March 1663 in Texel
as her family embarked on their voyage
a. Jan bapt March 1644 – dy
b. Gijsbert bapt 2 Dec 1646 Tuil –
married Jannetje Adriaens Smith
c. Teuntje ca 1648 Buren –
married Jan Jansen Van Dyke
d. Jannetje ca 1650 Buren –
married Teunis Idenszen Van Huys
e. Hendrick ca 1652 Buren –
married 1st Annetje Tilemans
married 2nd Marritie Bennet
married 2nd ca 1663 NY Adriaentje Hendricks
they had Annetje, Jan, Jacob, Adriaen, Pieter, and Lysbeth
4. Teunis Jansen [Anthonius] Laenen – bapt 5 May 1622 – 1698/1700 NY
married four times
5. Elisabetha Laenen – bapt 5 May 1622 – dy bef 1629
6. Jacobus Lanen – bapt 5 May 1624 –
7. Petrus Lanen – bapt 2 June 1626 – dy
8. Balthus Lanen – bapt 2 June 1626 –
9. Tielmannus Lanen – bapt 2 June 1626 – dy
Note in Parish Register: “Baltus and Tiemannus, brothers of the above Petrus,
sons of Joannes Lanen and Catharina, his wife, because of urgent necessity
baptized at home by Dominus Lurentius Molitoris.”

10. Catharina Laenen – bapt 23 Nov 1627 –
11. Elisabetha Lanen – bapt 1 May 1629 – dy bef 1632
12. Petrus Laenen – bapt 4 Nov 1630 –
13. Elisabetha Lanen – bapt 18 April 1632 –
14. Tillmannus Lanen – bapt 29 May 1633 –
15. Maria Lanen – bapt 12 May 1635 –

5 Aug 2011 more from Duke Wessel
Here are some tidbits

The surname Van Pelt did not come into use in legal documents before
1700 when the Van Pelt children born of Anthonius Laenen deeded
property to their brother Aurt. Van Pelt.

The surname Smith was not used for the first time before the 1800s and
then it was by Adriaen Lambertson’s great-grandson. It was found in
the marriage record; he was a military man. Jannetje ws never legally
known by the name Smith. As far as I have able to find, her native
(baptism) was recorded as Jannetke Adriaense.(se= daughter of Adriaen)
(Jan zoon = son of John)

No Dutch child born in 1600’s in the Low countires was given an English name.
Sint Martinus Catholic (no St.) kerk te OP (church at Over Pelt)
recorded baptism in the family name. The RDC at Guelderland recorded
baptisms as the Patronym. This Anthonius’ children were baptised as

Laen is the family name. The dutch word en = the English word and.
Anthoinus was a twin, whose sister was elizabet. His mother had 2 sets
of twins and 1 set of triplets.
I surmise the last name is either translated incorrectly or the scribe
simeply made and error Leen + en = Laenen. Laen in Dutch = Alley.
Laenen in Dutch = Alleys. It is also qite possible the “en” was
appended to indicate a multiple birth.

Lijn is not a woman’s name. the English translation is ‘line’; such as
a numbered line in a record. .

Thys is an allieteration. Thijs (sounds like this in thistle) is a
sortened form of Mathias
Mathias and Anthonius were the sons of Jois Laen and his wife
Catherina. Jois is a Gaelic spelling of the English name John. (My
information is from the Chief Archivist at Hasselt, Belgium.)

Van Pett = surname; van Pelt = from Pelt. The Dutch word ‘van’ has
four definitions.

Texel was a chain of Islands that seperated or served as a wind break
between Amsterdam and the ocean. The water was shallow. It was also a
source of good, potable water. Ocean going boats stopped to take on
water. Income coming boats laden with products stopped to off load.
There was a hospital and medical station at Texal. All persons in-bound
or out-going were checked for sickness. If found, the ships were
quarantined until the sickness passed. Extremely ill passengers were
taken to the hospital for treatment. (I surmise De Roosenboom was
quarantined for 90 days and this is where Marijken Gijsberts died.
It also explains the 3 month delay between departure and the late arrival
at New Amsterdam) This ship departed New Amsterdam on time and
arrived on schedule 90 days later at the home port in Amsterdam.

Would you like to see a Dutch record? This birt/bapt/death is
recorded where known. The OP records from when the Dutch held Liege
were are found among the Burgerlijk Stand records at Hasselt,too. .

The first Van Pelt records I found in OP or Lower Pelt was in 1701 –
which long after anthonius and Mathias were deceased. I found no
connection to the two families.

Martinus Thonus = Martin Thoms, Catharina [Laen]’s second husband. I
think he was related to a Laen spouse I did not follow ithis line that
closely. It would not surprise me that these families were closely
related through marriage. .

It was a long journey to learn the correct names of my Dutch
ancestors. Mayke Gijsberts Laenen Thys Van Pelt never existed. She was
Maijka Leen when she married Stoffel Langstraet.

Duke .

Great, Great, Great -Grandparents of Capt John Van Pelt of Bertie County, NC

Meeus [Bartholomeus] Laenen ca 1570 – bef 1621 | his parents
& ca 1591 Lijn [Catharina/Elizabeth] Baeken ca 1579 – bef Feb 1628 | her parents
of Overpelt, Spanish Netherlands

Deeds concerning the family of Meeus Lanen:
1. Between Lynen[=Catharina] Lanen with her children Jan, Thonis [=Antonius] and Peter and Henri Lanen with his brother in law Joost [-Judocus] Schuylkens [alias Swartens].
Lijn Lanen has on Feb 10 1626 before the court of Pelt, on behalf of her children Jan, Thonis and Peter Lanen, beget by the late Meuwis Lanen, sold their heritage to their brother Hendrick Lanen and their brother-in-law Joost Schuylkens married to Alen [=Helena] Lanen and this for 2700 guilders and 4 oaks; for Jan Lanen 900 guilders and the 4 oaks, and for Thonis and Peter each 925 guilders. Hendrick and Joost Schuylkens must pay 1/2 within a year and the other half when their mother will be deceased. The house will be reserved for Jan Lanen. He pays 25 guilders for this to his brother Henrick.

  1. On 1 February 1628 Henrick Lanen and his consorts before the court of justice of Pelt has done a declaration of the heredity