Colonel Uriah Vaughan & Sarah Amanda Jenkins

Col. Uriah Vaughan 1813 – 1890 | his parents
& 1842 Sarah Amanda Jenkins 1822 – 1901 | her parents
of Murfreesboro NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Home of Col. Uriah Vaughan in Murfreesboro NC
restored by the Murfreesboro Historical Society
and used today as their welcome center

Children of Uriah Vaughan & Sarah Amanda Jenkins:
1. Annie Vaughan ca 1847 – 1880
married George L Arps of Norfolk VA
a. Frederick Arps
2. Bettie Vaughan ca 1848 –
married 1872 Judge David A Barnes of Northampton Co d 1892 Murfreesboro NC
a. Bessie Barnes
b. David Collin Barnes
c. Sarah A Barnes
d. Annie R Barnes
3. Alice Vaughan ca 1850 –
married Dr. R H Stancell of Northampton Co no issue
4. Cornelia Hartshorn [Nellie] Vaughan ca 1852 –
married 23 Dec 1879 Benjamin Brodie Winborne
5. Thomas Jenkins Vaughan ca 1854 – aft 19 April 1895 signed his will
married Mary Eliz. Brown of Baltimore MD no issue
6. Rosa Thackston Vaughan ca 1855 – no issue
married 3 Feb 1903 Robert W Winborne Esq of Roanoke VA d. June 1907
7. Uriah Vaughan ca 1857 –
married Fannie Early Brown of Lynchburg VA
a. Mary Early Vaughan
b. Sara Jenkins Vaughan
8. Sarah Amanda [Sally] Vaughan ca 1861 –
married Thomas W Hawkins Esq of Littleton moved to Charlotte by 1909
a. Rosa Hawkins
b. Vaughan Hawkins
c. Sarah Hawkins
d. Thomas Hawkins
9. Benjamin Vaughan dy
10. Julia Vaughan dy
11. William Vaughan dy

Ref: “The Vaughan Family of Hertford County” by Ex. Judge Benj. B. Winborne, Murfreesboro, NC 1909

John Vaughan 1760 – 1845 | his parents
& 1799 Sarah Rogers 1770/80 – 1834 | her parents
of Hertford County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

John Vaughan was born 10 April 1760 in Hertford County son of William Vaughan and wife Sarah Daniel. In March 1779 he enlisted in the Continental Army in Capt. Godwin’s Company, 10th Regiment of North Carolina troops.

John Vaughan married in 1799 Sarah Rogers daughter of Jonathan Rogers and wife Hester of Hertford County NC. He was a substantial planter and a man of affairs. They resided on his plantation about three miles from Murfreesboro. Sarah died 30 Jan 1834 and John died 5 April 1845 aged 84 yrs, 11 mo and 25 days.

Children of John Vaughan and Sarah Rogers:
1. Elizabeth Vaughan 20 Nov 1800 –
2. William Vaughan 20 April 1804 – 22 Jan 1882
married 16 Jan 1827 Elizabeth Lawrence 4 Sept 1806 – 24 June 1888
dau of Elisha Lawrence
a. Mary Elizabeth Vaughan 3 Mar 1831 –
married Joseph F Parker of Menola NC
i. Annie B Parker
ii. Charles W Parker
married Janie J Horton
Janie married 2nd Hansel Uriah Griffith 1867 – 1951 his 2nd wife
iii. Martha C Parker
iv. William J Parker
v. Uriah V Parker
vi. Douglas Parker
b. Martha Sylvester Vaughan 26 Nov 1833 –
married J G Edwards of Northampton Co
c. Hester Rogers Vaughan 3 Dec 1837 –
married A J Allen of Northampton Co
d. Sallie Turner Vaughan 26 Sept 1841 –
married W Peter Garriss
e. John Norfleet Vaughan 15 Aug 1846 – Norfolk commission business
married Annie Lawrence dau of Jno V Lawrence and wife Hannah Peck
d. Charles Thomas Vaughan 1 July 1849 –
married 23 June 1891 Gertrude Harrell
dau of Col. Jarrett Norfleet Harrell and wife Elenora Lawrence
i. Elenora Vaughan
ii. John Vaughan

3. Sarah Vaughan 11 Jan 1807 – 20 June 1834
married Lewis Parker
4. Martha Vaughan 20 Sept 1812 – 10 Sept 1841
married Elisha Parker ca 1804 – aft 1880
5. Uriah Vaughan 29 Nov 1813 – 19 Jan 1890
6. Elizabeth Vaughan
married Arthur Lawrence
a. John E Lawrence 25 Nov 1824 d during the civil war in Henderson NC

Ref: “The Vaughan Family of Hertford County” by Ex. Judge Benj. B. Winborne, Murfreesboro, NC 1909

Jonathan Rogers | his parents
& Hester ? | her parents
of Hertford County NC

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Known Children of Jonathan Rogers and wife Hester:
1. Sarah Rogers 1770/80 – 1834
married 1799 John Vaughan 1760 – 1845

William Vaughan Sr ca 1720 – ca 1795 | his parents
& 1758 Sarah Daniel 17xx – | her parents
of Hertford County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

He was a trader.

Children of William Vaughan & Sarah Daniel:
1. John Vaughan 10 April 1760 – 5 April 1845 Continental Army
married March 1799 Sarah Rogers – d 30 Jan 1834
2. Jesse Vaughan d. 1836
married Sarah Porter dau of Maj Benj. Porter
a. Mary Vaughan
b. John Vaughan – War of 1812
c. Matthew Vaughan
d. Martha Vaughan
e. Pipkin Vaughan
f. Elijah Vaughan
g. William Vaughan
h. Sarah Vaughan
3. Ezekiel Vaughan
4. Daniel Vaughan d. 26 Sept 1781 in service Continental Army
5. William Vaughan Continental Army
6. Elijah Vaughan
7. Elisha Vaughan d. 1855 Hertford Co NC
married a Miss Warren
a. Mary Vaughan
married a Vann
b. Elizabeth Vaughan
married Miriam Brown [Snipes]
a. Henry Vaughan married?
b. William D Vaughan
c. Jesse B Vaughan
d. Iredell Daniel Vaughan
e. Harriet Vaughan
f. Parthenia Jane Vaughan
g. Sally Vaughan
8. Sarah Vaughan
9. Martha Vaughan
10. Mary Vaughan

Ref: “The Vaughan Family of Hertford County” by Ex. Judge Benj. B. Winborne, Murfreesboro, NC 1909

Capt William Vaughan 16xx – ca 1750 | his parents
& 1758 Sarah xx – | her parents
of pre Hertford County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Capt William Vaughan and his brother John came to America about the last of the 17th century and first settled in Boston Mass. About 1701 they left Boston and came South. John Vaughan settled in Nansemond Co VA and William settled in Albemarle County NC. He was a trader and later a merchant.

Children of William Vaughan and wife Sarah:
1. William Vaughan
married Sarah Daniel

Ref: “The Vaughan Family of Hertford County” by Ex. Judge Benj. B. Winborne, Murfreesboro, NC 1909

John Daniel, Esq 16xx – ca 1755 | his parents
& Sarah Dickerson xx – | her parents
of Northampton County NC

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Children of John Daniel and Sarah Dickerson:
1. Ezekiel Daniel
2. Ephraim Daniel
3. Joseph Daniel
4. John Daniel
5. Abraham Daniel
6. Isaac Daniel
7. Elizabeth Daniel
8. Sarah Daniel
married William Vaughan

Ref: “The Vaughan Family of Hertford County” by Ex. Judge Benj. B. Winborne, Murfreesboro, NC 1909


Capt Henry DeBerry Jenkins 1784 – 1855 | his parents
& 1812 Sarah Ann Jenkins 1795 – 1865 | her parents
of Hertford County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Henry DeBerry Jenkins married 29 Oct 1812 Sarah A Jenkins.

In 1840 Capt Jenkins owned a grist Mill and 1076 acres of land in Murfreesboro twsp.
He also owned over lands in Maney’s Neck and in Northampton Co.

Capt. Henry DeBerry Jenkins was the son of Benj. Jenkins and his first wife Sarah DeBerry, daughter of Peter Deberry and wife Patience of Northampton Co.

Sarah Ann Jenkins was daughter of Winborne Jenkins Jr and wife Susannah Benthall.

Children of Capt. Henry DeBerry Jenkins & Sarah A Jenkins:
1. Jane S Jenkins 16 Sept 1813 –
married William Darden of Hertford Co
a. George T Darden
married Missoura Eley
b. Martha Sarah Darden
married Tully M Forbes of Camden Co
2. Thomas DeBerry Jenkins 30 Jan 1816 – 24 June 1847
married 11 May 1837 Emily Askew of Hertford Co
she married aft 1847 Joshua White of Perquimans Co
3. John Dew Jenkins 21 Oct 1817 – 6 Oct 1853
married Martha Ann Lewter [Boykins]
a. Rosa Ann Euretta Jenkins June 1846 –
married Benj. D Stancell May 1846 – of Northampton Co NC
4. Eliza Emeline Washington Jenkins 5 Oct 1819 – 10 Oct 1825
5. Sarah Amanda Jenkins 26 Aug 1822 – 15 Jan 1901
married 16 June 1842 Col. Uriah Vaughan 1813 – 1890 Murfreesboro NC
6. Benj. Henry Jenkins 22 Jan 1824 – 27 Aug 1852
7. Eliz. Susan Jenkins 7 April 1826 – 22 Dec 1833
8. Ann Rebecca Jenkins 27 Feb 1829 – 20 Dec 1833
9. Geo. Washington Jenkins 9 Nov 1832 – 11 June 1837
10. Henry Jos. Jenkins 8 Nov 1834 – 1901
married 11 Nov 1858 Donna Maria Sears of Gates Co
a. Victoria Jenkins
b. Henrietta Jenkins
c. Bettie Sarah Jenkins
d. James Henry Jenkins
e. Thos. Eber. Jenkins
11. Annie Elizabeth Jenkins 4 April 1840 NC – 1905 VA
in 1900 had 7 living children of 10 births
married Charles B Miltier died June 1863 civil war
a. David H Miltier ca 1861 – of Nansemondph
b. Charles Miltier ca 1863 – moved to Georgia
married 2nd Elisha Thomas Cross ca 1838 – bef 1890 of Holy Neck, Nansemond Co
from 1880 & 1900 census
a. Essie Geneva Cross 30 May 1868 VA – 6 Sept 1955 Obici Hospital [long illness]
member of Holy Neck Christian Church; both buried in Holy Neck Cemetery
married 1885 Jethro Davis Haslett June 1860 – 2 May 1921
son of Jethro and Sophia Ann Odom Haslett
i. Annie R — Feb 1886 –
married bef 1955 W J Norfleet of Holland
ii. Blanche Genevieve Haslett 14 Sept 1895 – 10 March 1986 Suffolk
buried Holly Lawn Cemetery, Suffolk VA
married Solomon [Sallie] Amos Piland 22 Aug 1891 – 24 Jan 1968
son of George Alexander Piland and wife Sarah Ophelia Holland
buried in the Holland Cemetery, Holland VA

1. Gordon Alexander Piland 19 Sept 1920 Suffolk VA – 1 May 1998 Richmond VA
see this web-site that honors his World War II experiences
buried in Liberty Springs Christian Church Cemetery
married Agnes Virginia Pierce from Whaleyville VA
a. Jane Piland born in Suffolk VA
married Thomas Edward Baker
i. Shannon Jane Baker of Wisconsin
married Scott Swing 4 children
b. William J. Cross Feb 1874 –
married 1895 Lucy C June 1872 –
i. baby dy
ii. Joseph O Cross April 1900
c. Eunice Cross Jan 1877 VA – f
married bef 1900 Beal
i. James T Beal Feb 1897 –
married Rountree of Nansemond
d. E. O. C. Cross ca 1878 – m
e. John T Cross Oct 1880 of Norfolk

from “the Winborne Family” by B B Winborne
Henry was the son of Winborne Jenkins Jr and his wife Susanna DeBerry, daughter of Peter DeBerry, of Northampton County, NC. Winborne Jenkins Jr was the son of Winborne Jenkins Sr and his wife Emma of Northampton. Charles Jenkins and his wife were the parents of Winborne Jenkins Sr. The former died in fall of 1772 leaving a will, in which he devised his property to his daughter Elizabeth, and his sons, William, Henry, Charles and Winborne. His four sons and William Murfree were his executors.
Winborne Jenkins Sr died in the fall of 1793. He was a man of large business interest and a large landowner in Northampton County. He appointed his sons Winborne and Benjamin his executors. His will is dated July 20 1790 and the executor’s sale was January 23 1797. In a deed to him,, October 15 1757 from Moab Williams he is spoken of as being in Bertie County NC. The lands of the Jenkins were situated principally on Quarter and Urahaw Swamps and Potecase Creek.

also: e-mail from Rebecca Dozier:
I located the birth of Rosa Jenkins who married Benjamin D. Stancell—-She was born on June 1846 and he was born May 1846—1900 census.Her mother’s name was Martha Ann in case you would like it.
Ann Rebecca Jenkins married a Charles Miltier who died June 1863 in civil war.
Here are my reference to this war information; Balfour, Daniel T., The Virginia Regimental Historical Series; Driver, Robert, Jr., The Virginia Regimental Historical Series (Meltier, Charles B.: enlisted June 4, 1861 at Suffolk, Virginia, Company I Sergeant; present August 1862 – March 1, 1863. no more record)

Winborne Jenkins Jr ca 1757 – 1814 | his parents
& ca 1785 Susannah Benthall 17xx – | her parents
& ca 1815 Benjamin Jenkins 1757 – 1820 | his parents
of Northampton County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
ref: research of Rebecca Dozier

Children of Winborne Jenkins Jr and Susannah Benthall:
1. Elizabeth Jenkins ca 1787 – 1830/50 Northampton Co NC
married 1810/20 David Futrell Jr d. bef 1850
son of David Futrell and Martha Ricks
a. Andrew Futrell
b. Silas Futrell
c. Charles Futrell
d. Edward Futrell
e. Louvenia Futrell
married by 1850 James Revelle of Hertford Co
f. Dickinson Futrell
g. Alfred Futrell
h. David Futrell III
2. Mary [Polly] Jenkins ca 1788 – aft 18 Dec 1843 NH Co NC
married NH Co 18 April 1814 John H Askew d. 1831
a. James Askew
married 1840 Annis Darden
b. Winborn Askew said to have moved west
c. Lemuel Askew
married 1838 Amy Futrell
d. Littleberry Askew
married 1842 Jane Hancock
e. Nicholas Askew
married 1848 Jane Hall
f. Joseph Anderson Askew
married NH Co 8 April 1854 Mary Eliza Atkinson
g. William Askew not mentioned in mother’s 1843 will
3. Charles Jenkins ca 1791 – d by 1834 [land div. 1849]
married Mary Rebecca ?
a. Eliza Jane Jenkins
married 29 Jan 1852 Willis M Beale
b. Sarah Jenkins
married NH Co 30 Oct 1848 George Askew of Hertford Co
c. Elliott Jenkins
4. Mildred Jenkins ca 1793 – living 1852
married David Gatling of Hertford Co d. by Aug 1852
a. Jefferson D Gatling
b. Emaline Gatling 16 Feb 1829 – 1875 [age 46]
the Bible of Jesse Powell
married 19 Dec 1844 Jesse Cotten Powell MD 8 July 1818 – 27 Feb 1867 [49th year]
c. William H Gatling
d. David Gatling
e. Sarah Ann Gatling
5. Sarah Ann Jenkins 17 July 1795 – 1865
married 29 Oct 1812 Henry DeBerry Jenkins 27 Aug 1784 – 10 Sept 1855 Hertford Co NC

Dr. Winborne Jenkins ca 1730 – 1793 | his parents
& Emma Futrell 17xx – 1797 | her parents
of Bertie and Northampton Counties NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Winborne Jenkins married Emma Futrell around 1755.

Winborne Jenkins was the son of Charles Winborne and his wife Elizabeth Winborne.

Emma Futrell was the daughter of Thomas Futrell and his wife Elizabeth Dickinson.

Children of Winborne Jenkins and Emma Futrell:
1. Winborne Jenkins ca 1757 – 1814
married ca 1785 Susannah Benthall
2. Benjamin Jenkins ca 1760 – 1823
married by 1788/90 unknown
a. Henry Jenkins ca 1790 – d bef 1840
married bef 1820 Sarah Futrell d bef 1855
dau of David Futrell and wife Sarah
b. Winborne Jenkins ca 1792 –
married Sally Futrell no issue
married 6 March 1830 Jincey Oliver
c. John Jenkins ca 1794 – Jan 1850 Northampton Co NC
married 23 Dec 1824 Mary Mann
d. Benjamin Jenkins d 1823/1843
e. Hosea Jenkins d 1823/1843
f. Amy Jenkins ca 1810 –
married 3 Dec 1827 John Allen
married Levina Futrell
g. Dempsey Jenkins ca 1819 – 1901 dsp
h. Levina Jenkins bef Oct 1820 – 1855
married 3 Oct 1853 Joseph Mulder
3. Mary Jenkins
married Abraham Stephenson d. ca Dec 1813
a. Jenkins Stephenson NH Co NC
b. Charles Stephenson d. 1837 Hertford Co NC
married Priscilla Newsome
c. Benjamin Stephenson NH Co NC
d. Arthur Stephenson NH Co NC
e. Amy Stephenson [family tradition]
married Thomas Martin of NH Co NC
4. Charity Jenkins
married Saul Parker d by 1786
a. David Parker
b. Winborne Parker
5. daughter Jenkins d bef 1793
married Jacob Odom d. 1805
a. Charles Odom
b. Winborne Odom
6. Esther Jenkins d bef 1785
married Jacob Ricks d bef 1785
a. Jason Ricks

Charles Jenkins ca 1700 – 1773 | his parents
& Elizabeth Winborne ca 1715 – 1765 | her parents
of Nansemond Co VA and Hertford County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Charles Jenkins was the son of Dr. Henry Jenkins of Nansemond Co VA.

Children of Charles Jenkins and Elizabeth Winborne:
1. Henry Jenkins of Hertford Co
married Martha of Hertford Co
a. Benjamin Jenkins 1757 – 1820 Hertford Co NC
2. Elizabeth Jenkins
3. Winborne Jenkins of Northampton Co NC
married Emma Futrell
4. Charles Jenkins Jr lived near Winton NC
married Sarah Jones of Edgecombe Co NC
a. Charles Jenkins
b. Winborne Jenkins – will prob May Ct 1815 Gates Co
married Anne Walters
i. Isaac H Jenkins
ii. John Cole Jenkins
iii. Wiley Winborne Jenkins
married Mary Parker
iv. Jethro A Jenkins 15 Jan 1804 –
married 2nd Nancy Lewis dau of Luton Lewis and wife Priscilla Cross
g dau of Cypian Cross and wife Christian of Gates Co.
c. John Jenkins
5. William Jenkins d bef 1773
a. Charles Jenkins
b. Sherrod Jenkins

Dr. Henry Jenkins ca 1670 – 1725/34 | his parents
& unknown | her parents
of Perquimans County NC and Nansemond Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of Henry Jenkins and unknown wife:
1. John Jenkins ca 1705 –
of Bertie Co NC on the 14 Aug 1744 John Jenkins proved ten white rights viz: Jno. Jenkins, wife Anne, James, Elizabeth, Casia, Mary, John, Anna, Cader & Lewis
married Anne ?
a. James Jenkins ca 1725 – 1796 Bertie Co NC
married ca 1747 Mary Cherry ca 1733 – 1802
b. Elizabeth Jenkins
c. Casia Jenkins
d. Mary Jenkins
e. John Jenkins
f. Anna Jenkins
g. Cader Jenkins
h. Lewis Jenkins
2. Charles Jenkins ca 1700 – 1773
married Elizabeth Winborne
3. Edward Jenkins

Gov. John Jenkins ca 1610 – 1681 | his parents
& Johanna ? 16xx – 1688 | her parents
& 1682 Thomas Harvey
of Perquimans Precinct NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

per B B Winborne [from “the Vaughan family”:
John Jenkins was listed in Virginia in 1624, he bought land in Warwick Square in Nansemond Co VA.
He returned to England, married his wife and returned to Virginia mid 17th century.

Patent Book one – p 143 Captain John Jenkins 25 Sept 1663 – 700 acres, being a Neck of Land bounded by the river of Carolina on the South, on the North with Pyquomons River, on the East with ye Mouth of Pyquomans and Carolina. and on the west by a Great swamp which parts this land from land of Thomas Jarvis /s/ William Berkley Province of North Carolina 1663 – 1729, abstracts of Land Patents by Margaret`M Hofman

In the 1670 Ct records he is called Col. John Jenkins.
John Jenkins was President of the Council and in the absence of the governor became acting governor.
He was governor of North Carolina 3 times under the Lord Proprietors
John Jenkins, 1672 – 1675
Thomas Eastchurch, 1675 – 1676
John Jenkins, 1676 – 1677
Thomas Miller, 1677
John Harvey, 1679
Henry Wilkinson, 1680
John Jenkins, 1680 – 1681 – died 17 Dec 1781, while in office.
Seth Sothel, 1682 – 1689
1673 -The Plantation Duty Act requires that all colonies trade directly with England or face heavy duties on goods. Albemarle colonists resist because their lack of an adequate harbor requires them to ship goods to northern colonies before they can be shipped to England.
Albemarle governor John Jenkins refuses to enforce the act.
1675 – Chowanoc Indians attack white settlements in Carolina.
The uprising is quelled with the “loss of many men.”
Two leaders of the Proprietary faction, Thomas Eastchurch,                                                                                                                                and Thomas Miller, clash with Governor John Jenkins, a leader of anti-Proprietary sentiment.
Jenkins jails Miller for treasonable utterances‚ and attempts to dissolve the assembly.
The majority of that body disagrees with Jenkins, however, and he is deposed and jailed.
1676 – By March, Jenkins is released and resumes the post of governor. Eastchurch and Miller go to England to try to sway the Lords Proprietors in their favor. The Proprietors side with Eastchurch and appoint him governor. But Eastchurch delays his return to Carolina and, without authority to do so, appoints Miller as acting governor.
Culpepper’s Rebellion
1680 – John Jenkins is reappointed governor for one year.[ he died 17 Dec 1781 while in office.NCHGR 3-220]
Seth Sothel holds the office next and becomes known as a corrupt and oppressive governor.

“Thomas Harvey, Esquire, son of John Harvey and Mary, his wife, Living at ye Heath in Snetterfield Parish in Warwick Sheare in Ould England and Joanah Jenkins ye rellick of ye Honorbl John Jenkins, Esq, were maried by ye Honoble Anthony Slookem, Esqu the 13 April 1682.” Thomas Harvey had come to the colony as the private secretary of Gov. Jenkins, Mrs. Johannah Harvey the relict of Gov. Jno. Jenkins, died in Perquimans Precinct, March 27 1688. NCHGR 3-201 & 476.

Children of Gov. John Jenkins and wife Johanna:
Gov John Jenkins and wife Johanna may have been the parents of Johanna
but these others listed would be of the line of Capt. Henry Jenkins of Elizabeth City.
per Jenkins researcher Stephen Jenkins.
1. Dr. Henry Jenkins
2. Johanna Jenkins
married 9 Sept 1689 Col. Robert Be[a]sley in Berkeley Precinct
marriage performed by Col. Alex. Lillington NCHGR 3-203
3. Thomas Jenkins
4. Elizabeth Jenkins
5. John Jenkins

One of the daughters married John Williams and left a son Jenkins Williams.
Another married a Stephens and had issue Jenkins Stephens
Another daughter married a Lewis and left son Jenkins Lewis.

Benjamin Jenkins 1757 – 1820 | his parents
& Sarah DeBerry 1762 – 1814 | her parents
& ca 1715 Susannah Benthall [Jenkins]17xx – aft 1820 | her parents
of Hertford County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Benjamin Jenkins died 17 June 1820 aged 63 years.
Sarah DeBerry Jenkins died 30 Sept 1814 aged 52 years.

Benjamin Jenkins then married Mrs. Susannah Benthall Jenkins, the widow of his cousin Winborne Jenkins, Jr.

Children of Benjamin Jenkins & Sarah DeBerry:
1. Henry DeBerry Jenkins 1784 – 1855 Hertford Co NC
2. Martha Jenkins
3. Mary Jenkins
4. Peter Jenkins
5. Jane Jenkins

Children of Benjamin Jenkins & Susannah Benthall:
1. Penelope Jenkins d. 1901 no issue
married James Perry of Bertie Co
2. Winborne Jenkins d 1862 at Winchester CSA
married Miss Parker of Hertford Co
a. issue
3. Benjamin Jenkins – d 22 Sept 1823

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