Col. Alexander McCoulloch & Sarah Hill

of McCulloch and McCulloh

Col. Alexander I McCulloch 1715 – 1798 | his parents
& ca 1736 Sarah Hill 1716 – 1771 | her parents
of Ireland and Halifax Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

22 Sept 1744 – Alexander McCulloch signed bond in NC

1755 – Henry McCulloh designated as his agents his nephew Alexander McCulloch [for whom he had earlier secured an appointment as deputy auditor for North Carolina and who was a member of Dobbs’s Council] and John Campbell.

patents from Gabriel Johnston, Royal Governor
6 June 1739 Alexander McCulloh 100 acres in New Hanover Co, joining Seracty and the swamp
6 June 1739 Alexander McCulloh 640 acres in New Hanover Co on the E side of the NE branch of Cape Fear River, joining a Swamp above Mare branch.
20 April 1745 Alexander McCulloch 150 acres in New Hanover Co on the head or forks of the branch being the North East branch of the Black River, joining the Eastward of the sd. branch
6 April 1749 Alexander McCulloch 500 acres in Bladen Co on the NE side of Great P D joining above the mouth of Great creek and the river side.
6 April 1749 Alexander McCulloch 1000 acres in New Hanover Co on the NE side of Black river or Hoe branch being a prong of the NE branch of sd river, joining Houstons Land, sd branch and the river.
7 Oct 1749 Alexander McCullock 300 acres in New Hanover Co upon Panter Swamp, joining the swamp and near Gum branch
11 Oct 1749 Alexander McCullock/McCulloh 100 acres in New Hanover Co on the East side of Hoe branch or the N E Branch of black river near his tract of 1000 acres lately taken up by him on the sd. branch…..

patents from Arthur Dobbs, Royal Governor
10 Oct 1755 Alexander McCulloch 398 acres in Duplin Co on the E. side of the Ten Mile Swamp.
7 Oct 1756 Alexander McCulloh 300 acres in Anson Co on the SW side of Pe Dee river joining the E side of Brown Creek by a spring opposite Richard Spaights 400 acres on the sd creek….
5 Dec 1757 Alexander McCulloh 200 acres in New Hanover Co on the E side of Long Creek on Mardon Branch called Stoney run near Mardons Land, joining the NW side of the sd branch.
1 July 1758 Alex. McCulloh 400 acres in Anson Co on the SW side of the Pee Dee river joining both sides of Richardsons creek – being Seatles and Franks fifth.
21 Oct 1758 Alexander McCulloch 200 acres in Anson Co on the E. side of the S fork of Cautaubaw River below Philip Rudisell on Hoits Mill Creek about a mile above the mill joining the E bank of the sd creek.
10 May 1760 Alexander McCulloch 100 acres in Duplin Co on Kings Branch joining Henry McCulloch and a small branch.
“Colony of North Carolina 1735 -1764 Abstracts of Land Patents” by Margaret M Hofman
Both Alexander McCulloch and Henry E. McCulloh and Richard Speight were members of Gov. Dobb’s Council
[Wheeler and Moore say that my James Jones was also a member of his council –no mention in the records]

Sarah Hill 1716 – 1771 age 55
married ca 1736 Alexander I McCulloch 1715 Ireland – 1799 Halifax Co NC age 84
son of Henry McCulloch and grandson of James of Grogan

Will of Alexander McCulloch 5 June 1795 prov. Nov Ct 1798 Halifax Co NC
– granddaughters: Sarah McCulloch, Mary McCulloch, and Elizabeth McCulloch each a slave
– grandsons: Samuel McCulloch, Benjamin McCulloch, and Alexander McCulloch each a slave
– grandson Alexander McCulloch – the land and plantation and mill in Warren and Deek the miller and his wife
– grandson Alexander Frohock – slaves
– my extrs to sell my plantation in Halifax to pay my debts – remainder to go to my McCulloch grandchildren
Wit: Mary Jones, Elizabeth Ashe and John B Ashe
Exrs: John Baptist Ashe and Willie Jones
Codicil: –1797 – grandsons Samuel McCulloch and Benjamin McCulloch the lands joining John Purnal and my extrs to sell the land joining Lungsford Long and Jones
Wits: Julius Horton, John Purnal, William Purnal

Alexander McCulloch – will proved on oath of Mary Jones, Julius Horton and William Pernal Nov Ct 1798. Division of Negroes not bequeathed to his grandchildren, Nov Ct 1798

Alexander McCulloch – John B Ashe qualified as exr. Feb Ct 1799. Account of sale by the exr. Feb Ct 1799, Division Feb Ct 1799.

Benjamin McCulloch – Samuel McCulloch [orphan of the dec’d] chose John B Ashe as his gdn. Nov Ct 1798. Negroes ordered divided among his representatives. Nov Ct 1798

Benjamin McCulloch – Benjamin Williamson was appd gdn of Benjamin McCulloch and Elizabeth McCulloch [orphans of the dec’d] Feb Ct 1799. Division Feb Ct 1799. Petition by Alexander McCulloch et al [heirs fo representatives of the dec’d] for division of lands, Feb Ct 1800.
Benjamin Williamson filed a gdn account for the orphans Benjamin and Elizabeth McCulloch Feb Ct 1801, Administration de bonis non granted to Benjamin Williamson Aug Ct 1801. Allen Jones filed an account current of the estate in the name of Willie Jones dec’d admr. Feb Ct 1802.

Children of Alexander I McCulloch and Sarah Hill:
1. Benjamin McCulloch ca 1737 – 1792 Edenton
represented Halifax Co at the NC Congress at Halifax in Nov/Dec 1776 when state constitution was formed
married 1758 Sarah Stokes
sister of John Stokes, U S Judge and NC Governor Montfort Stokes.

a. Alexander McCulloch 16 Aug 1776 Lurenburg VA – 4 Aug 1846 Dyer Co TN
married 11 Sept 1799 Frances Fisher LeNoir
11 Apr 1780 Dimwitte Co VA – 10 May 1868 Ellis Co TN
i. Alexander McCulloch III
married Prudence Davy
ii. John Stokes McCulloch
married Frances Peebles [Williams]
iii. Sarah Montfort Stokes McCulloch
married Albert Keeble
iv. Samuel McCulloch
v. Mary Ann McCulloch
married William L Mitchell
vi. Andrew Jackson McCulloch dy
vii. Frances Olivia McCulloch
married Charles Parish
viii. Benjamin McCulloch – Texas Ranger – died at the battle of Pea Ridge
ix. Harriet Maria McCulloch
married Nathaniel Benton
x. Rev. Henry Eustace McCulloch
married Jane Isabella Ashby
xi. James Coffee McCulloch
married Jane Wilson
xii. Elizabeth Julia McCulloch
married R W Tarrant
xiii. Adelaide Delia McCulloch
married Albert G Pearce
b. Sarah McCulloch – left no issue
married 8 Dec 1796 John G. L. Schenck d. 1806 Philadelphia testate
c. Samuel McCulloch drowned 1809 near Nashville TN
married Halifax Co 12 May 1808 Sarah [Sally] W Moore dau of George
i. Elizabeth McCulloch ca 1809 –
married Thomas Kirkman
d. Mary McCulloch [twin to Sam]
married 5 Sept 1798 Benjamin Weldon Williamson
[rep in NCLeg. from NH Co 1794, 1795, 1796, 1797]
i. Lewis P Williamson
married Mary E Littlejohn
ii. Priscilla M Williamson
married Dr. W S Burt
iii. Rev. Samuel Mc Williamson
married 1st Mary Chapman
iv. Benjamin W Williamson
married Eliza Hamlin
v. Sarah E Williamson
married E S Tappan
e. Benjamin McCulloch 16 April 1789 – 1847 in TN by 1805
underage in 1801 – 1825 Elder of the Presbyterian Church in Murfreesboro TN
married Sarah Ann [nee Lytle] Caswell 27 June 1790 – 1862
i. Adelaide Stokes McCulloch 30 Dec 1812 –
married James Nichol
ii. Mary Elizabeth McCulloch 22 Nov 1816 –
married 1834 Thomas Hord 1802 –
iii. Ann McCulloch 13 Oct 1818 – dy
iv. Henry Montfort McCulloch 14 May 1819 – died single person
v. Benjamin Williamson McCulloch
married Ann M Cannon
vi. Samuel Daves McCulloch
married Sallie Booker
vii. Dr. Philip Doddridge McCulloch 10 Jan 1825 –
married Lucy Virginia Burris
viii. Sarah Ann McCulloch 25 Oct 1822 –
married Dr. Peter A Perkins
ix. Richard Caswell McCulloch 13 May 1828 –
married Kate Ledbetter
x. Thomas James McCulloch died wo issue
xi. John McCulloch 15 Sept 1821 – died single person
xii. Ellen Priscilla McCulloch 26 Oct 1829 –
married Thomas Patterson
f. Elizabeth McCulloch d. 24 Jan 1825 Raleigh of a lung disease
married 4 Nov 1801 William Boylan a printer of Raleigh
i. John Hodge Boylan died unmarried
ii. Alexander McCulloch Boylan died unmarried
iii. Eleanor Eliza Boylan died unmarried advanced age
iv. Samuel McC Boylan
married Miss Collins
v. Mary Adelaide Boylan died unmarried
vi. James Boylan died unmarried
vii. Catherine Boylan died unmarried
viii. Sarah Boylan died unmarried
ix. William Montfort Boylan
married Miss Kincey
2. daughter McColloch
married John or Thomas Frohock
they went to England during the Revolution
a. Alexander Frohock

From the analysis by Bob Epperson of James Iredell’s Family History.

James Iredell (JI) notes that Henry McCulloch, a Scotsman married a daughter of James McCulloch of Grogan by his first wife, and this Henry McCulloch had a son Alexander McCulloch of Halifax Co, NC. Secretary Henry brings a letter with him to North Carolina in March 1755 from Alexander McAuley (who could be relatives of the McCulloch with a very different spelling of the name) in Ireland which asks Governor Dobbs to assist Alexander McCulloch in finding a better placement, which Dobbs promises to do. . .He now remembers to mention the connection of Henry McCulloch, father of Alexander, but forgets his error above.

JI mentions at this point that Alexander McCulloch is a cousin to Henry Eustace McCulloh, but Henry McCulloh is omitted from the children of James of Grogan,.

This is further emphasized by the last part of the last sentence below. “Alexander . . . is first cousin by the half blood to . . . Henry Eustace McCulloch the only surviving child of Henry McCulloch Esq, the brother of William and James” JI is stating that Henry McCulloh (d 1779) is the brother of William and James the other sons he listed as the children of James McCulloch of Grogan. Several letters between Henry Eustace and James Iredell also refer to him as cousin

Now we have a Henry McCulloch as the father of Alexander McCulloch. He has given the Secretary the status of a son of James McCulloch of Grogan. The Secretary is obviously someone well connected with the family or Iredell would not have even though of him. After all, the Secretary died 18 years before Iredell set down the genealogy. He died in North Carolina when Iredell was only 4 years old in Bristol , England . Why would the late Secretary been known to Iredell let alone come to his mind when he is thinking of the sons of JMG?

If Henry the Secretary is not Alexander’s father, what position does he have in the McCulloch family?

Iredell is well acquainted with Col Alexander as he refers to him, and Alexander’s son Benjamin. If Alexander were Henry the Secretary’s son, this would provide a connection that would refresh Iredell’s memory of the connection.

The Secretary’s daughter, Dorothy Berisford McCulloch McClintock, names her first child Alexander-Henry McClintock (Burke’s Landed Gentry 1834 &1855). This implies a fairly close connection between Alexander and Henry’s family, which might reflect naming the child after her brother and her father.

Just a few more points that in my mind strengthen this proposition:
a) Henry McCulloch signed his will with his mark, not a signature.

  1. b) Arthur Dobbs calls Alexander an incompetent auditor who doesn’t know the method or account to check. Alexander receives only deputy or acting positions