Tales of NC Roanoke-Chowan Area & Elsewhere

 Like leaves on trees the race of man is found, Now green in youth, now withering on the ground: Another race the following Spring supplies; They rise successive and successive fall: So generations in their course decay; So flourish these when those are passed away. Pope’s Translation Homer’s Iliad

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I grew up in the old Jones Place or Moore Place which my great grandparents called Maple Lawn – located in southern Hertford County NC. very near the Bertie County line – in fact for the convenience of all concerned we attended school in Powellsville located in Bertie County. We attended church at Bethlehem in Hertford Co – where I have discovered that just about everyone there was a cousin of some degree or connection.
This web-site has evolved over the past sixteen years I have been looking at my family’s history. You will find here the family of Moore, Parker, Rayner, Rountree, Hayes, Ward, Sanderlin, Walkup, Jones, Wheeler, Longworth, Cotten, Wood, Freeman, Outlaw, Drew and many more as I have attempted to look at the siblings of each generation also… it’s helps in tracking the correct family. Also, my mother-in-law Elsa Koestler had spent some time in tracking down her mother’s family of Mayers – so Bob’s family is included also under Koestler.  I was missing the names of several of my grandmothers — so I tracked out immediate neighbors also. the Sessoms, VanPelts, Perrys, Wynns and my siblings’ in-laws the Hollomans, Brittons, Lawrences, and Harris families.  As I examined some of the original documents that still exist despite all the fires – I discovered many errors had been purported in the past as our family tree. Have fun exploring.  Many have shared their research with me – see sources.


Indeed, some of my ancestors had made their way to North Carolina in the 1600’s.

This is an ongoing project – my working hypothesis!
Additions  and  corrections  welcomed.
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 Sally and Mother Maple Lawn, Hertford Co, NC; copy-mamasal2.jpg



2 thoughts on “Tales of NC Roanoke-Chowan Area & Elsewhere

  1. My G G Grandfather James Hudgins, G Grandfather John Hudgins came from Missouri then to Oklahoma. James and John both fought in the Civil War, Union side.

    Thank you for any information you may have. I will copy what I found this time on your informative pages.


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