Sally’s Family Place – Tales of the Roanoke-Chowan and Elsewhere

mamasal2 Sally and her mother 1937
Maple Lawn, Hertford Co, NC
photo by Margaret Stevens Colvin

 Like leaves on trees the race of man is found,
Now green in youth, now withering on the ground:
Another race the following Spring supplies;
They rise successive and successive fall:
So generations in their course decay;
So flourish these when those are passed away.
Pope’s Translation Homer’s Iliad

Welcome, Folks!

Sit for a spell! and visit with the generations!
I grew up in the old Jones Place (or Moore Place) which my great grandparents called Maple Lawn – located in southern Hertford County NC. very near the Bertie County line – in fact for the convenience of all concerned we attended school in Powellsville located in Bertie County. We attended church at Bethlehem in Hertford Co – where I have discovered that just about everyone there was a cousin of some degree or connection.
This web-site has evolved over the past sixteen years I have been looking at my family’s history. You will find here the family of Moore, Parker, Rayner, Rountree, Hayes, Ward, Sanderlin, Walkup, Jones, Wheeler, Longworth, Cotten, Wood, Freeman, Outlaw, Drew and many more as I have attempted to look at the siblings of each generation also… it’s helps in tracking the correct family.

I was missing the surnames of several grandmothers — so I tracked out immediate neighbors — the Sessoms, VanPelts, Perrys, Wynns.
and my siblings’ in-laws the Hollomans, Brittons, Lawrences, and Harris families.

As I examined some of the original documents (that still exist despite all the fires)
– I discovered many errors had been purported in the past as our family tree.

My mother-in-law Elsa Koestler spent countless hours tracking her mother’s family of Mayers – her research is included under Koestler.

Have fun exploring.

Many have shared their research with me – see sources.

Sally’s Ancestors     Legends and Memories of St John’s Chapel

Sally’s Family Ghost Tales

What’s New         Civil War map of Hertford, parts of Northampton and Bertie Counties

Come on into the parlor!

some peculiar pronunciations of family names:
Parker — was pronounced Pack-er
Jordan — was  pronounced Jur-dan
Esther Cotten Moore first name was pronounce Easter
Sam Walkup’s ancestor spelled their surname many different ways but pronounced Wau-kup
I will add others when they come to mind. Sally
Powell – was pronounced Pou or Poor – hence Poortown. named for the Powell family
also P. x roads that became Powellsville

drawing from the NC Archives
Indeed, some of my ancestors had made their way to North Carolina in the 1600’s.

  This is an ongoing project – my working hypothesis!
Additions  and  corrections  welcomed.

 I enjoy hearing from you. 


 Sally Moore Koestler
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Under Home is found not only St. John Legends [Mulberry Grove area] but
River [ the Chowan with its seine fisheries plus some of the old mansions]
Pinetree [one of the very first settlements of the area. The road from Pinetree to Stoney Creek Bridge was within a few hundred feet of my childhood home.]
Tobacco Farm Culture [ a description of this labor intensive money crop of the area in the 1940-50’s]
Yankee Raids [during the War between the States]
and Jesse A Jackson and the Southern Star

and Family Ghosts

15 thoughts on “Home

  1. I am searching for the father of my gg grandfather Elias D Hays b1799 SC – d1850 GA. Some say his father was Elijah Hays b1775/78 SC/NC – d1845 Ala.
    I would appreciate any information you can give me.
    Thank you.
    Please EMail me agnes.pugh@att.net

  2. The work you have presented is an impeccable example of research.
    Thanking you for the time and effort you put into this page as well as the upkeep.
    Dr. D.

  3. Hello and thank you!! I’m a Smith-Sessums descendant, a Baker descendant, and a Whitfield-Smith-Hinton-Hunter-Bryan-etc.etc. descendant, and I’m connected to many others here by marriage or by our folks having been neighbors. Many roads leading me here! I’ve found some records pertaining to the Sessums–specifically, the wives of Jacob and Isaac, sons of Richard & Sarah. I now believe they were sisters, daughters of Joseph Newsom of Surry VA (not to be confused with his first cousin, Joseph of Isle of Wight/Southampton). Drop me a line, OK? Thanks again!!

  4. Great website! Thank you for maintaining this site. Do you have any information regarding Starkey Ward, Sr., b. 1814 d 1902 and/or his wife, Frances “Fannie” Huff, b. 1812 d 1899? These are my GGGrandparents and I can’t find anything beyond those names. I know they are buried in the Ward-Dempsey cemetery on property previously owned by C.D. Bazemore. Thank you Sally.

  5. I was born in Brownsville, Haywood County, Tennessee and the treasure trove of information on your website has help me find my ancestors. Thank you so much.

  6. Using Ancestry.com DNA test and family tree data, I have found out that I am four times great-granddaughter of Abner Rountree. My great-grandfather was Erastus Ephraim Rountree, born in December 1859. He was an orphan, and knew his mother’s name was Mary Ann Rountree, but did not know his father’s name or would not say. My grandfather Rountree refused to talk about his father’s family history, saying it was “sordid” and best forgotten. Does anyone know more about Mary Ann Rountree ( ancestry.com shows her being daughter of Nancy and Robert Rountree) and this branch of the Rountrees?

  7. I have just read your article on the Walston family . I hail from Abraham Mullen died 1780. I am interested in this connection . it seems Phillip Walston , Edward Turner , and my Abe were close . The Walston adopted Greenburry Mullen after Abe’s death . I’ am interested in any info on his brothers , Thomas and Joseph . Thomas being my line would be the upmost important !

    Thank you
    Michael Mullen

  8. I just found Sally’s Family Place website this morning. What a wonderful site! I’ve been researching the Rutland family who lived in the Bertie County area of NC back in the 1700s. I’m wondering if your family have any connections to the Rutlands, or even the Barfield’s who also lived in the Bertie County area.
    Sally, you have done a lot of research! You’ve done a great job!

    • Well, I descend thru Elizabeth Rutland and her husband Arthur Cotton. The James Rutland place was just a few miles from Mulberry Grove, their home, towards Roxobel.

      • Hi again,
        I have several Elizabeth Rutlands in my tree, but couldn’t find one who was married to an Arthur Cotten. Looking over other members trees in Ancestry.com and looking over your tree on Sally’s Family Place, I see your Elizabeth Rutland was a daughter of James Rutland (Sr) & Elizabeth Williams. I didn’t even have an Elizabeth listed as one of their children. (I had John Sr, James Jr, William & Mary Rutland listed as their children.) I’ll have to add Elizabeth, if that’s OK with you.

        So you descend through Elizabeth. I descend from Elizabeth’s brother John Rutland Sr who was my 6th great grandfather. (John Rutland Sr—>John Rutland Jr—> Blake Baker Rutland—> Lawrence Green Rutland—> Andrew Jackson Rutland—> Sally Rutland who married John Arthur Barfield, and they had my father John R Barfield.) That means we are distantly related :)

        If it’s ok with you, I’d like to ask permission for using some of your information that pertains to our joint relatives. I would identify your website ‘Sally’s Family Place’ as the source. But I’m asking your permission first.

        I’m on Ancesty if you want to check out my tree.
        I’ll look forward to hearing from you again!

  9. Was wondering if you ever explored a connection between James Rutland and Elizabeth Basse , marriage date 1650. I also found mention of a Richard Rutland on passenger ship arriving in Isle of Wight, VA 1641. A land grant to a Thomas Morrey (Morsey) in 1642 names Nathaniel Basse and Richard Rutland in same document. I suspect a connection. Trying to find the Rutland than immigrated to Isle of Wight, VA or Bertie/Chowan counties.

  10. Love your website I may have some information on the family of Francis Brown whom I am trying to connect, my father has a family bible from his grandfather Starkey Brown…it’s noted in the bible that Starkey’s father was William Jackson Brown, although the census shows Starkey living with a Thomas Brown.

  11. My G G Grandfather James Hudgins, G Grandfather John Hudgins came from Missouri then to Oklahoma. James and John both fought in the Civil War, Union side.

    Thank you for any information you may have. I will copy what I found this time on your informative pages.


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