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Sally's great-great-great-great-great-Grandparents &

William Freeman ca 1675 - 1736his parents 
& Mary Cording ca 1680 - aft 1736
her parents
of Norfolk Co, Virginia
& Chowan (Gates) County, North Carolina

              This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

   William Freeman, son of John Freeman ca 1650-ca 1711 and Hannah ?  was born about 1675 in Norfolk Co. VA and died 1736 in Gates Co. (then a part of Chowan Co)  
   He married Mary Cording who was the daughter of Thomas Cording and wife Elizabeth.  They lived on Catherine Creek Swamp near Cypress branch in Chowan Precinct, NC.

14 Oct 1714 Norfolk Co VA - Bk 9[2]-98
Upon the pet: of Wm ffreeman and Mary his wife Daughter of Thomas Cording deced: it is ordered the Sherif Sumo: the Executrix of the said Cording to appear at next Court to answer the said petr:

Children of William Freeman & Mary Cording:
1. Ann Freeman ca 1703 -
   married Michael Ward
a. Michael Ward Jr - will proved Feb 1772 Hertford Co, NC
          his executors were William Cordin Ward & Jacob Perry
        i. Thomas Ward  ca 1736 - will Bertie Co 1796
       ii. William Cordin Ward

   b. James Ward - died 1780 Bertie Co, NC
       married Martha Cherry will 1818 Bertie Co
              she married 2nd  Solomon Freeman
   c. Richard Ward  sold his Bertie land in 1757
      sold his Bertie land in 1757
              Possibly removed to Carteret Co where a Richard Ward patented 60 acres next to his old field in 1760
2. John Freeman ca 1710 - 1777
   married Tabitha ?(some say Hoyter)
a. William Freeman ca 1738 Chowan Co - 1802 Surry Co NC
       married Sarah Speight
        i. Josiah Freeman ca 1762
                    bought 1783 on the N side of the Yadkin 320 acres adj. to Samuel Freeman & Mears
        ii. Kiddy [Christian] Freeman
           married Mitchell
       iii. William Freeman
       iv. Polly Freeman
       v. Penelope Freeman
           married Haines
        vi. Manoah [Noah] Freeman
           married Surry Co 1 Jan 1790 Nancy Brown
        vii. John Freeman
        viii. Richard Freeman
        ix. David Freeman
         x. Tyre Freeman

   b. Jacob Freeman
   c. John Freeman
   d. Zilpah Freeman
       married Lewis Outlaw ca 1729 - aft 1800 Gates Co NC
   e. Tabitha Freeman
       married Mansfield
   f. Priscilla Freeman ca 1730 -
       married William Hinton  d. 1806 Gates Co
        i. Sally Hinton
       ii. John Hinton
       iii. William Hinton
       iv. Elizabeth Hinton 1768 - 10 July 1860
           married Lewis Thompson ca 1768 -
                1. Margaret Louisa Thompson 8 April 1808 -  16 March 1880
                   married John Taylor Johnstone ca 1800 -
                    a. Frances Ann Johnstone  6 Nov 1825 Annandale, Madison Co MS - 14 March 1907
                       married William J. Britton 1823 - 1871 
i. Margaret Louise [Maggie] Britton17 May 1844 - aft 1910 
                              living with mother F.A. Britton in 1880
                             married Rev. Charles C. Parsons 
                               1. Fanny B. Parsons 6 Dec 1878 Sharkley MS -
                                  married Hugh Graeme Thompson 1864 -
                                   a. Hugh Miller Thompson 1907 - 1928
                                       married Annie Mae White
                                   b. Margaret Thompson 1909 Jackson MS -
                                   c. John Thompson 1913 -
                                   d. Fannie Thompson 1915 -

                               2. Charles C. Parsons 1875 -
                                  married Elizabeth
                                   a. Charles C. Parsons, Jr 1906 -
                                   b. Elizabeth H. Parsons 1908 -

                         ii. William Britton 1853 -
                              married Mamie 1858 -
                                1. William Britton Jr 1880 -
                    b. Helen S. J. Johnstone 1846 -

   g. Richard Freeman
       married Christine Hinton
   h. Catherine Freeman
   i. Sarah Freeman

3. William Freeman ca 1712 - 1781
    married Christian Outlaw?
4. Thomas Freeman ca 1715 - aft 1763
   married ?
a. Thomas Freeman
    b.  Sarah Freeman

5. Richard Freeman ca 1718 - 1761
   married Ruth ?
a. Amos Freeman
         married Sarah Hunter d bef 1786
     b. Demsey Freeman
          married Sarah ?
     c. Mary Freeman
          married Thomas Rountree

6. Aaron Freeman ca 1720 - maybe 1740  died single person underage
       Bertie Co Deed Bk G 65: John Freeman of Chowan Co to Samuel Freeman; 12 June 1747. 640 A.  "inconsideration of Naturall love and Affection...more especially out of full Complying & fulfilling of the Last Will & Testament of my father William Freeman late of Chowan Co... which was proved in due form of Law before Wm. Smith Esq & Cheif Judge of the Province aforesaid... He did bequeath to my two Brothers Aaron & Samuel Freeman & Aaron now being Dec'd before he was of Lawful age & dieing intestate his Inheritance descending to me the Eldest brother..." land a patent to Henry Roads 1 April 1723. By him sold to William Freeman 22 Sept 1733. Wit: Thomas Walton, Thomas Rountree, Jr, Thomas Rountree, Sen. NC Court 31 July 1747. E Hall C J.

7. Samuel Freeman ca 12 June 1726 Chowan Co  - 1796 Surry Co NC
       Bertie Co Deed Bk H 146: Samuel Freeman, carpenter, to Peter Evans, carpenter 7 March 1752, 25 pds for 640 A. on Cypress Swamp adj. Coll. William Maule. Wit: Richard Brown, John Smith. Feb Ct. 1755.
             Samuel Freeman then moved to Granville Co 1752
             His grave was near Siloam on a Knoll overlooking the Yadkin River Valley

       married Elizabeth Alexander?
a. Aaron Freeman 11 Sept 1751 Bertie Co - aft 1809 Surry Co NC
          married Hillsboro ca 1776 Nancy Hawkins 
          i. John Freeman [went to TN]
         ii. Abner Freeman ca 1783 - 1854 Lincoln Co TN  - 33 children
               married a Cunningham
               married 2nd a Underwood
               married 3rd Drucilla Moore
          iii. Richard Freeman [said to have gone to St. Louis MO]
          iv. James Freeman ca 1780 [in hh of Alexander H Freeman 1850]
          v. Elizabeth Freeman
               married John Ryser
          vi. Rachel Freeman
                married John Ryan [moved to Adair Co KY]
          vii. Polly Freeman
                married William Cunningham [lived Surry Co NC]
          viii. Nicholas Freeman ca 1799 - [lived Surry Co NC] school teacher
           ix. Alexander Hawkins Freeman ca 1796 -  1858 Surry Co NC
                married ca 1818 Sally Mosely

     b. Joshua Freeman 14 April 1754 Granville Co - Sept 1832 Knox Co TN
          married Lucy King?
           i. Elizabeth Freeman 28 Oct 1774 -
              married Joseph Kirby
           ii. Temperance Freeman 2 Sept 1776 - 
               married 1st Reuben Grant d 27 Mar 1809
               married 2nd Knox Co TN ca 24 Apr 1813 Richard Kearby
            iii. Moses Freeman 5 Apr 1780 - nfi
            iv. Nancy Freeman 20 Aug 1782 - 4 Nov 1862 Pike Co GA
                 married 17 Aug 1809 Foster Freeman  1st cousin
            v. Mary [Polly] Freeman 10 Nov 1785 - 12 Jan 1858
                 married Surry Co 16 Nov 1804 Rev. Jeremiah King
            vi. Joshua Freeman 10 May 1791 - aft Sept 1832

          married  2nd Margaret ?
     c. Rachel Freeman 7 April 1755 Granville Co - 11 Nov 1840 Surry Co NC 
          married 12 Nov 1791 Jeremiah Early
            i. Sarah Early 3 Nov 1792 - living 1851  labeled idiot
           ii. Asa Early say 1793 - 1833 Stokes Co NC
               married 22 April 1821 Polly Kirby
           iii. Elizabeth Early 22 May 1794 - living 1851 
           iv. Sion Early say 1795 - 1851 Wythe Co VA
                married 28 Feb 1816 Sally Haines d. 1871
           v. Nancy Early 1 April 1796 - living 1851
                married 15 July 1818 Joseph Howard said to have moved to MO

     d. James Freeman 10 Jan 1757 Granville Co - Sept 1827 Blount Co TN
          married Lucy Foster dau of John Foster of Franklin Co
           i. John Freeman
          ii. Druid J Freeman  moved to GA ca 1837
               married Blount Co TN 2 May 1820 Betsy Thompson
         iii. Eliza Freeman
               married Blount Co TN 1822 Rev. J. Doser
         iv. Robert Freeman
          v. James Freeman 20 Aug 1782 - 4 Nov 1862 Spalding Co GA
                married Sarah Bailey
          vi. Foster Freeman 5 Mar 1787 - 28 June 1846 near Griffen, Pike Co GA
               married Surry Co NC 17 Aug 1809 Nancy Freeman 1st cousin

     e. Nancy/Nanny Freeman 13 Jan 1759 Granville Co - TN
          married James Badget d. Knox Co TN
            i. Abraham Badgett ca 1772 - ca 1862
                married Surry Co 13 Dec 1810 Mickey Holser
                married 2nd? 8 June 1830 Sophia Hunter
           ii. Samuel Badgett  dsp left will 15 July 1830 Blount Co TN
          iii. James Badgett Jr. 
                married Knox Co TN 23 Nov 1820 Susanna Harris
          iv. Burrell Freeman Badgett 
                 married Surry Co NC 19 Jan 1814 Lucy Forkner
           v. Lucy Badgett
                married Surry Co NC 29 Dec 1794 Edward Lovill
          vi. Elizabeth Badgett 
                 married Surry Co NC 12 March 1801 Robert Cole Carlos lived Blount Co TN
                 married 2nd William Pryor
          vii. Ransom Badgett
                 married Caswell Co NC 15 Jan 1803 Nancy Carlos
          viii. Rebecca Badgett 
                  married Nathaniel Horne  d 1835 with will Knox Co TN

1718  Chowan Co. Deed Book B #1   p607 Thomas Garrett. Sr of Chowan Prect. and Bethia his wife to  William Freeman of the same Prect. 10 July 1718 80 sterling 250 acres on the south side of Katherine Creek swamp joining Walter Draughan near ye fork of a branch known as Cypress branch, Michael Brinkley and the sd creek swamp all houses, Orchards etc.   part of a patent for 500 acres dated 15 May 1697 
Wit: Thomas Garrett, Jr; Michael Ward; John Goodwin Rec. 11 Nov 1718

1718  Chowan Co. Deed Book B #1   p608 William Freeman of Chowan Prect. & Mary his wife to Michael Ward (res. not given) 11 July 1718 40 Pounds sterling 100 acres more or less on the south side of Katherine Creek swamp near Hickory Neck, joining a branch, the sd Freeman, the said Ward, & Walter Draughan part of a patent for 500 acres dated 15 May 1697 
Wit: Thomas Garrett, Jr; John Goodwin; Thomas Garrett, Sr. Rec. 11 Nov 1718

1733    8-3-1733 Thomas Hyter, King et al Chief man of the Chowan Indians, 
200 ac to Michael Ward on Catherine Creek 
Wit: John Freeman, Robert Hicks, (NCReg 2-609)

1740   3-1-1740 Michael Ward of Chowan and Ann his wife to William Bly of Bertie a tract of 100 ac on the south side of Catherin Creek to a mulberry tree standing in the place where Michael Ward and Wm Freeman did live adjacent to Walter Draughn.
 Wit: John Parker, John Champion.

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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