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Sally's great-great-great-great-great-great Grandparents:

John Edwards ca 1696 - 1765 his parents 
&1719/20 Zilpah Blount
|  her parents
& ca 1723 Elizabeth [Rice?] ca 1705 - ca 1748
|  her parents
& ca 1748 Mary [Madock?]
|  her parents
of Bertie (Northampton County), North Carolina

  This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

 ca 1696  John Edwards son of John Edwards and wife Dorcas was born.
He married 1st Zilpah Blount daughter of Thomas and Mary Blount.
 On 6 April 1719 Zilpah Blount and John Edwards witnessed a deed. 
 On 25 Nov 1720 Zilpah Edwards and John Edwards witnessed a deed.
Ca 1723, he married 2nd Elizabeth Rice daughter of John Rice of Chowan Co, NC . He and his wife Elizabeth made deeds as early as 1724 and bought 595 acres on both sides of Bear Swamp on April 1745--They sold part of it that year and in 1747, keeping 254 acres.
 1741-1745 - He was Northampton Co, NC county clerk. 
Ca 1748,  he married 3rd Mary --- . 
His son John was NH Co Clerk 1748-1764. 
He (or/and his son John) was appointed to many committees in the Provincal government. 
1754 He was a Vestryman for the Parish of St George and was on committee "for the advancement of Protestant Religion." 
He signed a codicil to his will on 28 Dec 1764 and
 the will was proved May Ct 1765.

Child of John Edwards and Zilpah Blount:
1. Thomas Edwards ca 1722 - ca 1780 Dobbs Co
     married Mary William? 17??  - bef 1800

Children of John Edwards and Elizabeth Rice:
1. John Edwards, Jr ca 1724 - 1764 Nhamp. Co
     married Sarah ______
2. Rice Edwards ca 1726 - 1766 Nhamp. Co
     married Charity Parker will 1788
3. Cullen Edwards ca 1728 - 1784 Halifax Co.
     married Martha Whitmell 9 Jan1739/40 - 1793 Halifax Co
          dau of Thomas Whitmell of Bertie Co will 1779 recorded Martin Co
4. Ann Edwards ca 1730 - bef Sept 1775
     married James Barnes ca 1727 - 1775 Halifax Co
       son of James Barnes d. 1745 Bertie Co and Martha Jones d. 1771 NH Co
              line of David Gammon
5. Mary Edwards 1733 - Nhamp. Co
     married Jonas Wood will 1790
6. Elizabeth Edwards ca 1736-bef 1786 Nhamp. Co
     married bef 1761 James Dancy will 1790 NH Co
       he married 2nd 15 June 1786 Sarah ---
        who bef 1794 married James Vincent 2nd

Child of John Edwards and Mary ------:
1. Madock Edwards ca 1748-bef 1777 Rowan Co

9 Jan 1719 John Edwards Jr on list of freeholders along with father between Salmon Creek and "Cashy River"

Hofmann--Chowan Precinct Deed Abstracts 1696-1723

#1513 p 309 John Edwards of Albemarle Co and Zilpah my wife to Captain John Powell, Mariner, 30 Oct 1722 50 pounds Current Money of NC acres being all that Portion of Land bequeathed unto my sd wife Zilpah by the will of her mother dec'd in Pursurance of the will of her father Thomas Blount of the afrsd Co decd all Orchards, Fields, Pastures, etc Wit: John Porter, John Swinson, William Downing. Ack 31 Oct 1722 before me C Gale Ch Justice Reg 9 Nov 1722

Bradley --Deeds of NH Co NC 1759-1774---Deed book 4 #699 (19) Rix Edwards planter of NH Co to Jonas Wood planter of same 19 Sept 1766 35 pounds proclamation 680 acres (167 acres had been deeded from Theophilus Hunter to John Edwards 13 Apr 1753 joining S side of Pottocasi Creek Thos Sharly, Thos Futral; 520 acres joining Wooldrige, James Lassiter, Theophilus Hunter, Mossey Woolridge) which land had been willed by John Edwards to his son Rice Edwards. Rice Edwards Wit: Gustavius -------, Thos Martin, Wm. Williams, Nov Ct. 1766 CCWillie Jones, J Davey, P. Reg.

Genealogical abstracts of wills Northampton Co, NC by Hofmann

Will Book One, will 79, pg 119, John Edwards 1 December 1764 February Court 1765 to my son Thomas Edwards all my land in R? Co and 2 negroes; to my daughters Mary Edwards and Elizabeth Edwards negroes etc. each at age 21 or on the day of marriage; to my wife Sarah Edwards 3 negroes, the plantation whereon I now live including the land defined by a line made by my father John Edwards, the land on Bear Swamp and the remainder of my Estate after my just debts are paid to my father John Edwards the part of my land whereon his new corn field stands money remaining after debts are paid to go to my wife and three children; should children Thomas, Mary, or Elizabeth die under 21 or before marriage share of estate to go to surviving child or children. Extrs: James Dancy and Thomas Hunter; Wits: Joseph Sikes, W. Jackson

Will 81 pg 122 John Edwards 4 December 1764 May Court 1765
to son Thomas Edwards 50 pounds lent to him heretofore, my best suit of Cloths, one pair of velvet Breeches, one beaver hat andWigg, two of my best holland shirts and crevats
to my son John Edwards 80 acres on Coniconary Swamp in Halifax Co. which was granted by Earl Granville all my Coopers tools, saws, all my Books which lie upon my Desk etc.
to my son Rice Edwards land and plantation whereon he now lives with 520 new patent land , negroes etc and other necessaries in Northampton Court House
my son Cullen Edwards being in actual possession of valuable lands by me purchased and also two negroes, I hereby bequeath unto him my silver watch, one pair of brass pistols etc.
to my wife Mary Edwards one negro, bed and furniture, chair, etc
to my daughters Ann Barnes, Mary Wood, and Elizabeth Dancy money to be paid in gold or silver and two silver spoons marked I E each
to my son Madock Edwards 600 acres in Rowan Co whereon Ft Dobbs now stands and 290 acres of Land and plantation whereon Thomas Flanner now lives and also 6 silver spoons, one pair of gold Buttons, Horse, negroes, etc at age 21
profit of the labor of my negroes to be used for wife and son Madock
lend wife Mary negroes for her lifetime and residue of money after Cash legacies are paid to my 3 Daughters
a good dwelling to be built upon sd Madock's plantaion at expiration of sd Thomas Flanner's lease.
Extrs: my sons John and Cullen
Wits: Benjamin Bryan; Charles Bryan; Thomas Flanner; John Hughlett
Codicil my son John Edwards "having departed this life" the 80 acres granted by Earl Granville on Roan Oak river in Halifax Co to go to my son Cullen Edwards
my son in law James Dancy to be joint Extr. with my son Cullen 28 Dec 1764
Wits: Thomas Flanner; Green Hill; Henry Dawson

Grandchildren of John Edwards c1696-1765:

Children of Thomas Edwards c 1722- c 1780 & Mary Williams?:
1.  John Edwards (Dobbs taxable 1769) nfi
2.  Cullen Edwards
       married a Miss Best  had at least two maybe four daughters
3.  Col. Thomas Edwards 6 Feb 1753
- 23 June 1816 Greene Co
            (tombstone says he was killed by a slave)
        married Jan 1809 Winifred ?  no issue
4.  William Edwards left issue
5.  Zilpha Edwards     -died 31 March 1808 SC
        married Sands Stanley  
13 known children
                      ancestors of  Becky Brown

6.  Molly Edwards
        married Mr. Hill of Lenoir Co, NC
7.  Nancy Edwards
        married Mr. Sheppard of Pitt Co, NC
8.  Elizabeth Edwards ca 1761
        married Blaney Harper, Greene Co, NC (2nd wife we think)
9.  Henry Edwards
        marriage license 7 Nov 1787  Dobbs Co
10. Theophilus Edwards 14 Feb 1765 - 7 Sept 1834
        married 2 Jan 1797 Elizabeth Sheppard 15 Oct 1780 - 27 Feb 1864
        a. Mary W Edwards 15 Oct 1798 - 3 Nov 1863
             married James Glasgow Sheppard

             i. Elizabeth Ann Catherine Sheppard 12 Jan 1833
                 married 14 Jul 1853 Dempsey Edwards

       b. Benjamin Sheppard Edwards 10 May 1800 -
            married Jemima Powell 9 Feb 1802 - 22 Jun 1855
                         daughter of Roderick Powell
       c. Catherine Edwards 21 Mar 1806 -
            married Titus Holliday

             i. Ann Elizabeth Holliday 28 Feb 1824 -
            married William A Darden
             ii. Julia Catharine Darden 10 Dec 1827 -

       d. Thomas W Edwards 14 Jan 1809 -
       e. Ann Edwards 22 Mar 1811 -
       f. Theophilus Thomas Edwards 25 Mar 1813 -
       g.  Winefred Edwards 15 Mar 1815 - 11 Feb 1879
            married Drewry A Sugg 7 Sep 1817 - 23 Sep 1893
       h. James Madison Edwards 15 Jun 1817 -
       i. James Glasgow Edwards 9 Sep 1819 - 1850 
              Bible record  NCGSJ VI -226
                          above research by Ruth Fentress

Children of John Edwards, Jr. c1724-1764 and Sarah ----:
1. Thomas Edwards
left lands in Rowan Co. died 1784 Halifax Co
      married 1st Penelope Langley 1762 - 1800

       dau of Thomas & Lucy (Smith) Langley of Halifax Co
        she married 2nd 1785 Jacob Battle of Edgecombe Co. and had issue.

2. Mary Edwards
3. Elizabeth Edwards ca 1757 - 1778
     probably married 1st William Turner died 1775 of Bertie Co,
        son of William Turner and had issue
married 2nd 1777 Turner Smith 1757-1778 of Halifax Co,

Children of Rice Edwards will 1766 and wife Charity Parker?:
1. John Edwards
       Did he die 1797 in NH Co leaving a wife Sarah and Children:
          Matthew & John Edwards?

2. Isaac Edwards

Children of Cullen Edwards and Martha Whitmell:
1. Cullen Edwards died underage
2 John Edwards dec by 1795 
     married Sarah Hill
     a. John Hill Edwards
3. Martha Edwards
     married John Haywood 1762 - 1826 Davidson Co, TN
4. Elizabeth Edwards
     married Col. Henry Dawson died 1800 Halifax Co
5. Mary Harriot Edwards 1771 - 1817
     married 1st 1793 Thomas Knibb Wynne died 1794 of Franklin Co
     married 2nd 1797 Alexander Falconer died 1818 of Franklin Co
6. Anne Rebecca Edwards
7. Dorothy Edwards nfi

Children of Ann Edwards and James Barnes:
        from info supplied by David B Gammon
1. daughter who was married by 1775
2. daughter who was married by 1775
3. Catherine Barnes
    married Willis Boddie
        son of William Boddie and Mary Bennett
    a. Willie Willis Boddie  - d 1814 NH Co NC
       married Jane Toole of Edgecombe Co - d 1818

        i. Willis Henry Boddie July 1788 - nfi
        ii. Sabrina Toole Boddie 22 Feb 1787 - 6 Aug 1867 Rankin Co Miss
            married Ricks Lawrence 25 Dec 1774 - 3 June 1824 NH Co NC 
                                    He was son of John Lawrence and Mary Duke
1.  Maria Ann Caroline Boddie 6 Sept 1804 - Watauga Co NC
                           married James Moore Granberry
                      2.  Matilda Ricks Boddie 28 Jan 1806 -
                      3.  Jane Toole Boddie 17 Mar 1809 -
                             married first Simon Peter Frierson
                             married  second Simon Peter Jordan
                      4.  Sabrina Toole Boddie 26 Dec 1811-
                      5.  Martha Willie Boddie 10 April 1814 - 1884 Mount Pleasant,TN
                              married Benjamin Rush Harris
                       6.  Willie WIllis Boddie 10 June 1817 -
                       7.  John David Boddie 23 Aug1819 -
       b. Martha Boddie
       c. Mary Boddie

4. James Barnes 31 Aug 1768 - 18 Oct 1822 Halifax Co
     married 14 April 1789 Temperance Altherton 11 Oct 1768 - 9 May 1841
           dau of Col. Jeptha Atherton of Northampton Co and wife Betty [Thorpe] Jarrell
     a. Lavinia Dorothy Barnes 15 Jan 1808 - 26 Oct 1848
      married 24 Nov 1829 Whitmel John Hill 17 July 1804 - 25 Feb 1872
            son of Thomas Blount Hill and Rebecca Norfleet    grad. Yale U. 1823
         i. Rebecca Norfleet Hill 15 Sept 1830 - 24 Oct 1915 Scotland Neck
            married 22 Dec 1852 Peter Evans Smith 
                      son of William Ruffin Smith and Susan Evans
         ii. Atherton Barnes Hill 29 June 1833 - 9 Feb 1905
            married 17 Dec 1856 Mary Elizabeth Hyman
         iii. Thomas Norfleet Hill 12 Mar 1838 - 24 July 1904
             married 4 June 1861 Eliza Evans Hall
                  line of Stuart Hall Hill who left the genealogical papers in the archives
             married 1 Mar 1887 Mary Amis Long
         iv. Lucy Ann Hill 12 Aug 1840 - 24 May 1924 Brooklyn NY
             married 13 April 1865 Gilbert Elliott of Elizabeth City NC
         v. Louisa Catherine Hill 4 June 1843 - 9 Aug 1923
             married 5 Jan 1863 Benjain Gordon Smith
                      son of William Ruffin Smith and Susan Evans

         vi. James Charles Hill 20 Jan 1846 - 18 May 1900 dsp

     b. Jeptha A Barnes 5 Aug 1790 - 27 Sept 1818
      married 16 Feb 1813 Mary Clark Williams 16 Mar 1796 - 27 Feb 1817

         i. Charity Dawson Barnes 26 Jan 1814 - 1 May 1846
             married Col. Whitmel Hill Anthony and left issue
         ii. Temperance Atherton Barnes 12 Nov 1815 - dy

5. perhaps other daughters married by 1775

James Barnes also had a son with Jane Barksdale:
1. Hiram Barksdale [named in his nuncupative will]

Children of Mary Edwards and Jonas Wood (will pro 1790 NH):
1. James Wood  7 Jan 1749/50-1797
      married Christian Freeman
2. Mary Wood   died 22 Oct 1813
       married Lemuel Lawrence 1744 - 1811
               ancestors of Karen
3. Jonas Wood died 1804
      married Rebecca -----
4. Elizabeth Wood died ca 1816
       married 1st. ca 1785 James Dickinson died c1787
       married 2nd. William Bridgers died 1796
       married 3rd. Lazeros Carter died 1803
       married 4th. Cornelius Moore died 1823
5. Martha Wood
       married Benjamin Clifton died 1797
       married 2nd William B Cheatham
6. Cullen Wood ca 1770-1792
       married 12 Aug 1791 Sally Freeman
          she married 2nd Thomas Sutton
7. Lawrence Wood

Children of Elizabeth Edwards and James Dancy:
1. John Dancy
2. Benjamin Dancy
3. James Dancy
4. Elizabeth Dancy ca 1780 -     ancestors of Dianne Anderson
      married 6 Sep 1800 in Rowan Co, NC
James Pinkerton
5. Rebecca Dancy
       married Thomas Eaton by 1797
6. William Dancy

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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