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 Sally's great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandparents:

John Lawrence ca 1641 - ca 1696 his parents
Mary Power? ca 1648 - aft 1700 |  her parents
of Nansemond County, Virginia

  This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!    

  ca 1641 - John Lawrence, son of Robert Lawrence & Elizabeth his wife was born in Nansemond County Va.   
  Sept. 25, 1663 - John Lawrence patented 625 acres of land on the west side of Chowanoke River in North Carolina next to his older brother Robert Lawrence   

Traveling South through the rivers to North Carolina [NC Archives]
Both John  and his brother Robert patented land in 1663 in what is now Bertie County
on the east side of Salmon Creek

  2 Jan, 1696 - He signed his will in Nansemond Co VA .
  after 1700 - His wife Mary signed her name at Quaker Meetings as Mary Lawrence, widow.

Children of John Lawrence and his wife Mary Power:
1.  Ann Lawrence 20 Sept 1666 - 3 Feb 1726/27 Isle of Wight Co, VA
            Ann made her will 3 Feb 1726/27 and it was recorded 27 March 1727 
   married 1678 Jeremiah Exum ca 1650 - bef 28 March 1720 Chuckatuck District, Namsemond Co

                 Justices of the County Court of Isle of Wight in 1693-94
          Jeremiah made his will on 3 September 1712, and it was recorded 28 March 1720. 
2. Priscilla Lawrence ca 1664 -
    married Matthew Whitfield of Nansemond Co, VA 
               and moved to Bertie Co, NC
3. John Lawrence ca 1668 - 1739
    married Margaret Murphy 1670 - 1749
4. daughter deceased prior 1696
   married Henry Sanders
5. daughter deceased prior 1696
   married Richard Taylor 
6. Mary Lawrence ca 1680 - bef 1736
    married John Thomas of Nansemond Co.
             She was his second wife. Moved to Bertie Co.

7. Robert Lawrence ca 1690 - 1744 Bertie Co, NC
    married Elizabeth ?  moved to Bertie Co
8. Elizabeth Lawrence ca 1692 - before 9 Feb 1708 
             willed her land to sister Priscilla

Grandchildren of John Lawrence & Mary ?  

Children of Priscilla Lawrence and Matthew Whitfield:
1. Elizabeth Whitfield ca 1690-  
         married John Smith

2. William Whitfield 1688-1770  
               rem to Bertie Co, NC & then to Lenoir Co, NC
            married 1713 in Chowan Co, NC
Elizabeth Goodman

Children of Mary Lawrence & John Thomas:
don't know if any.
        He did  have children by his first wife a Miss Rogers

Children of John Lawrence and Margaret Murphy:

1. John Lawrence  ca 1698 - 1772 Isle of Wight Co
     married 9 Jun 1740 Martha Ricks
2. William Lawrence  ca 1700 -  1757 Isle of Wight Co
     married 1st Penelope Browne
     married 2nd  Sarah Applewhite
3. Margaret Lawrence ca 1703
     married 1st John Daughtry, son of William
     married aft 1749 2nd Thomas Langford
4. Priscilla Lawrence ca 1705
5. Mary Lawrence ca 1707
     married Robert Carr
6. Sarah Lawrence ca 1710
      married William Moore ca 1710-1771
7. Elizabeth Lawrence ca 1713

Children of Robert Lawrence and Elizabeth ?:
1. John Lawrence ca 1721-1788
       married  Jane Walston dau of Phillip
2. George Lawrence ca 1723 - 1755
       married ca 1745 Sarah [perhaps she was the sister of Joseph Parker]
          [Thomas Sutton named his brother-in- law William Jordon Jr as his executor
                his sister Elizabeth was married to William Jordon Jr]

         Sarah married  2nd ca 1757 -Thomas Sutton died 1777
3.  Humphrey Lawrence ca 1726-1772
       married ca 1753 Ann Ashley
4. William Lawrence ca 1728 - 1759
       married  Elizabeth
         she married 2nd William Cobb
5. Elizabeth Lawrence ca 1731 - 1788
       married Thomas Sutton March 25 1699 - 2 March 1750/51
       married  Thomas Speller died 1754
       married  by 1759 Samuel Spruill aft 1765
6. Thomas Lawrence ca 1733-1763
       married  ca 1752 Elizabeth Williamson ?
        she married ca 1774 2nd Edward Griffin
7. Robert Lawrence ca 1735 - aft 1788 ?
8. Martha Lawrence ca 1738/43 - aft 1788
       married ca 1758 Joseph Parker  1811 - 18 March 1798
         after Martha's death he married 2nd Amelia King 1762 - 1816

Children of Ann Lawrence and Jeramiah Exum:
In his will he names daughter Elizabeth; daughter Mourning; daughter Christian, the land I bought of James Collins; granddaughter Catherine Scott; my cousin Jane Exum; daughter Sarah; daughter Mary; daughter Jane; wife. Witnessed by John Gibbs, Thomas Godwin, Jr., Mary Godwin.
1. Mary Exum   1678 - 1737 in Edgecombe Co NC age 59 yrs  
    married 1st 14 Oct 1699 Jacob Ricks 17 March 1677 - May 1703 age 26 yrs
                        son of Isaac Ricks [Sr.]

                        son of Isaac Ricks [Sr.]
will 1724 and Catherin ? 
        a. Isaac Ricks 1701 IofW Va -
             married Sarah ?
        b. Martha Ricks

    married 2nd William Murphy Jr. 1650 - ca April 1715
       c. Ann Murphy
    married 3rd by Sept 1719 Barnaby McKinne  aft 1665 - 
                  son of Michael McKinne 
[Mackquinney] and Elizabeth ? son of Michael McKinne  [Mackquinney] and Elizabeth ? 
  moved to Bertie Co JP by 1724, Judge of the General Court in 1725
         and a member of the General Assembly from Edgecombe in 1735

       Children of Barnaby McKinne and 1st wife Mary ?  d ca 1714  
        d. Barnaby McKinne will 1736
        e. William McKinne died 1738
        f. John McKinne d. 1753
        g. Richard McKinne d. 1755
        h. Robert McKinne
        i. Mourning McKinne
            married John Pope
        j. Patience McKinne
              married Joseph Lane Jr
        k. Christian McKinne
              married William Hurst
       l. Mary Jane McKinne
               married John Brown

2. Richard Exum 1680 - bef 28 Sept 1719 dsp
3. Ann Exum 1683 - 1730 age 37   died without issue
     married in I of W VA 1705 George Green 
4. Jane Exum 1686 -
     married Feb 1718/19 William Richard Oudelant [Outland] 6 Nov 1682 Nanse. - aft 1727 IofW
                     son of William Oudelant and Christian Taberer
a. Richard Exum Outland
                  named in grandmother's will
      b. Joseph Oudelant
      c. William Oudelant ca 1720 IofW -
      d. John Oudelant ca 1720 IofW -
           married 7 May 1741 Elizabeth Wilkenson d. bef 1747
            married 2nd 21 Jan 1747/48 Elizabeth Braise
      e. Thomas Oudelant ca 1724 - aft 1808 Wayne Co NC
             married 10 Jan 1743/44 Elizabeth White
      f. Edmund Oudelant ca 1725 -
      g. Christian Oudelant ca 1726 -

Mary Oudelant/Outland ca 1727 - 
5. Sarah Exum 1688 - bef 03 Feb 1726/27 IofW
     married 1719
Robert Lawrence ca 1662 I of W VA -
                        son of Robert Lawrence and Jane Rodgers
      a. Robert Lawrence  d bef 28 Jan 1743/44 IofW
      b. Ann Lawrence 
      c. Samuel Lawrence ca 1719 - bef 25 Oct 1763
            married 1st Darden
            married 2nd Ann Williamson
       d. Jeremiah Lawrence ca 1720 - bef 2 Dec 1755 dsp
       e. John Lawrence ca 1723 - 5 Jan 1758 IofW VA

6.  Mourning Exum 1690 -
      married William Scott Jr.

        a. Catherine Scott
        b. Exum Scott

      married Hardy Lawrence
7.  Elizabeth Exum 1692 -
8.  Christian [Catherine] Exum 1692 - aft 6 Nov 1727 approx. 37 yrs of age
       married bef 3 Sept 1712 Godwin

        a. Katherine Godwin
       married 1719 George Norsworthy of I of W
                son of Tristram Norsworthy
           George was 1st married to Martha Pitt dau of Colonel John Pitt

   note -- usually Catherine and Christian was the same person 

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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