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Sally's great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandparents:

James Rutland  ca 1682 - bef 1751  | his parents
& ca 1708 Elizabeth Williams ca 1685 -   |  her parents
of Chowan & Bertie Counties, North Carolina

    This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

    James Rutland and Elizabeth Williams were married on or prior to April 6, 1708 when Lewis Williams made a deed of gift (100 acres) to his daughter and son-in-law James and Elizabeth Rutland.   It appears that they had married  earlier as James Rutland Jr made a petition to the the NC Executive Council in 1723.

  Elizabeth Williams was the daughter of Lewis Williams and his wife Mary.

Children of James Rutland and first wife.

1. James Rutland Jr. ca 1702 - ca 1755

Children of James Rutland and Elizabeth Williams:
1. Mary Rutland ca 1708 - well before 1770
      married ca 1725 Thomas Barfield will 23 Mar 1768 prob. 1770
            Cotney is named as wife in will

April 6, 1708  Lewis Williams made a deed of gift (100 acres Point of Highland on Katherine Creek) to his daughter and son-in-lawJames and Elizabeth Rutland. [the sd. 100 acres for their lives and then to fall to the first child begotten of them be it male or female and the sd. Rutland to let me keep a Cartway to ye landing]

April 1714 James Rutland  260 acres in Chowan Prect on Deep Creek joining ye bottom of the fork,  the N ermost branch, Capt. Fred Jones, John Bays, and the sd creek.  Wit: Thos. Pollock, Thos. Boyd, N. Chevin, Wm. Reed, T. Knight

20 July 1715 Chowan Prect. At a court at the house of Henry King
Tredle Keef and John Mainer being attached of a Breach of the trust reposed in him by the Publick, it is ordered that the Marshall take ye sd. Keef and Mainer into Custody until they give bond to appear at ye Next Generall Court and that Robert Evans of Petty Shore and Thomas Brown and James Rutland be Summoned Evidences on behalf of our Soverign Lord the King.
[Deed Book B#1 Chowan Co, NC --abstract by Hofmann]

  8 Dec 1716 James Rutland  330 acres, joining Jacob Conroe, Fleetwood, Fleetwood's Gut & ye river. Cha Eden, X Gale, N chevin, Fra. Foster, T Knight  
II p 346 NC Precinct 1663-1729 abstracts of land patents

1716/17 tax list of Chowan prect. James Rutland listed with 560 acres.

18 Mar 1717 Mary Williams, widow and relict of Lewis Williams of Chowan Prect. to James Rutland of Chowan Prect, planter 10 formerly sold by my husband Lewis Williams in his lifetime, the sd land lying on the west side of Katherine Creek and joining Robert Rogers Wit: Precilla West, George Lumley Reg. 7 Nov 1718

30 June 1718 William Graddy of Chowan Prect. to James Ruttland 4 sterling 50 acres joinning Thomas Johnson, Ruttland and Deep Creek  all houses, Orchard etc.    Wit: William Crawford, John Ellie Reg. 7 Nov 1718

5 Apr 1720 James Rutland 170 acres in Chowan Precent in Ahotsky Woods, joining, Ahotsky Swamp & Reedy Pocoson wit: C Eden, Thos Pollock, Wm Reed, Richd Sanderson, Fra Foster. III p13 NC Precinct 1663-1729 abstracts of land patents 

5 Apr 1720 James Rutland 70 acres in Chowan p. in Ahotsky woods. wit: C Eden, Thos Pollock, Wm Reed, Richd Sanderson, Fra Foster. III p13 NC Precinct 1663-1729 abstracts of land patents 

Nov 7 1723  Minutes of the Executive Council p128 --Petition of James Rutland Jr setting forth that James Rutland Sr sometime agoe obtained a patent for 70 A in Bertie--which is not cultivated--pray it be granted to him--so ordered.

7 Nov 1723 James Rutland Pat. for 600 acres .

11 Jan 1724 Robert Radford and wife Susanna to James Rutland 5 for 200 acres adj James Rutland, Robert Sherwood. Wit: Ann Furgarrell, Thomas Watson. Feb Ct 1724.

9 Feb 1724 James Rutland and wife Elizabeth to William Daniel 50 for 100 acres at Deep Creek Bridge, adj "fiery - Bent's former line" Wit: John Sutton, Johnson Nairne, Thomas Whipple. Feb Ct 1724

12 May 1725 Robert Sherwood to James Rutland 15 for 540 acres bounded by Pat granted me April 5, 1720 "100 a. out of patent to Robert McCreary only excepted where he now dwells..." Wit: William Whitehead, Thomas Boon. Aug Ct 1725 John Winns D C/C

9 Nov 1725 Robert Radford & wife Susanna to James Rutland 10 for 450 a. adj Lawrance Baker, William Whitfield, Wit: John Sutton, James Duafless.  Nov. Ct 1725.

Feb 4, 1725/26  B-72 James Rutland & wife Eliza (Elizabeth) to Thomas & Mary Barfield . For love and affection to our son-in-law & daughter 100 A. NE side Katherine Creek which was given by Lewis Williams dec'd unto James & Elizabeth Rutland on April 6. 1708. Wit: Joseph Horton, John Henard, Henry Baker. Feb Ct 1725.

Feb 7 1725 B-68 James Rutland to Henry Baker of Virginia 10 for 100 acres on WS Katherine Creek which was sold by Mary Williams to James Rutland on March 18 1717/18 Wit: Joseph Horton, Thomas Barfield, John Henord. Feb Ct 1725

Feb 7 1725/26 B-70 Thomas Barfield & wife Mary to Henry Baker of Virginia. 13 for 100 acres on NE side Katherine Creek sold by Lewis Williams unto James and Elizabeth Rutland by deed dated April 6, 1708 & by them sold to Thos. & Mary Barfield on Feb 4 1725/26. Wit: Joseph Horton, John Henard, Henry Barfield Feb. Ct 1725

15 Feb 1726 B-203 Abel Curtiss to James Rutland 14 for 200 a. on Cassiah Branch adj. James Rutland, Robert Sherwood. Wit: John Sutton, James ? Feb Ct 1726.

2 Aug 1727 James Rutland 225 acres northernly of Morattock River joining Henry Baker, William Whitfield, and the side of a pocoson. Wit: R. Everard, C. Gale, E. Moseley, R. Sanderson, T. Pollock, T. Harvey, E. Gale.

1 Nov 1728 James Rutland  pat. 600 acres

1729 c-98 George Stevens to James Rutland 120 for 400 a. between Ahoskey and Sandy Run... 160 a. patent by Owen McDaniel on March 1, 1719. 240 a. granted George Stevens on 30 July 1729. Wit: Robert Willkins, Henry Rhodes, William Cranford. May 13, 1729. Robert Forster C/C

12 May 1729 c-103 James Rutland to Thomas Barfield 20 for 100 a. on NS Sandy Run at mouth of Licking Root Run adj. Robert Sherwood. Part of grant to Robert Sherwood for 640 a. dated 5 April 1720. wit: H. Horne, Joseph Lewis, Michael Horne, May 13, 1729.

8 May 1729 c-104 John Henard to Thomas Barfield 15 for 150 a. at head of Cashy on WS Middle Branch adj. James Rutland, Henry Horne. Part of 640 a pat. to Abel Curtis. Wit: H. Horne, Joseph Lewis, Michael Lewis. May 13, 1729  Robert Forster C/C

12 May 1729 c-106 Thomas Barfield to James Rutland 15 for 100 a. on SS Ahotskey Marsh. "being all the land which was left out of Firebent's patent..." Part of 470 a. granted to Barfield April 1, 1722. Wit: H. Horne, Joseph Lewis, Michael Horne. May 13, 1729  Robert Forster C/C

8 May 1733 d-21 James Rutland to George Stevenson [Stephenson]  100 for 130 a.   at Sandy Run. Part of land formerly granted to Robert Sherwood for 640 a. dated 5 April 1720 Wit: John Hart, Elizabeth Braddy, Nov Ct 1733. John Wynns D C/C

1735 d-176 Margaret Railey & John Huges & wife Elizabeth to James Rutland 50 for 220 acres on SS Poplar Swamp adj. Abraham Blulet, Andrew Baran. Ours by deed dated Aug. 15 1720. Wit: William Whitfield, George Powell, Elizabeth Whitfield. May Ct 1735.

15 Aug 1737 James Rutland to William Edens 15 for 30 acres on NS Moratuck River between Sandy Run and Ahoskey Pocoson. adj. George Stevenson at Licking Branch. adj. Thomas Watson, part of tract formerly granted to Robert Sherwood for 640 a. on April 5 1720 "and is now come due the said Rutland" Wit: Charles Horne, William Graddy. Feb Ct 1737.

24 July 1738 James Rutland & wife Elizabeth to John Perrey 60 for 220 acres full contents of Patent granted Owen McDaniel dated March 1 1719 at Poplar Swamp adj. Abraham Blewet. Wit: Robert Sharman, George Bawler. Aug Ct. 1738.

Aug 12 1740 James Rutland & Thomas Barefield 24 for 230 acres adj "land that was marked out for Robert Mackfrieley," Robert Sherwood on Sandy Run, Part of patent granted to Robert Sherwood for 640 a. dated April 5, 1720 "now become due James Rutland"  Wit: Charles Horne, jurat, James Rutland.  Aug Ct 1740.

Nov 19 1739 James Rutland jun to William Moor 66 for 65 a. on SS Ahotskey Marsh at a branch commonly called Henards Branch adj. Baker, Part of a patent formerly granted James Rutland, Jun.,  "for seventy acres" dated April 6, 1724. Wit: Charles Horne, jurat, Robert Whitfield  Aug Ct. 1740.

Nov 13 1740 f-162 James Rutland to James Rutland jun  100 for 400 a. in two tracts (1) 160 a. by patent granted to Owen McDaniel March 1, 1719  (2) 240 a. granted to George Stevens July 30 1726. Wit: John Rutland, Jean Levernick  Nov. Ct. 1740

Nov 13 1740 f-163 James Rutland jun to James Rutland sen. 100 for 286 a. on WS Ahoskey Swamp adj. "James Rutland, the elder," James Wood,  George Smith, Land granted James Rutland jun Nov 17, 1723.  Wit: John Rutland, Jean Levernick Nov. Ct 1740.

Feb 10 1742 f-186 James Rutland sen to George Butnett 14 for 200 a. "... at head of Branch called Wattom..." On NS Cashy Swamp at Flatt Branch. Part of patent to Robert Radford for 450 a. dated April 1 1723. Wit: Henry Horne, Jonathan Tart, John Wilkes.

12 Oct 1741 f-320 James Rutland to Thomas Jones of Pettyshoar 20 for 130 a. land on Deep Creek adj. Job Rogers, Jonathan Gilbert, John Gilbert. Wit: R. Forest, Will Cathcart Feb Ct 1741.

12 Oct 1741 f-321 Thomas Jones of Pettyshoar to James Rutland Jun. 80 for 300 a. on Woatom. Granted Thomas Jones Sept 22, 1730 adj. Peter West. Wit: R. Forester, Will Cathcart Feb Ct 1741.

Sept 9 1749 G-278 James Rutland of Northampton Co to John West  9 for 100 a. "Night Watom Meadows" at Snuffmill Branch. Part of patent formerly granted to Thomas Jones Gent for 300 a. dated Sept 22, 1730. Wit: Charles Horne, Michael Horne. May Ct 1750.

July 19 1750 G-343 James Rutland of Northampton Co to Arthur Cotten 12 for 100 a. on Wattom Swamp adj. Peter West. Part of patent  to Thomas Jones  for 300 a. dated Sept 22, 1730. Wit: Charles Horne, Benjamin Wynns. Feb Ct 1750 Samuel Ormes C/C

9 Jan 1750/51 G-376 William Rutland of Northampton Co to John West 8 [Va] 100 a. adj. William Whitfield, Henry Baker. Part of patent to James Rutland for 225 a. Wit: Charles Horne, James Powell. Aug Ct 1751 Samuel Ormes C/C

1 Oct 1751 G-416 Thomas Jones of Perry Shore to Edward Scull 30 for 160 a. at Deep Creek ...being the parcell Thomas Jones purchased from the late James Rutland .......

19 Feb 1752 [NH Co deed 2-61 Edward Rutland of Northampton Co to James Powell of Bertie Co. 12 Va. 150 a. head of Ahotskey swamp joining two branches, James Wood and the swamp. Part of 600 a. pat. to James Rutland Sr. 7 Nov. 1728.  Wit: Charles Horne,William Rutland  NH Co Feb Ct 1752 J. Edwards C/C

Grandchildren of James Rutland and Elizabeth Williams:

James Rutland Jr and Miss Cullen had:
1. Elizabeth Rutland  ca 1723 - 10 Feb 1779
       married Arthur Cotten 1716 - 1789
        a. Cullen Cotten 1742 -
            married Helen Moore dau of Aron
             i. Arthur Cotten 1759 -
 William Rutland ca 1724 - 1795 Northampton Co
                      buys land NH 1745
        married Sarah ?
John Rutland ca 1725 - died 1763 Bertie Co, NC
                  wit: 1745, wit: 1756 
        married Charity Watson   dau of John Watson

4. daughter [had died 1752/Aug 1755] 
        married Thomas Beaney of Bertie Co died Aug 25 1755/28 Oct 1756
5. Mary Rutland
      married Moses Moore
6. James Rutland [3] bef 1738 -

      married Margaret ?
7. Edward Rutland 
          sells land to James Powell 1752; buys land NH 1756 
      married Martha Daughtry  died 1792 Northampton Co will

Mary Rutland and Thomas Barfield died 1770 had: 
1.Thomas Barfield 
died bef 1795 no issue
no issue
2. Mary Barfield
      married 22 Dec 1785 John Harrell
               Bertie Co marriage bond, Joseph Horne, Bm
3. Elizabeth Barfield
      married  ? Watson

Will of Thomas  (x) Barfield (A/126) 23 Mar 1768 -proved Bertie Co March Ct 1770
"being sick and weak of body..."  Wife Cotney - lend my manor plantation where I now live on the south side, for her lifetime or widowhood, with reversion to my son Thomas Barfield.
Wife - horse saddles, cattle, etc.
Son Thomas Barfield - gun, chesterdrawers etc. Lend to wife all the things I let to my son and  daughter until they come of age.
Daughter Mary Barfield - bed, black walnut table, trunk with brass nails, etc.
Son Thomas Barfield - the couch.
Wife - Negro Toney.
Daughter Elizabeth Watson - five shillings.

EX. William Rutland, Willis Cullum, Titus Edwards, John Dement
WIT Edward Cullum, John Acree, William Freeman     [Gammon abstract]

Thomas Barfield [Estate Records of Bertie Co, NC - Gammon abst.]
Inventory 17 Feb 1770 by John Dement.
Agreement 26 Jan 1774 between Titus Edwards and Joshua Hailes to sell all that was Haile's part that came by Haile's wife and the estate of the dec'd.
10 Feb 1783 Summons of Joshua Hailes "late of Martin County" and Benjamin Braswell to answer to the exr.
4 June 1786 Settlement of accounts of Titus Edwards, dec'd exr [of Thomas Barfield]
11 Nov 1783 Summons of Benjamin Braswell to answer to Titus Edwards [ext of the dec'd]

Bertie Co, NC - Deed Book Q page 257 -  Arthur Cotton to Wm Barfield
This Indenture made the twenty fourth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Ninety fore between Arther Cotten of Bertie County and State of North Carolina of the one part & William Barfield of Glasgow County of the State of foresaid of the other part. Witness that I the said Arther Cotten for and in consederattion of the sum of one Hundred pounds speshea to me in hand made by the said William Barfield the receipt where of I the said Arter Cotten do here by acknowledge myself there with fully satisfied Contented and trade & of every part and parcell there of do Exonerate aacquit and Discharge the said William Barfield his Heirs Executives Administrators or Assigns forever have herein  Granted Bargained sold  alined assigned and set over and unto the said William Barfield his Heirs or Assigns forever a sartain Mesage or tract of Land Containing by Estimation two hundred acres be the same more of less lying and being in Bertie County on the South side of a branch cald Sandyrun Sm beginning at a red oak on the so side of Sandy Run one of Robert Sherwoods line trees --- turning West 180 poles to a red oak thence No 80 poles to a pine thence Est 180 poles toa red Oak in Sherwoods line thence along his line to the first station, it being a Tract of land Granted to James Parker by Patten bareing Date the 30th Day of March 1721 and was handed down by Records while it became Dew to a Sertain Thos. Barfield late of Bertie County deceast who in his last Will and Testament did give and bequeath the same to his son Thos who decest and  died leving no ishshewbehind him Suckcededed by his Sister Mary who entermarred with a Sertain John Harrell Dec and died leving no ishshew behind. The said Arther Cotten being the first and sole Eare by Brath and Blood to the said Thos Barfield after his son Thos. and his Daughter Mary deveise without Ishshewby name of Cotten the said Arther Cotten grandson to the said Thos Barfield by as doth appear To have and to Hold the said Granted and bargained Land and Priv? with all and singular the apertainces thereunto belonging or in any wise pertaining with all houses gardings or fenceing Timber trees theareon tho lying or growing with all woods weat and weater cosses and all other mines manerrals and Nearintaenments to the belonging or in any wise assertain to him the said William Barfield his Hears or alligns forever etc etc
   signed Arthur Cotten -
-sealed and delivered in the presents of us
   Edward Callum and Willis Callum  reg Feb Term 1795

Book R -page 181 - Agreement Barfield & Cotton 7 Sept 1795 as above but a difference .... whereon a Seartain Thos. Barfield late of Bartie County descest lived on in his lifetime, who in his last Will and Testament did give and bequeth the same to his son Thos who discest and died leving now Eshshew behind him, was Suckceeded by his sister Mary who Intermarried with a Seartain John Harrell who descest and died leving now Ishshew behind hir. the said Track of Land made over by Sum title or agreement to a Seartain John Rutland of Bertie County which hold the Same in Parcession. Now the trew Intent and meaning of the above Artickkells is that any time when the said Lands shall be recovered from the said Rutland or any other person that should hold the same by any Title, the said Lands or the moneys that the Land should be worth shall be Equally divided between the said William Barfield & said Arthur Cotten theare Ears or asines forever .......
      signed William Barfield [seal]  and Arthur Cotten [seal]

TEST Willis Callum, Rachel Callum,      reg- Aug Ct 1796

Book P - pare 392 - 15 Feb 1793 - John Wimberley Harrell of Bertie Co to John Rutland of same
  110 lbs VA 149 acres on the south side of Sandy Run, joining Sandy Run Swamp, Blakey Rutland, sd John Rutland, Granbury, John Hilliard. Wit: Joseph Home, Benjamin Harrell. May Ct 1793 Stevens Gray CC

Question: the late John E Tyler posed this question to me in 1999.  Just who is the father of this Arthur Cotten who states he is a grandson of Thos. Barfield?
  Arthur Cotten, Jr does appear on a document as a witness with Arthur Cotten and Elizabeth Cotten on  5 June 1759.

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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