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Sally's great-great-great-great-great-great Grandparents:

John Lawrence ca 1668 - 1739his parents
Margaret Murphy ca 1696 - 1750
her parents
of Nansemond County, Virginia

  This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!  

  John Lawrence, son of John Lawrence and wife Mary , was born ca 1668. 
  He married Margaret Murphy daughter of William Murphy will 1721 and first wife Frances;   [William Murphy's 2nd wife was Sarah Holladay, daughter of Anthony Holladay, Burgess, 1693-95.] 
   John Lawrence was a vestryman at the Old Brick Church
   He signed his will 27 July 1730 in Newport Parish, Isle of Wight Co, Va and it was probated 23 April 1739.

 e-mail from Barry Hayes - John Lawrence (ca. 1664/65-1739), who married Margaret Murphry, daughter of William Murphry, Sr. and his first wife Frances, signed his will  on 27 January 1738/39, witnessed by Robert Lawrence, Charles Council, and Thomas Brewer.  Charles Council was the son of Hardy Council and nephew of my ancestress Lucy Council Wooten.  This Thomas Brewer was evidently the brother of Julian, Patience, and Ann Brewer Godwin and thus the  grandson of John Brewer whose widow married Colonel Anthony Holladay, father of Sarah Murphry, step mother of John Lawrence's wife. 
 (Boddie, Seventeenth Century, pp. 227-229)  

Children of John Lawrence and Margaret Murphy:
1. Sarah Lawrence ca 1715 -
       married William Moore ca 1710 - 1771

2. John Lawrence  ca 1719 - will 1772 Isle of Wight Co
         married 9th day  (of the sixth month) 1740 Martha Ricks 

dau of Abraham Ricks
3.  William Lawrence 1721 - 8 Sept  1756 Isle of Wight Co
        married 1st 1739 Penelope Browne ca 1696 - 1739

                       dau of Dr Samuel Browne and Mary
        married 2nd bef 1746 Sarah Applewhaite ca 1720-1762 IofW Co VA
4. Mary Lawrence ca 1727
          married Robert Carr

5. Margaret Lawrence ca 1731
         married 1st John Daughtry, son of William

         married aft 1749 2nd Thomas Langford
6. Priscilla Lawrence ca 1735
7. Elizabeth Lawrence ca 1739

Grandchildren of John Lawrence & Margaret Murphy:

Children of John Lawrence & Martha Ricks:
1. Ricks Lawrence died 1798 Isle of Wight, VA
      married 10 Apr 1788 Lilly Waddrop

dau of John Waddrop & Nancy Ann Cocke
         married 16 Jan 1794 Rachel Wilkerson
2. Elizabeth Lawrence 
      married  ? Pretlow

3. John Lawrence ca 1746 IofW Co VA - 23 Oct 1796 NH Co NC
    Col Isle of Wight militia - moved to Northampton County NC  after the Rev. War.
                      per Jesse Lawrence John is buried in Scotland Neck Cemetery
     married 20 Nov 1768 Rich Square Meeting House Mary Elizabeth Duke
                      dau of John Duke & Sarah Peele

duke-lawrence2.jpg (24133 bytes)  duke-lawrence.jpg (33941 bytes) 
Duke-Lawrence House
 2 mi East of Rich Square on Aulander-Rich Square HW is of Georgian design, built of Flemish bond brick with glazed headers and of clapboard, and is of "T" shape with six large rooms. William Maule is thought to have built the oldest section of frame in 1716. The section of 1 1/2 stories, with a brick end, interior end-chimneys, and blind end walls was built ca 1750 by John Duke. The 3 story section with 3 floors including a full basement corresponds architecturally to the original section but all three sides are of brick mortised by oyster shells. This section originally had a staircase enclosed in the chimney recess that connected the three floors. It is thought that the newer section was built in the 1770's as John Lawrence who married Mary Duke in 1768 had eleven children. The house has arched windows and doorways.
Originally the house had a porch which faced south onto the old Cornwallis Road, which no longer exists. Now the rear of the house is seen from the highway. The old cemetery is to the present rear of the house. A walnut cabinet, the pine flooring, doors, and the fireplaces - all in a good state of preservation-- were sold in 1937. 
The Duke-Lawrence land holdings have been estimated to be about 6000 acres. 
It remained in the Lawrence family until 1847. from "Footprints in Northampton"

UPDATE - tour the Duke-Lawrence House as it appears today Nov 2008

dkhouse08-10.jpg (47489 bytes) 
view of  house renovated by
Don and Joanne 

       a. John Lawrence 14 Sept 1771 - 28 Dec 1816 NH Co
          married Pasq. 22 Jan 1797 Margaret Nixon  8 Oct 1775 - 1819

              i. Ann N Lawrence 13 Nov 1797 -
                  married Jackson NC 4 Jan 1827 Jesse H Mooring d bef 1850
                              son of John Mooring & wife Gracey Llewellyn of Edgecombe Co NC
                         1. John Lawrence Mooring 1827 - 1861 Washington, Beaufort Co NC age 34
                              married Mary Elizabeth Blount
                              a. Mary Mooring ca 1851 -
                              b. Edwin Mooring ca 1852 -
                              c. Ella Mooring ca 1856 -
                              d. Kate Mooring ca 1858 -

                         2. Edwin Mooring 
                         3. Jesse H Mooring  ca 1832 -
                         4. Catherine Mooring ca 1834 -
                         5. William B Mooring ca 1838 -

             ii. Mary Duke Lawrence 9 Feb 1800 - 26 March 1865 Maury Co TN
                  married ca 1817 Thomas Barrow d 1821

  1. Thomas Barrow 21 Jan 1818 - 11 May 1890 Maury Co TN  6 children
                                    moved to TN about 1839
                             married ca 1843 Temperance Dorothy Dawson 27 March 1827 - 20 Feb 1905
                        2. Dr William L. Barrow 2 Sept 1820 - 22 April 1881  Jackson, NC  4 children
                           married 2 Oct 1841 Elizabeth Rebecca Calvert 31 Aug 1822 - 1901 Scotland Neck, NC 

                 married 2nd Benjamin Jones 1779 - 11 Aug 1828 age 49 Scotland Neck NC
                 married Oct 1833 3rd Lemuel L Parker of Halifax Co ca 1801 -

iii. Margaret Lawrence 4 Mar 1802 -
            iv. Martha Elizabeth Lawrence 29 June 1804 - dy
             v. Rebecca John Lawrence 30 Oct 1806 - dy
            vi. William Lawrence 28 Feb 1809 - 8 March 1809 
           vii. Catherine R Lawrence 3 March 1810 - 
                  married Scotland Neck NC 20 Jan 1829 William Nickels b. Maine - d Marianna FL
                           1. William Ann [Willie] Nickels
                                married Edwin Mooring  her first cousin

           viii. Deborah Lawrence 13 July 1813 - 14 June 1821 

Sally   Thank you for your prompt reply.  As you so well state -"this is my working hypothesis -
the way I see it at this moment". 
This is my wife's family and they knew nothing of the parents of her 2nd great-grandfather John Lawrence Mooring.  We did know John Lawrence Mooring had died in 1861 in Washington, Beaufort County, North Carolina at age 34 and that his daughter Mary (my wife's great-grandmother) had gone to Marianna, Jackson County, Florida at age 12 in 1864 to go to school and visit relatives.  The one relative we knew she went to see was her Uncle William Nickels.  In searching William Nickels, born in Maine, we found that he had married Catherine R Lawence on 20 Jan 1829 in Scotland Neck, Halifax County, NC. Then checking on Catherine, I found you site and that of Jesse Lawrence (I contact him, but he told me that he "out of business and everything he has is on the web") and saw that Catherine had a sister Ann N Lawrence born in 1797.  I then found that an Ann N Lawrence had married Jesse H Mooring on 04 Jan 1827 in Northampton County, NC.
Then, I found an Ann N Mooring (52) in the 1850 Census of Pitt County with children Jesse H (17)
Catherine (15) and William B (11).  Researchers in Pitt County had reported that her maiden name was Lawrence. Then looking for them in 1860 - would you believe that I found this "Katherine" living with William Nickels in Marianna, Florida.  Jesse H and William B were living together in Washington, Beaufort County, NC.and the home of Sarah Redding.
 John Lawrence Mooring was also in the 1860 Census in Washington, Beaufort County, North Carolina with his wife Mary Elizabeth Blount Mooring, and children Mary (8), Edwin (7) Ella (3) and Kate (2). (Now feel certain that John Lawrence Mooring is the son of Ann Lawrence Mooring).
Back to Marianna and I find that an Edwin Mooring (now sure that he is John Lawrence's brother)
is living in Marianna and has married William Ann "Willie" Nickels, the daughter of William
Nickels and it is at "Uncle E's" house that John Lawrence's daughter Mary in staying in
Sept 1864 during the Battle of Marianna.  (We have a very descriptive article that Mary wrote
about her experience at the Battle of Marianna in Sept 1864).  
So I am now in the process of trying to document as much as I can of the above.
Sally, if you have any information in your files on any of those named above, I would appreciate
you sharing with me or anything else on John Lawrence and Margaret Nixon - the parents of
Ann N Lawrence and Catherine R Lawrence.  Also, Jesse H Mooring, the husband of Ann Lawrence,
was the son of John Mooring and Gracey Llewellyn Mooring of Edgecombe County, NC if you
should happen to have anything on this family.
Thomas Glascock
Greensboro, NC          16 May 2009

      b. Ricks Lawrence 26 Dec 1774 NH Co NC - 3 June 1824 NH Co NC
            married 3 Nov 1803 Sabrina Toole Boddie  22 Feb 1787 - 6 Aug 1867

                  i. Maria Anne Caroline Boddie Lawrence 6 Sept 1804 NH Co NC -
                       died in Watauga Co NC
                   married 25 Dec 1825 James Moore Granberry ca 1804 - Watauga Co

                          1. Joseph J Granberry ca 1825 - dy
             ii. Matilda Ricks Lawrence 28 Jan 1806 NH Co NC -
                   married 23 Nov 1823 Lemuel Long ca 1806 - dy

             iii. Jane Toole Lawrence 17 Mar 1809 - dy
                    married Simon Peter Frierson ca 1809 - dy
                    married 2nd Simon Peter Jordan 1794 - 1887

             iv. Sabrina Toole Boddie Lawrence 26 Dec 1811 - aft 1891
                           thrown from a buggy and killed when in her 80's 
                  - one of the largest land and slave owners around Mt Pleasant TN per local paper 

                    married 26 Dec 1832 TN John Mourning Francis ca 1811 - dy
              v. Martha Willie Lawrence 10 April 1814 NH - 1884 Mt Pleasant TN
                    married Benjamin Rush Harris 1801 - 1887 Mt Pleasant TN
             vi. Willie Willis Lawrence 10 June 1817 - 6 Sept 1821 NC
            vii. John David Lawrence 23 Aug 1819 - 2 Sept 1825 NC

      c. Nancy [Ann] Lawrence 2 April 1777 - bef 21 May 1827
Reported at the Virginia Yearly Meeting, Society of Friends , May 21, 1827
          "Ann Scott, deceased, of Nansemond Co., bequeathed to Yearly Meeting the sum of $1,000. The residuary legatees of this will were: Samuel Jones; Thomas, Mary, and David Lawrence; William I. , Joseph M., Catherine and Margaret I. Lewis."

            married 25 June 1794 Exum Scott ca 1775 -

      d. Exum Hollimon Lawrence 5 Nov 1779 - 21 Jan 1815
      e. David Lawrence 10 June 1782 - 16 Dec 1827
            married June 1816 Sophia Pretlov

      f. Jonathan Lawrence 10 June 1782 -  [he is not who died in Bertie 1824]
                on 21 May 1814 moved his membership to the Western Branch Society of Friends
            married Mary  ca 1782 - dy
     g. Mary [Polly] Lawrence ca 1785 - dy
     h. Sarah Lawrence 18 Jan 1787 - 6 Jan 1826
                   left her estate to brother David
      i. Thomas Duke Lawrence 21 Jan 1789 - 3 July 1863
            married Mary Bailey Powell
      j. Martha Lawrence 16 April 1791 - 1 June 1816
            married a Randolph ca 1791 -
      k. Josephus Duke William Lawrence 1793 - ca 1834

            married 6 Jan 1831 Elizabeth R Powell
              i. William Thomas Lawrence 23 Jan 1834 -
4. Mary Lawrence 
     married Thomas Newby
5. Robert Lawrence 
     married Milicent Copeland

Child of William Lawrence & unknown wife:
   Will of William Lawrence, Newport Parrish, Isle of Wight Co, VA 8 Sept 1756 -p 2 June 1757
 -  daughter Penelope Lawrence, 2 slaves, bed quilt, large cedar table, side saddle, bridle, 1/4 of 40 in William Scott's hands
 -  John, son under age, Currawaugh land bought from Colonel Joseph Bridger (or else Bridger's bond money if the title is not good), all land in Southampton County, 3 slaves, still, cap, and worm, bed, rug, 2 sheets, bedstead, riding horse, new bridle and saddle, case of pistols, sword, musket gun, 10 cattle, 2 sows with pigs
 -  wife and executrix, Sarah, use of the Currawaugh plantation till John is of age, 7 slaves, chest of drawers, 6 chairs, 10 silver spoons , trunk, bed and furnishings, 20 in cash, horses, mares, saddles, bridles, and to divide the pewter and iron pots with John and Miles
 - daughter, Molley Lawrence, 3 slaves, bed and furnishings, large ova l table, 1/4 of 40
 -  daughter Ann Lawrence 3 slaves, bed, rug, 2 sheets, stead, oval table, 1/2 of 40
 - daughter Sally Lawrence, 3 slaves, bed, rug, 2 sheets, cedar table and 1/4 of 40
 -  son Miles Lawrence, under twenty-one years, home plantation after his mother' s death, the James Baker land across the branch, 2 guns, 10 cattle, 2 sows with pigs
 -  friend Richard Baker to get money owed by Thomas Davis in North Carolina, and said money to go to John and Miles Lawrence
 - brother-in-law and executor Arthur Applewhite.
  Witnessed : John Darden, Jesse Watkins, and Joshua Council. 
On 7 September 1758, the estate of the late William Lawrence was appraised by Daniel Herring,
Michael Eley, and Joshua Council.
William Lawrence lived in Newport Parish of Isle of Wight C ounty, Virginia, and deeded a slave to his sister Priscilla Lawrence, for love on 24 May 1739,
 witnessed by Jeremiah Lawrence and John Lawrence. 
 On 7 October 1739, Dr. Samuel Brown's will mentioned granddaughter Penelope, daughter of William and Penelope Lawrence. 
On 27 July 1741, William Lawrence, Jeremiah Lawrence, and John Darden appraised the estate of Thomas Loyd, whose widow was Charity Loyd. 
On 28 April 1742, William Lawrence, William Moore, and Jesse Brown appraised the property of John Daughtry. 
On 24 March 1745, Charles and Ann Driver deeded to William Lawrence for 5/5/0 Virginia money 150 acres north of Blackwater heired from Ann's mother, Elizabeth Whitfield , who was a daughter of John Harris, adjoining James Baker and William Lawrence. 
On 12 February 1746/7, James Baker, Gent., sold William Lawrence for 35 current Virginia money 300 acres north of Main Blackwater which came from his father Henry Baker's will in Nansemond County , adjoining Braswell's branch, Robert Carr, John Lawrence, and William Lawrence. 
On 12 February 1746/7, William Lawrence sold to John Lawrence for 17/10/0 current Virginia money, 150 acres of the James Baker tract, witnessed by John Eley. 
On 5 October 1749, William Lawrence, John Lawrence, and William Edmons appraised the estate of William Brewer.

1. Mary Lawrence
Child of William Lawrence & Penelope Browne:
1. Penelope Lawrence bef 26 Sept 1746 -
Children of William Lawrence & Sarah Applewhite:
will of Sarah Lawrence 6 October 1762,  recorded 2 December 1762. 
 - Leg. son John; 
 - son Mills;
 -  daughter Mary; 
 - daughter Ann; 
 - to Thomas Lankford, Sr.
  Ex. brother Arthur Applewhaite. 
Wit:Thomas Lankford; Hardy Lawrence, Jr and Sarah Lawrence.

1. Col. John Lawrence 1745 - Nov 1787 Isle of Wight Co, VA
        married 13 Jan 1773 Mary Bridgers ca 1755 -

                                     dau of Col. James Bridgers

Will of John Lawrence Isle of Wight Co VA Nov 1787 - pr 3 Jan 1788
-  wife Mary
 -   son William land in Southampton County
 - daughter Salley, one-half of the money due me from the estate of Benjamin Baker
 -  son John
 -  daughter Peggy
 -  brother Mills Lawrence. 
Exs. Mary, brother Mills Lawrence and Elisha Lawrence Ballard.
 Wit: none. Security: Joshua Council, Mills Eley . 
The estate of Col. John Lawrence was appraised by Mills Eley, Wade Mountfore, and James Johnson, appraisal order on 21 January 1788, and recorded 2 December 1794. 
The account of John Lawrence's estate was examined by James Wills, Mills Eley, Joseph Duck, signed by Mills Lawrence and Elisha L. Ballard, and recorded on 3 December 1798.
John Lawrence, Esquire, was a Justice of Isle of Wight County 1766-1783, and sheriff in 1781.
 On 7 August 1777, John Lawrence, Gent., and Justice, was ordered by the Court to administer the oaths in the district of which Mills Lawrence was the Captain of the Militia.
 On 4 April 1782, John Lawrence "is hereby appointed to purchase a wagon and a team of four strong, able horses in good order for the use of the Contential Army agreeable to the act of the Genera l Assembly, in that case made and provided." 
On 6 July 1780, Colonel John Lawrence took the oath as Officer of the Militia in Isle o f Wight County, having been appointed 6 April. He had been a Captain as early as 5 November 1772.
AUTH Listed on DAR patriot index page 404

      a. John Lawrence ca 1770 - 
            married 26 Dec 1791 Sarah Groce ca 1748 -

b. William Lawrence ca 1772 I of W - 
             married Granville Co NC 21 Jan 1783 Margaret T Jones ca 1772 -

      c. Peggy Lawrence ca 1776 I of W - 

2. Mary [Molley] Lawrence ca 1749 - aft 1762
3. Ann Lawrence ca 1753 -
      married Elisha Ballard ca 1748 -
4. Sallie Applewhaite Lawrence ca 1755 -
      married Goodrich Wilson
5. Capt. Mills Lawrence ca 1750 -1816 dsp 

               (Capt of militia 5 June 1777)
          married Elizabeth 
       a. Permelia Lawrence ca 1752 -
             married 18 July 1795 Mills Darden ca 1752 - I of W
       b. Mary Lawrence
             married 1 Feb 1783 Joseph R Robertson

6. Lt. Elisha Lawrence ca 1751 -

Children of William Moore & Sarah Lawrence:
1. James Moore ca 1732 - aft 1805 Hertford Co
      married 2nd? Mariah/Matilda Cotten dau of Arthur

      a.  Laurence [Lawrence] Moore  ca 1764 - 7 March 181
                                     died and buried Polkston, Anson Co, NC
             married 1st ca 1787 Elizabeth Dickinson 1 Dec 1771 - ca 1790    
            dau of John Dickinson -ca 1789 & Martha Lawrence  - ca 1784
               i. Dickinson Moore 7 April 1788 - 2 Feb 1840 
                   married ca 1810 Rosannah Benton 8 Nov 1792 - 23 Feb 1860

mooreac4.jpg (17514 bytes)  

                                              Alan's wife's line
           married 2nd Martha Dickinson 
                                           sister of Elizabeth
                i. Sarah Moore 1792 - 1826
                ii. John Dickinson Moore 1796 - 1867
dau of Isaac 
           married 3rd 12 Feb 1798 (Bertie Co)  Tabitha [Bitha] Moore 1771-1848
i. Moore Moore ca 1799
                 ii. Lawrence [Laurence] Moore
                 iii. Cornelius Moore 1807-1880 TX
                 iv. Polly Moore
                        married Reddick Dean
                  v. William D Moore
                 vi.  James Moore

2. Lawrence Moore  ca 1734  - bef 1779
                 signed 1758 petition for formation of Hertford Co    
      married ca 1763 Sarah Cotten dau of Arthur
           she married 2nd ca 1780 Samuel Bell of NH Co

       a. Cornelius Moore ca 1761 - 1823 Northampton Co, NC
             married 1st ? Carter  dau of Isaac

                 i. Isaac Carter Moore
                      married Sarah Ann ?
                              1. Elizabeth Ann Moore 24 April 1823 -
                                   maker of sampler at Hope Plantation in 1833

                ii. Harriet Moore 
                        married 1824 James H Wood

             married ca 1805 2nd Elizabeth Wood ca 1760 - ca 1814

                         (prev. she married 1st ca 1785 James Dickenson died 1787
                                          married 2nd ca 1790 William Bridgers died 1796 
                                      & married 3rd ca 1798 Lazerous Carter died 1803)

                 iii. Mary E Moore 
                               married Abner Stitch

             married ca 1815 3rd Elizabeth Cotten ca 1780 -
                 iv. Cornelius Godwin Cotten Moore 1819-
                  v. Cornelia Moore 1819 - ca 6 Oct 1827 

3.  William Edward Moore 6 May 1736 - ca 1780 Nansemond Co
         married Pensie Wright ca 1755 - ca 1790
                she married 2nd George Callis

William Murphy d. 1721
& Frances
& Sarah Holladay
of Isle of Wight Co VA

  This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!  

Children of William Murphy d 1721:
1. Margaret Murphy ca 1696 - 1750
    married John Lawrence ca 1668 - 1739 Isle of Wight Co VA
2. Catherine Murphy
    married Bryan
3. Elinor Murphy
    married William Kirle d 1720
4. Michael Murphy/Murphry d 1747
     a. Elizabeth Murphy
         married Thomas Dixon Jr.
5. several sons

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 
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