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Moor Carter  ca 1680 - 1740his parents 
& ca 1713 Jane Kindred ca 1690/1700 - 1764 |  her parents
of Isle of Wight County, VA & Bertie County, NC

   This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

  Moore Carter is a younger son of Thomas Carter ca 1652 - 1810 and his wife Magdalen Moore daughter of George Moore says Barry Hayes based on his analysis of the Isle of Wight records. Moore Carter married ca 1715 Jane Kindred.

  Jane Kindred  was the daughter of John Kindred jr ca 1660 - 1703 and his wife Catherine.   Catherine had married by 1704 William Peacock who   died in 1722.

Children of Moore Carter and Jane Kindred:
1. Jacob Carter  ca 1714 - 1797 Nash Co
        married  ? Middleton
dau of Martin
2. Kindred Carter ca 1716 - 1777
        married Mary Odom
3. Isaac Carter ca 1717 - 8 July 1792
       married Sarah Browne [Battle] 
        widow of  John Battle  
4. daughter Carter
       married James Jones
5. Moore Carter ca 1718 - 
       married Charity Vinson
6. daughter Carter ca 1720 -
       married Bryan O'Quinn Jr.
7. Katherine Anne Carter ca 1720 -
       married William Knight
8. Susannah Carter ca 1725 -
       married William Skinner d 1771 Northampton Co NC

Estate of Moore Carter, Bertie Co: (Gammon)
Inventory Nov, 1740 by the widow Jane Carter.
Division of Negroes and personal property Apr. 30, 1741 as follows
           (1) to the widow, Negroes Sam and Moll
           (2) to Jacob Carter, personal property only
           (3) to Kindred Carter, Negro Scipio
           (4) to Isaac Carter, Negro Jude
           (5) to James Jones, Negro Isabell
           (6) to Moore Carter, personal property only
           (7) to Bryan O'Quinn, father of Patience O'Quinn,
           (8) to Katherine Carter, personal property only
           (9) to Susanna Carter, personal property only.
Record notes that Kindred Carter and James Jones were to pay Jane Carter (mother of Susanna Carter) the oversurplus of what they had received.

Grandchildren of Moore Carter and Jane Kindred

Children of Jacob Carter d 1797 and Miss Middleton: 
calling himself "heir at law to Moor Carter dec's" Jacob Carter  made a gift of 200 ac to bro Isaac Carter 1740

1. Janey Carter d bef 1805
2. Mary [Molly or Polly] Carter
      married Nathaniel Perry
3. Chrissy Carter
      married George Foreman d 1803
4. Cornelius Carter d 1776 Halifax Co
     a. Wilson Whitaker Carter
?5. x Carter    [or did Jacob marry 2nd  a young woman?]
     a. Elizabeth, Cornelius, Kindred, Jacob and Moore Carter 
       minor children named in the settlement of Jacob Carter's estate Nov 1805

Children of Moor Carter and Charity Vinson:
    30 April 1741 mentioned in the estate settlement of Moor Carter 
  Bertie County Records Deeds Book G 5  
 May 9 1747  "Isaac Carter of Society Parish to Joseph Benthall, 200 a. adj   John Brown "which was the line of Doctor Samuel Brown dec'd .." adj Moor Carter, just over the Northampton County line adj to Jacob Carter and Isaac Carter." Wit: John Brown, Samuel Brown, Enoch Lewis, Thomas Wills
1750-56 - Moore Carter is noted as having 150 ac on Potecasi Ck near Matthew Mashbourn NH Co Quit Rents - JNCG X:p1239ff
1764 - daughter Charity Carter was bequeathed 6 ac on S side of Bear Sw in NH co will of Thomas Vinson.

Children of Kindred Carter and Mary Odom:[ after Barry Hayes]
1. Charity Carter
     married Moses Knight
2. Priscilla Carter 
      married Knight
3. Winifred Carter 
      married Taylor
4. Penelope Carter 
       married Whitaker
?5. Christian 
        married John Speir

Children of Isaac Carter ca 1717 - ? and Sarah Browne [Battle]
1. James Carter ca 1742/45 - 1811
      married ca 1763 Elizabeth ?
James and Kindred Carter moved to Warren County, Ga. around 1780. Kindred was the ancestor of  President Jimmy Carter.  Our ancestor, James Carter, died in Warren County, Ga. in 1811, leaving a will naming children as : Jesse Carter, Moore Carter, Sara Hodo, Christian Smith, Allen Carter, Renny Davis, Penelope Davis, Parthenia Carter, Isaac Carter and James Carter. wife; Elizabeth.   

     a. Jesse Carter 16 Jan 1765 NC - 1828 Conecuh AL  
          married ca 1789 Phebe Duckworth  ? - by 1814

Jesse Carter, son of James Carter, born in North Carolina, married around 1789, Phebe Duckworth, daughter of Jeremiah Duckworth and his wife, Christian Ramsey. Jesse and Phebe Carter, had a daughter, Narcissa Carter who married Feb. 11, 1817 in Warren Co., Ga. to Allen Brooks and moved in 1818 or 1819 to Lowndes County, Ms.  (They were my husband's ancestors. Linda Jensen )

         i. Lavina Carter 
           married 5 Nov 1807 Henry Loyless ca 1782 - 1835
                 son of James Lawless ca 1750-1792
                1. Redding Jefferson Loyless 1808 - 1870
                    married Mary Word Greenwood 1824 - 1856
                2. James Chesterfield Loyless 1812 - 1862
                     married Mary M Perry of Twiggs Co
                3. Missouri Ada Loyless 1812/13 - 1895
                     married Charles C Whitehead ca 1800 - 1853
                4. Georgia Ann Loyless ca 1815 -
                     married George A Evans
                5. Amanda Loyless ca 1819 -
                     married William B Cabaniss
                6. Martin Loyless ca 1830 -
                7. Henry Melvin Loyless 1832 -
                8. Carter Loyless ca 1835 -

         ii. Lazarus Carter 2 Feb 1801 Warren Co GA - May 1870 Bellsville AL
            married 18 Jan1825 Eliza Lee
         iii. Narcissa Carter 16 Nov 1804 Warren Co GA - 27 Oct 1860 Lowndes Co MS
            married Warren Co GA 11 Feb 1817 Allen Brooks

        married ca 1814 Mary Lassiter
         iv. Moore Carter
          v. James Carter
         vi. Caroline Carter

       married 3rd Sarah Spurling
         vii. Jeremiah Spurling Carter 3 Mar 1818 Warren Co GA - 12 Dec 1867 Wayne MS
               married Caroline Green
        viii. Jesse Carter Jr 9 Feb 1821 Conecuh Co AL -
          ix. Susan? Carter
           x. Anne? Carter

     b. Christian Carter ca 1765/69 NC - aft 1836
            married Richmond Co GA ca 1789 Jacob Smith
     c. Moore Carter ca 1770/72 NC -  nfi
     d. Sara Carter ca 1770/72 NC - nfi
           married Wilkes Co GA? 1788/93 Peter Hodo
     e. Elizabeth Carter ca 1772/80 NC -
          ?married 2 Aug 1796 Michael Horn
          married bef 1800 Jonathan Burson
     f.  Isaac Carter 1775/81 NC -
     ?  i. Clarke Carter
     ?  ii. Charles Carter
     ?  iii. Silas Carter

     g. Parthenia [Polly] Carter NC
           married 4 Nov 1807 John Morris died 1815 Warren Co GA
     h.  Allen Carter 1780/85 NC -
          married 3 Sept 1807 Sally Edmunds
          i. Jeptha Carter
          ii. Elizabeth Carter
         iii. Matilda Carter
         iv. Jettason Carter
          v. Malvina Carter

      i.  Penelope [Penny] Carter 1780/88 NC or GA -
           married 2 Jan 1808 Benjamin Davis
  ?married 2nd Elizabeth Newsom [per Barry Hayes]
      j. James Carter Jr 1792/95 GA -
          married 26 Dec 1816 Alsey Newsom

2. Isaac Carter ca 1745 - 1805/10
       was a major in the militia, and once Sheriff of the county
      married bef 21 Jan 1767 Ruth Outlaw
         possibly the dau of William Outlaw and Mary Wood

     a. Drewry Carter ca 1770/74  -
     b. Wilie Carter 1770/74 - 1806
           married Rebecca ?
     c. Josiah Carter 1774/75 -
           married Winnie Holloman
            i. James Carter moved to TN
            ii. Ely Carter 14 Dec 1799 -
20 Jan 1877 Murfreesboro NC  merchant
DIED. -- It is with deep regret that we chronicle the death of our venerable townsman, Eli Carter, which took place on Saturday last. He was one of our oldest and most respected citizens --being 77 years old. He was buried under the instructions of the Masonic order, of which he was a zealous member.
"The Murfreesboro Enquirer", E. L. C. Ward, ed., Murfreesboro, [Hertford Co], N.C..Thursday, January 25, 1877 [Vol. II, No. 13]
   [excerpt from "From Time into Eternity" CD-ROM by David Powell, Winton NC: Liberty Shield Press 2004]

 married 20 Apr 1824 Polly Murphy 
                        1. Edward Carter   - dsp 1866 Columbus MS
                                edu. Emory and Henry College and Chapel Hill UNC
                        2. Josephine Carter   d. 1882
                              married Mr. Bush 

                 married Feb 1838 Martha E Trader 1819 - 15 Aug 1893 age 74
Death of Mrs. M. E. CarterMrs. Martha E. Carter, wife of the late Eley Carter, died about 1 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. E. F. Rice, after a long illness, aged 74 years. She had been a member of the M. E. Church for a number of years and lived a pious, consecrated, christian life. The funeral services were conducted Wednesday afternoon by Rev. T. G. Wood and the burial was at the family burying ground.
"Murfreesboro Index", John W. Hicks, ed., Murfreesboro, [Hertford Co], N.C.Friday, August 18, 1893 [Vol. VIII, no. 52]
   [excerpt from "From Time into Eternity" CD-ROM by David Powell, Winton NC: Liberty Shield Press 2004]

                         3. William Henry Carter  dsp
                         4. John Carter dsp
                         5. Elizabeth Carter
                              married 1871 William J Echols of Senatobia MS
                                moved to Ft Smith AK in 1881 est. Wholesale Grocery Co and Merchants National Bank
                                a. William J Echols II   pres of the bank and business
                                     married July 1902 Fannie Sandels
                                b. Maud Shotwell Echols
                                     married C W Hammil of New York City banker and broker
                                c. Elizabeth Carter Echols
                                     married 1906 James E Reynolds  of the large wholesale house in  Fort Smith AK

                         6. James Carter dsp
                         7. Celestine Carter  d 1912   no issue
                               married E F Rice of Murfreesboro NC
                         8. Dodridge Carter lived in Senatobia MS
                               married Miss Hall
                         9. Thomas Bragg Carter lived in Texas
                               married Miss Mathews
                        10. Anna Harrison Carter never married

Mary A [Polly] Carter ca 1795 - aft 1860
                 married Benjamin Wynns  1789 - 1857 Union, Hertford Co 

                       1. George Washington Wynns   Mar 1818 - 1903
                              married 4 x's
                       2. James Thomas Wynns  June 1823 -  aft 1900 lived at Union
                               Hertford County Commissioner for years  had merchantile business
                             married Sarah A  Dunn ca 1824 -

            iv. Perry Carter 6 June 1803 -
19 Mar 1866 pneumonia
                 married SH Co VA 17 June 1824 Priscilla Warren 1803 - Nov 1869
                       1. Elizabeth Virginia Carter 30 Oct 1825 -  died as infant
                        2. Margaret Ann Carter 8 Feb 1828 - d age 4
                        3. Anatasia Lafayette Carter 8 Dec 1829 - 7 Aug 1864 dsp
                        4. Erasmus Carter 24 Oct 1831 - died in childhood
                        5. Susan Agnes Carter 12 Oct 1834 - 30 June 1902 Philadelphia PA
                             married 1 May 1860 Charles H Foster d 14 Mar 1882 Philadelphia PA
                        6. Rev. Joseph Etheldred Carter 6 Feb 1836 - 24 Feb 1889 Hendersonville NC
                              married 14 May 1860 Priscilla Dickinson Burton d. 6 Aug 1900 Murfreesboro TN
                        7. Ellen Victoria Carter 19 June 1838 - aft 1914 Murfreesboro dsp
                        8. Mary Priscilla Carter 14 May 1843 -
                        9. Martha Perry Carter 15 May 1847 -

            v. Celia Carter ca 1812 -
                 married T J Deans ca 1812 as 2nd wife
                      1. William Deans d bef 1914
            vi. Parthenia Carter dies wo issue
                   married T J Deans - merchant in Murfreesboro NC
           vii. Priscilla Carter
ca 1812 -  widowed early without children
                 married Mr. Railey

     d. Lewis Carter 1774/84 -
      e. daughter
      f. daughter
      g. Isaac Carter III

3. Kindred Carter ca 1750 - 1800 GA
James and Kindred Carter moved to Warren County, Ga. around 1780. Kindred was the ancestor of  President Jimmy Carter.  "Kindred Carter settled in Richmond Co., Ga. on the frontier of the new state along Little Germany Creek.  This land became part of Columbia Co. in 1790 and is now in McDuffie Co. lying approximately 35 miles west of Augusta along the old Augusta - Wrightsboro Road. At Kindred's death in 1800, his estate was divided five ways, although only four heirs are known "  from an article written by Kenneth H. Thomas, Jr. Historical researcher , Ga. Dept. of Natural Resources.   The article goes on to list the different heirs of the two brothers. contrib by Linda Jensen 
      a. James Carter 1773 NC - 1858 Schley Co GA Cotton planter and a Baptist
          married Columbia Co GA 1798 Eleanor [Nellie] Duckworth

             i. Wiley Carter 1798 - 1864
gg grandfather of  President Jimmy Carter
            ii. Epsey Carter 1803 - 1867
            iii. Keziah Carter 1805 - 1855 
            iv. Littleberry Carter 1807 - 1847
            v. Marina [Rina] Carter 1809 -  m. 1832
           vi. Felix M Carter d. 1844
          vii. Martha Carter m. 1837
         viii. George W Carter m. 1837
           ix. James D Carter d. 1854

      b. Henry Carter 
      c. Jesse Carter Jr
      d. Martha Carter

4. Jesse Carter ca 1745/50 - ca 1800   
     married bef 1762 Charity Vinson
          dau of Thomas Vinson will NH Co NC 1762

                Web link 
      a. Isaac Carter
          i. Isaac Vinson Carter 4 Mar 1812 NC - 9 May 1879 Keokuk Co Iowa
             married Elizabeth Baker May 1802 VA - 1879 Iowa
                      they met on a wagon train

                 1. Sarah Elizabeth Carter 26 March 1845 IN - 5 Aug 1875
                     married John Lewis Farmer 15 Jan 1844 - 8 July 1918 Iowa

                     a. Sarah Christine Farmer
                        married 1st Ullysses Sanford Ulin he died
                        married 2nd Albert Turner Mantz 

                        i. Kenneth Ward Mantz
       b. Brittain Carter
       c. Moore Carter

5. Parthenia Carter ca 1755/60 - 1780/84
      married 12 Nov 1775 Shadrack Rutland
        he married 2nd Mrs. Elizabeth Fort Ricks
             dau of Elias Fort and Elizabeth Sugars Northampton County NC

6. Lazarus Carter
      married bef 1788 sister Powell
         dau of Lewis Powell and wife Helen Cotten
       a. Willie B. Carter ca 1790 - 4 Oct 1844
                       kept a store at St Johns
        married 1st unknown
          i.  Elizabeth Carter
                 married bef Feb 1846 John Styon
          ii. Lazarus Carter  d. bef Nov ct 1848
        married 2nd Winifred Cotten
1780/90 - bef Aug 1849 Hertford Co, NC dau of Abner Cotten
          i. Abner A. Carter 1834 -
             married Sarah (Sally) Ann Everett

1. Lucy Ann Carter 1859 -1903
                    married John Pipkin Vaughan 1850 -1924 Menola

                            ancestors of
Sam Vaughn
2. Linda Walker Carter 1866-1936
                    married Robert Cobb Vaughan 1860-1932 

         ii. Sarah [Mary A] Carter 
         iii. Martha [Nancy M] Carter 
         iv. Priscilla C. Carter ca 1844 -
     married 2nd ca 1798 Mrs Elizabeth Wood Dickerson Bridges dau of Jonas Wood
      a. Martha B Carter ca 1798 -

Child of -----  Carter and Bryan O'Quinn Jr.:
          [this Bryan O'Quinn had brother Patrick who married Martha  Raby]
1. Patience O'Quinn bef 1740 -

Children of Katherine [Anne] Carter and William Knight:
1. Priscilla Knight 7 Dec 1748 - 1 Nov 1843
      married Thomas Cotton 4 Nov 1748 - 5 June 1795
?2. William Knight III
?3. Dempsey Knight

Children of Susannah Carter and William Skinner d 1771: 
1. Richard Skinner
2. Kindred Skinner 1751/3 - 1795 Northampton Co NC
     married Judith ?
     a. Susannah Skinner ca 1773 -
          married ca 1793 Hare

           i. Benjamin Hare

     b. Sarah Skinner
     c. Katran Skinner
     d. Martha Skinner
     e. Mary Skinner

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 
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